Florida father and girlfriend arrested for allegedly torturing toddler to death

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A young Florida couple is accused of repeated violence and torture against a 3 year old that left him dead. Allegations include droping the boy on the floor, breaking his arm, picking him up by the throat, punching him, biting him and pulling out his chair from under him.

Let’s hope these people never see the light of day again.

(Let’s hope you have peace now little man.)

TAMPA – On the day a 3-year-old boy died, his father had struck him several times and pulled a chair out from under him, causing the boy to strike the floor with a “thud,” investigators said.


John Taylor Baxley died soon after being transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

His father, 26-year-old Justin Garwacki, was arrested Wednesday on charges of aggravated child abuse, child abuse, child neglect and failing to report neglect of a child. Garwacki’s girlfriend, 21-year-old Kara O’Connell, was arrested on the same charges

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  • Heather

    Those people are monsters. I hate to say this but he is in a safer, more peaceful place. Poor baby RIP.

  • maggie

    well actually if they put him in general population in prison, they will have a field day with his a**. They will torture him on a daily basis…shanking him up the a** and such as that…The prison inmates hate pedophiles, women beaters, and child beaters.

  • Anna

    I hope they both get what they deserve! I am from Sarcoxie, where the little boy lived and where is mother lives. The town is shaken to learn what happened. I believe their penalty should be to have to treated and go through the same exact treatment they showed that beautiful little boy every single day until they breath their last breathe.

  • Dan

    I agree with Anna, they should treat the scum just like they treated that poor little baby. Just the image to know there is such SCUM out there is disgusting.

  • Chaurita

    What the hell be goin on in people’s mind to come to the sick thought of hurting a child. That child is innocent & helpless and can not protect themselves we are there protectors. If a child cannot depend on us for security & love than who can they depend on. This world is getting sicker & sicker by the second. We have parents beating their children & children beating there parents. I feel sorry for our world, sometimes I believe what they say about the world comiing to and end. All of this just make me sick to my stomache.

  • Brenda

    poor kid, hope he’s resting in peace right now. what a monster-like act to treat a child that way.. how can people be so cruel to their own defenseless children? i just don’t get it.

  • Brenda

    totally agree with anna. that couple should get treated the same way they treated the kid. the couple is definitely getting karma back in jail.

  • Trish

    I sit here by myself wondering how a human being can just not help when you hear a baby crying, Crying of the pain that mom & dad are doing….. I think there is no justice for these people. they need to feel the pain that these poor babies felt…
    All they are feeling is so much pain, pain that most adults could not even handle….
    It makes me want to take every child that is going through the heartless pain, & love ,comfort them……
    then let a few loving parents have our time with the scum
    ya can’t even call these parents human….. boy take them to a chamber, for us to decied there fait…. bring lots of body bags..
    it is a crying shame it is ,mothers, fathers, boyfriends &girlfriends that sit back & do nothing…. YOU WOMEN ARE THE GROUND I WALK ON EVERYDAY, THE SPIT WHEN MEN SPIT.YOU ARE NOTHING BUT TRASH (even that is to nice of a word) skank. slime

    I kiss my baby twins everynight, after bathing them feeding them & read a happy book.. always good thoughts… & NEVER DO WE GO TO BED WITHOUT SAYING THE Pray, LOTS OF HUGS & KISES….
    to all you freaks out ther that enjoy that part of your day, beating, tourching the little ones… I would love to see you do it to somebody your age…. OH THAT IS RIGHT, your scared… just like the little children you enjoy battering, tourtmenting..
    God i wish i would have the pleasure of meeting you ANYWHERE, you give the place….. SKANKS THAT YOU ARE,,,,,
    AS GOD AS MY WITTNESS, YOUR DAY WILL COME!!!!!!!! not soon enough


  • katie

    THIS IS SO HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misty

    I hate reading things like this if I ever seen any one even if there family or friend I would hurt them