Toddler beaten so badly that intestines had to be removed

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Amanda, the toddler who was beaten so severely, she had to have part of her intestines removed is only 2 years old.

To say the mother was a bad judge of character is a gross understatement…also, the Department of Family Services allegedly visited the trailer where this child lived a week before and found her with a broken leg and allegedly did NOTHING to protect her.

Amanda is still in critical condition in the ICU at Cardinal Glennon Hospital. Doctors had to remove 18 inches of her intestines. Police say the child was repeatedly beaten by her mother’s boyfriend, Kraig Monroe, 24, of Belleville. He punched the toddler in the stomach when she would not stop crying while her mother was at work. She is now in a medically-induced coma.

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  • Rebecca

    O.k. so she didnt stop cring.BIG DEAL. Shes only 2 thats still the main way she has to tell u somethings wrong. 2 year olds cant always talk very well. Him and the mom should burn for ever in hell!!!!!11

  • Lydia

    I read that Amanda has been released and is with her biological father now.,0,3163108.photogallery

  • brick

    figures ive been through some messed up shit as a child but nothing like this theres nothing wrong with giving ur child a smack on the ass to keep them in check but punching a 2 year old girl in the belly for crying this guy is gunna have loads of fun in jail

  • wow just wow. how in the H*** can they live with themselves? i know that i would never do that!!!!