Father squeezes infant; cracks her ribs and collapses her lungs

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This is unbelievable! A poor, defenseless 6 month old baby, being hurt in this way? Was this guy posessed or just evil?

A father is in jail today after being accused of squeezing his infant daughter so tightly her ribs cracked and her lungs collapsed.

The baby girl, who turns six months old Tuesday, also suffered heart damage, according to police documents. She is recovering at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Her father, Antoine Rucker, 21, is in Hamilton County jail on a $200,000 bond.

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  • Veronica

    I want to kill this man myself. The dude likes pain? I’d give him pain.

  • amanda

    I agree with Veronica. I would kill this man, i would tuture him a slow and painful death.

  • Valerie

    No, not kill. I say put him in a completely white room, no colour, and pure silence. It will drive him so crazy he would kill himself, the only thing he would hear on his death bed is how much of a cruel wicked man he was the fing scumbag.

  • Angel

    This bastard deserves to be tortured 3 times every hour for 17 days, sodomized, castrated, sodomized again, and finally burned to death. He can continue burning in hell, where he came from.

  • Yaritza

    I’m 11 yrs old,iwhen I was reading this story I’m like oh my gosh why did he do that to the poor toddler.He should be sentenced to death row something like that by squeezing a toddler to death.poor toddler I hope she lives a happy life without remebering the things that happend in the past

  • alexxus

    I want to comment on this story. I read the whole and original story, and if you read it, you will understand my comment. I don’t think that the father did this. I think that it was the mother. The mother, who was 16 years old at the time, was a foster child who got pregnant by her foster mother’s grandson and when she had the baby, she was moved to a different foster home. The mother gave the baby to the foster system because she said she couldn’t take of the baby, and the baby was given to her great-grandmother, the original foster mother. They want to say the baby was injured a day after she was given to the great-grandmother, but they don’t really know if she was injured beforehand. What I want to say is that “Minor Topics” needs to print the WHOLE story and not just the parts they want to. The mother had that baby for six months, and it just so happens that the day after she was given to the great-grandmother, the injuries were found. The mother didn’t want the child. Minor Topics, be fair.

  • Veronica

    Alexxus, with all due respect, I think you seem to have misread this article. If you think that the mother did this kind of shit to that poor baby instead of that penis, think again. You may want to reread this article again.

  • katelin

    he deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life he is rediculous

  • Shay

    Let me jus say this.. dont none of yal know the story so yal on hurr talkin bull shyt. Why are yal clownin Antoine like this?? Do yal even know him?? Hell No!! He would not hurt his daughter i know that for a fact. Before all this drama happened he aint have a dam record neva did shyt wrong wit the law now yal sayin he should be killed this an that well i think yal wrong… how do i know? im the aunt of the baby the sister to the minor and the foster cuzn to the father… I know them both very well i jus know he would not hurt his baby and yal keep dissn him but dont know him… who are yal to judge him?? Let GOD handle this one…

  • Avah

    I am a 12 year old girl, and so far my life is great. But other kids are going through hell, I would like to stop it. I am young with a poetic mind and a compassionette heart. I am currently writing a book about child abuse, and I hope some people will wake up and try to help others out like me!

    ]Shay you are sick in the head to say this father deserves nothing but forgiveness. Do you speak English, or some sort of crazy talk? BURN IN HELL.

  • leila

    shay, we don’t know this man, we don’t know if he did it, and we don’t have proof! do all u always beleve every think u all read?!?! shit! 4 all we know this man could be inocent…..im not saying he is but gees who am i to say if he is or not! and the same gose 4 u to!

    i totaly agree with avah i want to stop this so badly no kid should be put through that shit……i should know i was one of thoughs kids once, but on the other hand ayah….shay may know this dude, shes right dont go juggin this man for something u read, it may not b true, it happens all the time! and stop juggin her! just cuz she talk different! fuck!! wtf is up with the burn in hell thing!?!? that aint cool!! u where just saying u where a 12 year old girl!! what the hell is a 12 year old girl talkin like that! i am so fuckin tired of this world, every one haten on each other 4 there differences a shit!! believe every little paper they read!! not askin any questions!! FUCK PPL!!! wake the fuck up and open ur eyes life is to short to do all this nonsense!! i hope the ppl that read this can understand what im saying, but anyways wtf is up with u guys saying we should kill him?!?! i mean he may have comited the crime (key word, may) but killing him would just bring u down to his level!! u would be no better than him!! + what if he didt do it?! how shity would u feel after that huh? well what ever im just a kid on a lab top what can i do to change ur minds?

    P.S. hey shay….i hope he didt do it 🙂



  • Rosalynn

    I’m just 10 yrs. old. I’m reading all of this gruesome stuff just for a citizenship project. I cannot believe some parents would do that. I won’t give killing threats ’cause it’s useless. That man won’t be able to read it right? Still he is a very horrible man and I hope he learned his terrible mistake. Poor child, may she live a happy life or rest in piece.:(

  • this is the mother of tyana aniyah butler and it really don’t matter i no everyone wants him died but that wouldnt be good i respect some of what yal say and ohter shyt just got to go yal dont no the true story and it’s not none of yal business all you need to no is my babies ok

  • rosie

    omg are you for real you sound to stupid to be a mother your baby was in the freaking hospital and your saying that bs are you f****** kidding me morons like you shouldnt have kids

  • killyoself

    you really gotta be fucked up in the head to be able to sit there and hurt your own child…. any child for that matter