Baby starved to death

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A mother, who for some insane reason, totally ignored her 4 month old infant twins, left one to die at under 7lbs. at 4 months old. The twin brother lived, but was treated for malnutrition and dehydration. The twin who died, died of starvation. The woman had two other toddler children who were seemingly fine.

In what a child-abuse investigator described as one of the most disturbing cases of malnutrition and neglect she had seen during her career, 4-month-old Brianna Morges-Gresswas found dead Nov.16 at about the same size she was at 2weeks.

Brianna and her twin brother, Edwin Jr., weren’t fed or handled for 14hours before her Nov.16 death, according to a police affidavit, yet their 2- and 3-year-old sisters showed no signs of malnutrition and were in good health. Experts wonder whether this is a case of “scapegoating,” where children are singled out for abuse while others are left alone.

“This is a particularly unusual case,” said Carrie Hoeppner, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Children and Families. “A big question for us is, ‘Why?’


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  • Stephanie

    Seems to me, that she never wanted or loved the twins. Therefore she didn’t feed them or give them the human contact they so despertly need. I am thankful the boy twin was able to be cured and made it through.

  • Veronica

    That fat cow must’ve truly hated her twins. There is no excuse for starving any of your children. I’m sorry that those little twins had shit for a mom and I wish I was their mommy. Well, at least the twin boy survived.

  • mari

    first of all i kno her an i lived with her an u 2 b****s wanna talk s**t about her an u dont even kno her oh wait i forgot ur only goin by what they said on the news an veronica u have alot of nerv callin her a fat cow u fat whore see how does it feel to have some one who dont even kno u call u names it dont feel to good an those of u who kno lauren would kno that she cared about those kids