17 month old toddler experienced violent head injuries caused by uncle; dies

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Keep in mind, someone entrusted this baby’s uncle to watch him and considered him an appropriate babysitter for this child who he tortured and abused so badly, he died an agonizing death.

In the second explanation, Wyrosdick said he got angry because the boy wouldn’t sit at the table. He shook him violently and put him back on the seat. The boy fell off, hitting his head on the coffee table, the report said.

Wyrosdick then shook the boy again and marched him to a door where the boy’s head struck a stair railing twice, the report said. Wyrosdick then shook the boy again and dropped him on the floor three times, the report said.

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  • Veronica

    Look at that dude! Can you imagine what his angry face looks like? *shudders* Poor baby must’ve been terrified! Babies are soooooo helpless! That asshat doesn’t deserve the chance to see the daylight ever again!

  • Angelina

    I can’t belive this!! I hope he has prison for the rest of his life for what he did to this poor little baby!

  • Eve

    its unbelievable what some people do, to get a thrill

  • Gwen

    this is just sick what ppl do to get attention and b/c of anger issues or their kids are being “disobedient” when they dont know the deffinition.

  • Geoff

    I can’t believe this why would someone do that to a seventeen month old baby!?

  • Natalie

    I can;t believe this! What the heck is wrong with that man????? He has a really sick mind! He does npt deserve to see light for as long as he lives.

  • a

    what a sick****!

  • Justin

    i dont care this s*** makes me sick Death Plenty!! IF U KILL A CHILD U SHOULD GO Stright to death row

  • Miguelina

    wats wrong with him why in the world would he do that to that poor baby………..the baby didn’t do anything to derssveers he’s own deaf and why would he do that to the baby the baby doesn’t know better it’s just a baby it’s not a 13 year old ……. i wonder how he would feel if they did that to him he knows he wouldn’t be laughing or anything like that ….i feel so sad for the baby….but at least he’s in a better placew and not with his stupid f*** uncle…o_O

  • a

    some people are realy sick oUt there and who would even be that sick to kill a seventeen month old baby…..I HOPE THAT ****ING UNCLE GOES TO JAIL OR DEATH SENTENCE !!!

  • kia

    When I was Little I was abused but I would never kill anyone never the less a 17 month infant!! IT’S SICK

  • nick pineda

    I wanna do the exact same thing to him FROM A 90 STORY BUILDING AND INTO A STEEL GURTER

  • Teddi

    wtf is wrong with these people? Whoever abuses a baby deserves to rot in prison && i hope they get their a$$ beat everyday!

  • Rosalynn

    UGH!!! Just ’cause a child is disobedient, does NOT mean you can bang her/his head on anything, even your hand. Only if he/she almost fell and you saved him/her by catching him/her. I hope these stories will wake people up and show them that some kids are living a horrendous life. I’m not the kindest person you would meet, but I would not treat my kids like that, even if I’m babysitting someone else’s kid. But I’m only 10 I don’t have to worry about it now. Just gotta worry about how hard Grade 6 is…

  • arriva zacatecas….nd poor baby…=(

  • im a journalist and right now i have the feeling to beat up any person infront of me that man is a devil actually say a devil is even kinder

  • i guess i need to thank god for my parents they treat me nice that bitch can funken die

  • Sammyyy

    woowww…thats quite ****ed up!!! any man should get an ass beating every freaking day or go to death row…. -_-

  • 1111


  • Kaydii

    This isn’t right what is wrong with these people…

  • Squiggy

    Kid should have just did what he was told.