Parents sue child services for taking custody

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A Tinley Park, Illinois couple is suing the Department of Children and Family Services, claiming they removed their toddler from their home for no cause.

The 21-page suit seeking at least $50,000 in compensation was filed Wednesday by lawyers for the Family Defense Center, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago that represents parents against the child welfare system.

The lawsuit charges that authorities “tore a healthy and happy toddler from her innocent parents.” Then, it alleges, child welfare investigators “held the toddler hostage until the parents agreed to forfeit their constitutional rights to live without unwarranted restrictions.”

A spokesman with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.


On Sept. 17, 2006, Nataleigh Evans took a tumble while learning to walk and hit her head on a coffee table, the lawsuit said. When a red bump appeared, her mother, Jennifer Evans, took her to a pediatrician who made an allegation of abuse to the DCFS hot line.

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  • Princess

    The thing that gets me is children services takes them from you illegally. Then they place them in abusive homes. I am taking this problem all the way to the Federal Government. This type of abuse must be stopped. Then they have teachers, hospitals, doctors, judges, and anyone who will listen lie against you. My prayer is that a lawsuit will be filed in the State Of California. That will involve thousands of parents. I am also pray they will have to pay the chilren, not the parents a large sum of cash. Money will not repair how they have suffered emotionally. But it will hit this state where they live. I also want to see alot of the people involved arrested and jailed. Just as they have done the children. No one should have to suffer like this. Do not be so quick to report child abuse. Children Services, it should be the Gestapo, are not going to help anyone. Do not think this could not happen to you. It can. It is happening all over the United States. Minority children are kidnapped and left in the system. Then they reach age 18. They have no place to stay. Well, i am going to be a one woman sound board. This will end now. Fight children services with all you have.

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  • toby walsh

    OMG, this has happened to me in Illinois not once but twice now and I have a pending law suit against DCFS. They have put me and my children through Hell! I believe this most recent false allegation (1-08) which was made by school to hotline because I mentioned the previous case (3-02) to the principal just a few weeks earlier and admitted that’s why I moved here believing it must have been the county I lived in for something so horrible like that to happen to a good mother. The DCFS investigator could see there was a previous case but it was Expunged after I proved my innocence back in 2002 and I believe she assumed it was abuse when it was not. The first one was because I had an active OP against my husband at the time and after my divorce our attorneys was supposed to take care of the OP before his visitation and they didn’t so when he visited the children 4 months later and only after the court mailed us the visitation times after the divorce was final they took my kids into protective custody and it was all so unnecessary. It took me months and thousands of dollars to get my kids back. The 2nd one was because my adopted daughter who suffers numerous mental illnesses with most major trait of lying and making false allegations said to the school I put her in time out for 14 hours which was untrue and my other children told them it never happened but they took my child anyway and found me indicated on a different charge of neglect since they couldn’t prove the time out allegation. Anyway I am fighting them in Juvenile court right now because they’re trying to make her an ‘Award of the State’ and I am suing them for due process violated, constitutional rights violated and privacy invasion because I did appeal the indicated finding and the ALJ, Carol Silcox, after 8 long months of waiting to be heard would not let me present my case with evidence and witnesses which I had every right to do but I represented myself and that was my first mistake. Everything they had in their ridiculous file was irrelevant, hearsay or false info or opinions about me and no real evidence and surely not a preponderance amount of evidence as they have claimed. They dug into my past so much even going to another county where I had lived pulling marriage license and divorce from 7 years earlier which had nothing to do with the allegation and even questioned neighbors about my ex-husband and again had nothing to do with the allegation. They dug and dug for dirt and couldn’t find any but because they had taken my child without just cause I believe they decided to find me indicated for something and it was no surprise when they did. I also believe they are taking me to Juvenile court because everything I stated in my law suit that didn’t happen is happening now! The system is severely screwed up and these DCFS workers only damage children and do not protect them as they claim. When this happened last year in which they came to my home to inform me they were going to the school in squad cars to pick up my 4 children for questioning on my son’s Birthday no less and interrogated them for 6 long hours and let me have 3 of my children back but took the one they thought was being abused was like a nightmare and the sad thing is we are still living that nightmare 14 months later. I live in fear every day my children get on the bus that they will not be coming home. They talk about how they will run if they come again and I breakdown. My children are severely damaged by DCFS as I am as well and have been fighting them alone without an attorney because I cannot afford one. I am a good mother and don’t deserve what they have been doing to me. The questions they asked me were humiliating and personal down to a miscarriage I had which was none of their business and once again had nothing to do with the allegation. The workers should be fired since there was always 2 against 1 every 5 days they came to my home during their stupid investigation as one would call me a liar while the other one laughed and my son heard them threatening if I didn’t sign their paperwork they would take all 4 of my kids and he vomited shortly after they left and slept with me that night. I am supposed to protect my children but how do you protect them from DCFS state workers who can just invade your life and remove your children without just cause? I had a hidden camera on the workers every time they came and informed them I was taping them but I don’t think they believed me. They abused us, so who protects the families against DCFS? Please somebody help me. I have even went as far as planning my own death so my ex-husband would get custody of my children to keep my children out of foster care and safe from DCFS. Thank You. My email is ‘’

  • December

    i had my kids traumatically ripped away from me in 2007 and hav been fighting a long endless battle with children services. I have completed my case plan in 2008 and am told there is nothing else i need to do but yet my kids are all split up and i do not have custody of them. i cannot find a lawyer that will help me sue the ashland county children services like all the attorneys are scared to take the case if any one has any suggestions or advice for me please contact me at

  • sophie

    DCFS only distroys families! I am telling you because i was taken away from my parents and now they are trying to take my children away from me… how do i fight this battle? when i have to work inorder to survive!?!>!>!

  • Veronica

    Sophie, CPS and DCFS are really big jokes. I’m sorry that happened to you. I will pray for you as well as everyone else who shared the same fate with you.

  • Veronica

    BTW, Sophie, in case you’re wondering what I said to about CPS and DCFS being big jokes, it is meant only for them.

  • shelley

    my family was nearly destroyed by dcfs in connecticut in the 1990’s over trivialities – one charge was that if i ran out of store formula i made it at home using molassas (has iron) instead of corn syrup (does not have iron). another charge was that my drapes made the house too dark, my roman blinds might catch the kids heads and cause strangulation, and my sheer curtains might tangle around the kids necks.

    we were not allowed to speak in court even to contest lies they told about us. one worker told me that “truth is whatever we choose to write in our files, not what really happens.”

    my first grandson was taken in infancy and put up for adoption.

    i felt so helpless that they were hurting my kids and grandson and i could do nothing to protect them.

    i and one of my daughters have had post traumatic stress syndrome ever since. all of us went through depression and some of us still deal with that and residual rage.

    we know who adopted him and we are impatiently waiting until he is 18 to contact him (in 3 more years).

  • Jennifer

    Oh my God, I feel so bad for this lady. I can’t believe CPS can do the things they do to people. It seems like they’re always there when you don’t need them. But in a case where you really do they are no where to be found. Last year during christmas time i had just had my newborn son and I was having some real bad postpartum depression, well The police came to my family’s house one night when I had a episode and threw hot coffee at my brother in law. they took me away to the nut house. Well, then CPS got involved and next thing i know My son is being taken away from me and placed with my husbands mother. what they didn’t know or investigate is that bitch is very abusive and likes to scream and shack babies, I watched her do it to her grandchildren. That was the worst time of my whole life, my newborn taken away from me, he was not ever in any danger. my husband was there and my family would help. he never once went without, ever. How could they ever take him from us like that. to this day I wish I could find a way to fight back for what they did. i can’t believe that it’s legal to rip your own child from you and then give you a date when and if you can visit or get him back. fucking crazy.

  • Darlia Raylene Rodola

    i have a daughter that was in foster home due to i needed to physically recover from a head injury any in the mean time my daughter had a baby she was a month or so away from18 i daughter end up in the hospital she was pronoced dead at the house thank god the amblamicne driver did not give up my older daughter went to get the baby and they had to fight with the foster parents
    three weeks later my little girl turns 18 the kick her out into the streets with her new baby and keep all of her things. they had found a date rape drug in my daughter they were having aparty and she was drinking they came out to my dads telling my daughter she needs to sign these papers or they are going to take her baby i told her not to she did.
    next a week later they said she did not sign up for these classes fast enough so they took her they have her spending a year in classes with people on drugs she does not do drugs a year latter she ends up haveing a nother baby. they took her three day old baby she was breastfeeding for what she gets the baby back but now its been a week she can not breast feed any more they give her frist daugher back they still have her drug testing never tested dirty a waste of time and money she could of spent ayear and a half going to school learning a career beatering her life meeting poeple good not a bunch of drug addictes now the worker is making up shit making my daughter mentally unstable worring abourt someone taking her babys this is america and to have the power to threat poeple with ther children is a terrorist act i have three children who have been to iraq fighting for our country will the socical worker are here destroying american familys and getting away with it

  • Darlia Raylene Rodola

    they are getting ready to close my daughter case seeing they had no reason to have one the cps work did a home evluation and the house passed she sayes she has to do a suprise vist will she calls today sayes she’s caming will we did not awnswer becouse we were not home. a suprise vist is not calling a head my daughter does not have to be here all the time than she sayes on the phone message michine that my boyfreind is not working he should be here will he is a union worker does not mean he does nothing all day long if she would of came by my fathers she would of seen we were there they are going to close her case but this lady like the last two time the took her baby breastfeeding three days old for no reson now she sayes she dont know were she lives will she does know she has all ready been here they are destroying the american family by taking our young children away form there family giving money to strangers that do not take care of them babies like the parent my granddaughter was taking on the phone to her mother and was hurt she never let on the phone that she just got hurt that was to much what does that say my two year old granddaughter had to been showin not to show poeple she is hurt. when i was in the office with my daughter and granddaughter the worker act like she was going to take my granddaughter out of my arms and take her to the back i held her tighter the worker laughed and said look at your grandmother hold you tight that was not funny and the emotional state of my granddaughter afrid to let my daughter out of her sight this is not building a stronger america

  • shana carrillo

    RKFD,IL 61109

  • Josh

    ooh and just for everyones information! DCFS will not investigate or do anything if you report child abuse on people that have nothing to do with the child! if its a stranger doing something to the child that is neglect or abuse in any kind or form they wont do shit! because guess what! they cant force or make that person do anything they have no power to arrest anyone or charge them with anything besides make them do stupid parenting classes or therapis and take the legal custudy away from a stranger! so they dont get involved in those matters only when it has to do with family disputes that usally involved men and women who have a child together! that way they can take the custudy away from both parents and put them on adoption or foster care and make the parents do all sorts of stupid ass classes and therapies that dcfs gets paid by federal founds as well as per every child they put in foster care the state gets money to pay the foster parents and for dcfs and all the dirty counselors and therapist etc that they send the parents to get paid by the federal founds its all a big big maffia run by the dirty states to get money from federal founds thats why they do that. DCFS will not get involved if you call on a child that got raped or beat by a stranger it has to be a parent if not they wont even show up lol thats how dirty and piece of shit this system is !! because they cant force a stranger to show up to court or terminate the parental rights or get custudy from a stranger hahaha so they dont do shit to the real moffos who do stuff to children. Tell me about how corrupted and dirty this system is and everyone just turns their ears around like it dont matter but when it happens to you you cry and scream to the 4 sides of the earth and no one gives a friggin fugggk

  • Josh

    and for some reason they love blue eyed babys and put them in adoption so fast! but blacks and hispanics last 18 years in foster care and away from their parents….. DCFS loves white children specially young white girls with blue eyes that rapist pedophiles who want to rape those girls adopt them and then rape them daily and dcfs dont give a shit your children are cows to them and they are in the meat business. Dcfs loves black and hispanic children to put in foster homes for 18 years and to drug them so they can fill the prisons and juvenile halls. Wonder why there is a social worker in every hospital and even in jails and juvenile halls now. They are not there to help anyone they are there to kidnapp your children and to give your white blondish blue eyed lil girls to rapist and pedophiles in the name of best interest of the child! In divorces and custudy battles dcfs and the mothers who participate thinking dcfs will give them their children if they call them to accused the father for something stupid well guess what they accuse the men now in days of raping their own children i mean i am not saying there is not wierd creeps out there who fuck their own flesh and those mother fuckers should be in prison ! but not 80% of men who get divorce right after the divorce they get acused by their bitter wifes of raping their own children that to me its fucked up both for your children and the father your accusing falsely so those people who do that shit your a piece of crap trash that nothing good will ever happen to you. And you sort of deserve to get your child taken away women who do that. Because how the hell can you put your own children trought that and gamble with their freedom and emotions and the custudy of your child because guess what stupid women who do that shit., you will get your custudy taken away from your children as well because you fail to protect your children if that happened and that there bitches is what you get for playing with fire and letting the devil come into your house. FUCK your feelings and your bullshit people stop being so fucken stupid and fucke dup

  • The purpose of this group and petition is to stop forced adoptions by state agencies who are illegally stealing our children. This tactic is used to systematically break up American families. Many times children are removed from their parents care and placed in worse situations which can cause long term emotional problems. If you are the government who is going to investigate you?

    Parents this is your opportunity to take a stand against organized criminals who are illegally stealing children at an alarming rate. It is my goal to take this petition all the way to congress, to amend statues surrounding family law. The state need to be held accountable for their actions. They victimize clients by using psychological intimidation and fear. In many cases children are drugged. Have you been investigated by children services? Have your child/children been removed from your care? Do you dispute the allegations of abuse? We are smarter than the evil empire! Stop government sponsored child kidnapping. Together we can bring those involved to justice, regardless of their personal affiliations, profession and wealth. Fight and resist CPS. Do the right thing…not the easy thing.

    How does it feel knowing we live in a world where anyone can pick up the phone, plot to destroy your life by calling children services? It is the parents responsibility to raise their children not a stranger. What happended to American families? Children can use the system to disobey their parents. Rich or poor, NEVER set aside your mother. According to god’s law, it is a deadly sin! Similar reference is found in the Koran.

    Gen. 9:21-25 Oh it is a very great and dangerous crime, for children to despise or disrespect their mother and father.


    Support Group:

  • kindness

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids both of my kids are in foster care here in ohio my case worker want my kids to be put for adoption my kids grandmother live in cook county il my kids grandmother had a home study for placement for my 2 kids the worker in chicago il denied her of placement I would like to know if anyone know about instate compact we need a organization in all states we have to stop cps & family court I need help saving my 2 kids from being put for adoption/ sale I would like for everyone to send me a e-mail I would like for everyone to join me in my fight against cps & family court

  • Romanda

    My family and I are in this situation right now. Our children where taken in July 2010 they said that it was because of unsafe conditions of my house. All that was taken care of and the house was cleaned up and has stayed that way since July. So then they changed it to lack of supervision and then to our parenting skills. So we have supervised visits with our children, reports written about how we handle things with the kids and told that we have a long way to go. We have raised 5 kids between us already, we adopted these kids, which should say something about us really wanting these children. So what can we do but jump thru hoops for DCS. I think that DCS sets parents up to fail, the kicker is that we were fosterparents so we now know both sides of the track.

  • Sierra

    This has happened to me as well. Family Court Services in Fresno CA sided with the mother of alledged abuse, no police records no felonies or convictions. I was ordered to attend 52 week anger management had children stipped of visitation Could only see children under supervised visitsto 1 day a week. Because I have a job and a productive individual I have been ordered to pay 3500 per month, for 2 kids, welcome to the United Socalized States of America, USSA. We need to Fight this it is wrong.

  • Mickey Pluto

    I have to comment on this. My kids were also removed. Let me say this. Not only was it all a lie but it was done so they did not have to close my case. Also dysfunction speaks with dead people. Yes the caseworker claims she met with my material grandma on Sept. 5th 2007. She also claims om october 3rd 2007 she met. My material grandma and my aunt Lucy. According this caseworker my aunt and grandma agree to show where this phantom baby was. A baby that they did not have paperwork on. Apparently both my grandma and aunt walked with this caseworker to a apartment. There one problem with this. My only living grandmother passed away on June 28th 2007. My aunt passed away on July 5th 2007. Then this lady comes to my house on january 15th she writes a report my kids are healthy. They appear happy with concerns. On January 16th less the 24 hours later she comes to my house and says I am mentally I’ll she taking my kids. I said lady your crazy you speak with the dead people. When crossed examed in court she first faked a heart attack. So we recess. While she having a heart attack she was on her cell phone. Then she said basically she does not speak very good English. After presenting the death certificate I was still found guilty of neglect. For saying I had a baby and I didn’t. Still fighting with them.