Two year old tortured to death by parents

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If this doesn’t make your face hot and your blood boil and your stomach turn, not sure what will…

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Parents facing murder charges in the June death of their 2-year-old son restrained the toddler with duct tape while he stood naked in the corner of the closet, court documents allege.

An autopsy determined that Cortez Johnson died June 25 at University Hospital from blunt force trauma to his head. Prosecutors on Thursday charged the boy’s parents, Horace Johnson, 25, and Keyonda Lumpkin, 26, with second-degree murder. Court documents have also spelled her last name Lumpkins.

According to a probable cause statement, Johnson and Lumpkin blamed each other for the child’s injuries, which included severe burns on his face, neck, lip, arms and genitals; loose teeth; and deep cuts and ligature marks on his wrists.


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    parents are meant to do anything in their power to protect children… do anything in their power to not let any harm come to them. reading this makes me want to be put in a room with these 2 people and i would do more than burn them. this is discusting, i hope they get more torture than they bestowed upon this poor defenseless innocent young child.
    may they rot away in prison and go straight to hell where they belong.
    people like this not only shouldnt be allowed to have children but they shouldnt be allowed to live.
    RIP little boy, you are in a better place where the angels will protect you and no more suffering will come your way.

  • Satin DeMarco

    I personaly knew the little boy and my daughter use to play with him he was bright little boy and had a great smile i cry to this day that my sisters son will never know his dad which is this little boys dad he doesnt deserve to know my nephew he claims to my sister that it was not him but he fled from the police so i believe he did it why would you run instead of putting his MURDERER
    on trial

  • There are too many “people” like Horace Johnson and Keyonda Lumpkin out here. Why don’t they just drop dead? The world would improve without “people” like them…God I HATE child abusers.