Teen moms critical of NBC's "Baby Borrowers"

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Baby Borrowers, a new show on NBC, has young couples see what it’s like to have a baby at their age when they are put in charge of an infant or toddler for several days. Some teens screening the premiere found the living conditions of the TV couples very unrealistic and certainly not typical of what the average teen mom faces.

“No way!” [Cassie Hadley, an 18-year-old mother from Martinez] blurts upon discovering that the show’s five teen couples have been moved into spacious homes on a quiet suburban cul-de-sac for this intriguing prime-time experiment.

“They should be in trailers or in tiny, crowded apartments,” says Hadley, as she bounces her 1-year-old son, Money, on her knee. “That’s just not realistic.”

Eliza Nino, 16, and Nayelli Gallardo, 18, also teen mothers with babies in tow, nod in agreement.


“They would never be able to afford those houses,” says Gallardo, a Concord resident who lives in an apartment with four other family members, including her 2-month-old son, Mario.

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  • Christine Damon

    The premiere is tonight, all teens considering pregnancy for themselves should watch and learn a lesson. 9pm on NBC.

  • ChipperClipper

    Man, I think bush should give up the wars on drugs, terror and freedom and just declare a war on teen pregnancy.

  • meghugz

    How about teens declare a war on teen pregnancy by making better decisions and not being idiots.

  • Kellie

    I’m teen mother and i think i’m doing a fine job balancing my school and having my baby. My Mom is a huge help though, we are planning on watching this show together.

  • Jeff

    The kid’s name is MONEY!?!?!?

  • Gary

    How about these teens do a little homework like watching Baby Borrowers on TV – those teens dont have a clue and maybe they’ll learn something from them

  • J. Kristen

    ChipperClipper- …he HAS. Bush alotted 4 BILLION dollars to be spent on abstinence programs. it’s a JOKE, it’s not working, it’s never worked, it never will work. Educating kids about birth control and STD protection is a far better solution.

    meghugz- their teens..not idiots. teens make mistakes, they have to in oder to learn from them and become wiser adults…as i’m sure YOU have done as well as the rest of adult human kind. They cannot understand adult situations before then…duh.

    kellie- it’s great that you have a support system. what i think others are trying to say is that not everyone has that support. some pregnant teens are kicked out of their house, leaving them no choice but to drop out and work to support themselves and their baby.

    Gary- i wish. but as i’ve said, the only way to really learn something for yourself sometimes is to experience it. There are going to be a group that HAVE to experience this extreme to finally ‘get it’ and some never do, and of course some get it w/out taking the plunge. it’s the way it goes.


    as to the question of whether this is ‘reality’ or not…it honestly doesn’t matter if they put this teen couples in a mansion on a hill or a trailer in a swamp…a baby will still cry, scream, fuss, have poopie diapers, teething, colic, growth spurts and and number of things that can drive you nuts no matter WHERE you live. the point this show tried to make was NOT about where they lived, it was about what they experienced w/the baby they were to take care of.

    my question is this…what kind of parent would allow THEIR child to be the guinea pig of this ‘experiment’…i sure as hell wouldn’t.