Foster parents charged with horrific child abuse and torture

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Foster parents are supposed to keep children safe. Where did the system go so horribly wrong, that Child Services would place a baby in the care of a woman and her boyfriend who brutalized, tortured and killed this poor little guy.

Her boyfriend, Lemar Martin, 25, was charged with assault and endangering a child’s welfare, as well as criminal possession of marijuana. The three lived in an apartment on Patchen Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

An autopsy yesterday found Kyle died from “multiple blunt impact injuries,” said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the city medical examiner. Police said more charges are pending.

The Associated Press reported that police said the boy had horrific signs of abuse, including a broken leg, and apparently had been sodomized before he died.


Cheatham’s and Martin’s relatives could not be reached yesterday.

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  • gypsy

    i I do not understand, if u dont want a baby, then why have one and then abuse it, the child abusers in the world are monsters.,they need to be abused the way they abuse the children,threr should be a law passed, that states if u abuse a child , then the abuser shal get the same abuse to them, let them know what it feels like, there IS NO REASON to abuse a child.

  • Mustafa

    They abuse child because the feel power which is a feeling they’re addicted to. They’ll keep abusing until they they get medical help. They probably abuse children because their parents abuse them and they wanted to feel power and feed of that feeling. They are sick but they are dealing this mentally. They’re torturing children for power, not just to kill someone for no reason. I really hate child abuse.

  • Angy Maus

    I have no Words…….!

  • http://Itssoooooooooooooo Angy Maus

    Its soooooooooooooo horible….

  • Ally O

    Wow this is very sick to me. People are so fucking horrible. How could someone abuse such a small and innocent child. All these parents who abuse their children should be in jail for life or better yet the death sentence. This just really makes to angry to hear and its disgusting

  • Break_free_The_Shackles

    I don’t understand why do parents abuse their children? I know in the past it would be slightly like disicpline but this is just wrong. it makes me cry and remember my past. Parents who commit child abuse in any form must be in jail for 20 years or more or be excuted this is just wrong.

  • nk

    i dunno…..wat to say…these people should be given the death penalty….a cruel death penalty…and to think that that child had probably gone into their care from another abused home…god bless that child.

  • anthony.rigoni

    I don’t see why people would have to treat their children like crap. Those two should be beaten to death by a black gangbanger for torturing that poor little baby. CAN YOU AT LEAST LOVE YOUR CHILDREN?!!!!!

  • Amie


  • Estella

    I don’t understand what they would kill a sweet littel baby and how was it that they let them have the baby not looking in there back round????

  • Jaime

    THEY should be sodomized!

  • irena

    child abusers should die, but then again there is a place for them, the burning flames of hell, the child will be in God’s arms, safe and in everlasting peace and happiness

  • Faen

    Svarte helvete….

  • Veronica

    I wish I could just get my hands on those fuckers. The dude likes pain? Then I’d give him pain…and see how he likes it. And I wouldn’t exclude that vile fat whore so-called mom; in fact, let’s hope to God that their inmates would give them a huge taste of their own medicine cuz even inmates hate child abusers and baby killers! As for Kyle, R.I.P. little man, at least you’re safe now.

  • chloe

    To all of the ass wholes out there like these people, you are bastards and dont deserve to live go die and rot in hell.

  • chloe

    hey it is wierd asswhole gets blured out, but fucker doesn’t.

  • Colette

    That’s…just…impossibly sick. Children our our future, man!!! Cherish them!!

  • Jacques

    you dont understand gypsy. they are like murderers. when they hurt another person they become crazy and love it. they cant stop themselves. it is because they are sick in the head

  • Veronica

    Jacques, you really hit the nail on the head! People who take pleasure in going crazy, blowing a gasket and hurting people are sick crazy *&%$@ with no life.

  • Janice

    My two grandchildren were taken from my daughter in one state after she fled from another state under whose Child Protective Services watch they were under. They were abused in two foster homes in a row and in the the third there is an allegation of sexual abuse by a foster boy of the young girl that to this day they have not investigated. In the second abusive home the Foster parent’s cut off my calls, then late at night the girl called me and said she snuck up and that her and her little brother were hungry “they have food but they don’t let me and XX eat it.” She said her stomach hurts so bad and cried for help. I frantically called the Foster Parents who never returned my calls or answered my pleas while I frantically called their social worker who never called me back. By the next day I tried to call the worker’s supervisor and accidently left a message pleading for help on another social worker’s phone. All out of state calls to Missouri’s Child Abuse Hotlines are blocked. I think the accidental call to another worker worked because the next day they were pulled out of that home for systematically and purposely starving these children. The little boy ate for three days after…my heart is sooo broken. Their social worker never called me back. I am so angry at a system that abuses these children as much as the places they were taken from. Unbelievably it has only gotten worse…they seal it all in a veil of secrecy and hide it from families. Any families with children in foster care should keep a close vigil till other family members can adopt them. NEVER TRUST THEM

  • Male Wicca

    Mother Goddess help the child.

    For those of you who think the death penalty should be given to this man(and I agree to some extent), please know there are worse fates then death. I say leave in jail and make no attempt to cover up the fact he is a child abuser.

  • Jennifer

    All I can say is there should not even be a court session for child abuse cases. Anyone who abuses a child should go straight to jail. Every Case should be an instant sentence of life in prison. Please God, have them pass this as a law. It might even make people think twice, knowing that there is a zero tolerance law for child abuse.

  • remy

    thats o unbelivebly fucked up i almost puked. i cry for u little baby. be safe in gods arms now.

  • http://imperfectparent Nixxo Pixxo!,

    this is horrible personally i dont think there should be foster care but ppl if you dont want children dont have them! it makes no sense !! these ppl deserve to rot in h***!

  • taylor

    ok first this poor baby is put in a foster home probably becuase something else happened to him before. And then he goes to a foster home where he’s suppost to be safe this is just sick and dont they do background checks on these people??? this is just sick sick bastards

  • Nereida chavarria

    Hi my name is nereida chavarria I am 25yrs. I was in foster care system since 1997 to 2002. Trough does years I sow many things. Wen I was 13 a government van would pick me up and other children from our foster homes and we would go to court when I arrived my heart broke to see many chindren from ages 2-16 all awaiting for trail (decion based on evidence that will determine placement in foster care ) I saw all these children with no famalies and it just broke my heart And today I know that this events scared me emotionaly. My Syster that was six was sexualy molested by her foster father and my brother who was 2yrs was bathe with cold water as a form of discepline so he would ubstain from urinating on diapers. This happend in san fernando california. So tell me is the system doing their work! THE SOCIAL SERVICES DONT KNOW WHAT REALLY GOES ON BEHIND CLOSE DOORS IN THE foster homes!!!! Please help this children!! Foster homes need to be secured with video camaras so the foster parents can be canscious on how they treat this children.

  • JB

    My heart goes out to the little angels that go to be with God. As for the ****** who do these things I don’t think they should get the death penalty only because it is a little stick with a needle then you go to sleep. thats to easy. maybe suffering like these babies do would be better. I was sexualy abused when i was younger but for 20 years I kept it a secret because i was ashamed and hated myself. I have ony told my husband without details but never will i say who it was…..RIP little one….

  • Saswat

    Dear organisers
    Its so sad thing happened with me& others .Like this happened with a girl & his parents were arrested yesterday.Once also happened with me.My father & mother tortured me & I don’t like to live with them. They always beat me.Sometimes it becomes a disaster to my mind anytime.If nobody believes I have a proof.Please survive me.

    Yours lovingly
    Saswat Baral

  • Saswat

    Dear organizers,
    My parents have tortured me a lot . After all these I don’t like to live with them . Once in 2003 which was a rememberable disaster for me. My father tied a towel & hanged with a straight iron rod attached with window . He beat & damaged my ear on 2009. He tried to sent me to mental & disabled hospital on 2010.

    From, Yours lovingly,
    B-207,Sector -6,
    Rourkela Saswat Baral

  • charlie

    omg, why get a child to abuse it?i mean really!why?!?!?!?!?!?!thats just sick!they got sick minds!sumbody help them!those sickos need help bad…

  • Christy Knight

    To anyone who asks the following question, “why would someone adopt or become a foster parent if they hated children so much..”.. Having been a child at the hands of a mentally ill mother, I believe the real question is, why are so many husbands of mentally ill women so cowardly? In my case, my father didn’t want to give away half of what he made… it had to do with money. And to those foster parents who AREN’T mentally ill, well those people love the attention they get from so many people saying, “oh, you are so generous!”…blah blah blah. It is ego stroking and when those inept parents can’t control the child anymore, that is when the brainwashing and violence escalate. Just my take. This is the book I wrote about it.

  • Patty

    I grew up in foster care from the age of 4 until I was 18. My siblings and I were taken away becuse of my mothers inability to keep a clean home, cook meals for us and she was also extremly depressed. Foster care was worse than any pain or neglect my poor mother ever inflicted on me or my siblings. It ranged from sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental and phycological abuse. Most social workers are blind,to what goes on behind closed doors in foster homes. As long as the child is clean, the home is clean and the child healthy. There work is done. My foster parents took in children because the government pays you money for each child you have in your home, plus expenses, like food, cloths and any other neccesary itiems the child may need. I ran away from the home because I was about to be beaten with a large wooden axe handle . When I was found I was claimed to have been “a spoiled child, acting out”, then placed back in the foster home. Lets just say, the next day I was kept home from school and beaten none of the marks were visible and I was terrified to ever try it again or tell anyone. I was eventually moved to another foster home, now it is all a distant nighmare. I now have two beautiful children of my who are actually spoiled rotten. But I could never back then or  now understand what makes a person become so evil, cruel and down right sick to want to cause anyone this kind of pain. I wonder some times if I would have been better off with my real mother and if I would have still been exposed to all of this abuse.
    We live in a very cruel and heartless world, no child should have to suffer like this or any other way.

  • John

    ive been in this situation ive been abused by my mother and all of her idiotic boyfriends i think they all should get what they serve

  • kindness

    I live in canton ohio I was in foster care as a child we all know the foster care system is broken we need to all come together in all states we have to keep exposing cps / family court we need good strong organization in all states the whole foster care system need to be fixed cause some kids do need out of the home placement some parents don’t need there kids taken all because they need help we have to help the parents that have had there children wrongfully taken / put up for adoption / sale join me & my landlord we are fighting to help bring innocent children home to there loving parents/ families I would like for everyone to add me at the top of the list for ohio we go to many areas here in ohio to help parents / families I would like for everyone to know I do know about interstate compact cases If anyone has there children placed here in ohio & need support let me I’m trying to get my organization started we need to get all closed cps cases reopen people from all states need to contact me I want everyone to know I feel your pain we can not let our innocent children keep suffering in foster care I would like for everyone to e-mail me (edited) let’s stop cps nowwwwwwwwwwwww