Dad accidentally shoots son, thought he was a turkey

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Wow, we can’t even imagine the grief and guilt this dad must be going through right now.

The Sibley County Sheriff says that a man who accidentally shot and killed his 9-year-old son while they were hunting apparently mistook the boy for a turkey.

Sheriff Bruce Ponath says that Anthony Klaseus of Belle Plaine and his son Hunter were hunting turkey about three miles west of Belle Plaine around 6:30 p.m. Saturday when Klaseus shot his son in the chest with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Klaseus dialed 911 on his cell phone. Emergency responders pronounced the boy dead at the scene.


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  • Sandy

    This is why people shouldn’t go hunting to begin with! How awful. Yeah, great lesson he’s taught his son, how guns KILL people. This makes me sick.

  • Mike

    The father sounds like an ignorant hillbilly. He should be taking his son to a baseball game or to the library. Playing around with weapons is dangerous and the mother must be a simp to allow it.

  • Steve

    Wow Mike and Sandy, you may be the two most ignorant, narrow-minded, tunnel visioned people in the USA. A man just lost his son and you revert to personal attacks? Obviously you have never come close to feeling the pain of losing a child. Classy. There are other people in this world who live differently than you do, accept that fact. Your comments make me sick.

  • Nichole

    agreed steve…

  • gerry s

    Poor kid, i feel bad for him.
    But hunters are retarded. Way to go, who needs cammo to hunt turkies anyway?
    Darwin award to the dad, hopefully he will get shot in a hunting accident.

  • Heather

    How incredibly ignorant those comments from Sandy and Mike are. Personally attacking and sterotyping everyone who participates in hunting, and not considering the feelings of this poor family.

  • dan

    this is a tragic story, but stuff like this is bound to happen as long as people use guns for recreation. the sole purpose that a gun has is to kill, so here it was fulfilling its’ intended use. going out into the woods with your nine year old son and shooting animals with a shotgun is just retarded. how is this shocking?

  • tom

    Sandy, Mike, Dan. You 3 made it out of your shell. You understand nothing, talk about ignorant, look in the mirror. Your life has given you nothing to look forward to except to read sad stories like a father shooting his son to talk about in such a rude way. Your basic grasp of life is to put your ideas forward in a no meaning way. I’m positive you talk about everyone behind there back, then smile and say hi to them the next time you see them.
    The father did not follow the basic rule of hunting, “MAKE SURE OF YOUR SHOT!” He is now the Father that will have to live with this for the rest of his life.

    • Shooting accidents happen all the time and of course ‘guns don’t kill people’ and most of these hunters are law abiding gun owners, but they have no one to blame, but themselves for being so careless, and arrogant.

  • Vlad

    There is nothing wrong with owning a firearm or using it for recreation and just because one retard shot and killed his son doesn’t mean everyone will i feel bad for the family because they must be going through really hard times right now but the man is an idiot and should be locked up…

  • heidi

    I happen to know these people and the fact that you can make judgements about people without knowing them is pathetic! Yes he made a mistake.. we all make them fortunately for the rest of us it didn’t cost of the lives of our children. I hope that you could maybe find one ounce of compassion in yourselves and think before you speak!!

  • kate

    A family has lost a dear little boy. Two little girls have lost their brother. A mother and father will forever grieve this tragedy. It’s easy to sit back and judge people, but to fling insults and ignorance so freely, especially in light of the absolute pain that so many are enduring because of this accident, not only shows lack of class, but lack of compassion and any sort humanity. As a mother, my heart broke when I heard this on the news this evening. It broke for so many reasons. A family will forever ask “What if?” . . . it’s not up to the rest of us to spew our own conclusions or suspicions or otherwise, we just can’t know. I sincerely hope that families can be spared this pain by learning something from tragedy. May this beautiful child rest in peace and my his family know any sort of peace in the coming days.

  • Ryan

    Nobody likes to read about an 8 year old boy being killed in what seems to be such a preventable death. With that being said, I would like to note that this death was the first hunting related accident in the area in 17 years.

    Why is it that we don’t see the outrage when we read about all the children who are killed every day by drive by shootings in our inner cities? The truth is hunting in comparison to baseball, football or even soccer is safer. Read any statistic on accidents or injuries comparing youth football to youth hunters and I assure you will find the same. In fact The child had a better chance of being killed on the drive to the hunting area than he did actually hunting.

    It’s hard to deal with a tragedy such as this, but scape goating hunters for using shotguns, or questioning why people even use camouflage for hunting is absurd. My prayers are with the family

  • Jeff

    My heart goes out to the father who made this horriable mistake. One that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. I can not imagine the grief and guilt he must be feeling right now. With that said, shame on Gerry for making those comments about hoping the father will be shot in a future hunting accident. “People” like Gerry, Sandy and Mike are sad, pathetic and hateful. I hope one day they will find peace and purpose in their shallow hurting lives and learn to have true compassion for others in their time of need. But now is not their time. Now is the time to keep the Klaseus’ in our thoughts and prayers so they can find that inner peace.

  • Andrea

    While I do not like hunting, and would never personally go, it is still a legal sport in the U.S., one which many families do together to bond. This father was doing nothing but trying to spend time and form a closer bond with his son. Yes, guns CAN be dangerous, but so can sports or riding a bike, or even taking a Sunday drive. Accidents happen, no matter how hard you try to prevent them.

    This is not the same as “playing with guns”, as this father was probably adamant on teaching gun safety, as most hunters are. This accident is no different than a parent who unknowingly backs up their vehicle and runs over their child they didn’t know was there. Would we blame cars for that? Would we say the parent put their child in danger by owning a car? Even teaching children to not stand behind cars, and knowing that you should always check behind the car first doesn’t always work, since there are times children forget, and you are in a hurry.

    I could never pretend to know the horror that father felt the instant he knew he had shot his son. For those that want to blame him, put yourself in his position. What if you accidentally ran over your child, or accidentally spilled boiling water on them while cooking, etc. It only takes one second to make a mistake that would last a lifetime. Imagine the extreme pain and guilt you would forever carry with you.

    My heart truly goes out to that father and his family. I only hope that father could someday forgive himself and understand that sometimes the best intentions can lead to destruction. We can’t predict or control the future; we can only live our lives to their fullest, knowing that doing so sometimes tempts fate against our favor.

  • Gracie

    To Jeff,
    Gerry, Sandy and Mike are not pathetic, hateful people. Americans have the hardest time accepting other peoples opinions, as do you. Weather it is a highly intelligent person, or just an ordinary Joe that does not agree with your point of view, you label them as ignorant, when in fact it is you who are ignorant.This is a classic example of people who cannot argue in a mature way.

    I feel very bad for this family and I do not wish this too happen to anyone. However, this man should not have brought his young son along on a hunting expedition. He was putting his child at risk, and Dan is right when he said that guns are used to kill. I personally find hunting to be a dated and unnecessary sport, but I respect other peoples way of life. I just wish some of the folks here could respect other peoples opinions.

  • Doug

    Gracie, so how it is okay for Gerry to wish the dad to be hurt in a hunting accident? You call this arguing in a mature manner? Interesting. Personaly I think Andrea’s note above speaks well of this sorry event.

  • alright so im this little boys 2nd cousin his wake was today and my family and me went it was one of the sadest things ever my aunt and uncle tony and amber didnt talk at all they were to sad and crying to hard he loved wrestling so in his casket they had wresting toys and other things he loved inside, he was always barefoot to so he was in his casket barefoot i loved that boy to death me and hunter were so close he had two older sisters and they were a real close family hunter meant the world to me so all you ass holes that are in considerate and rude about this shut your holes and go talk shit somewhere else this isnt high school and trust me id know im in high school and the kids there are more mature then sandy or mark and to those of you that took the time to write something considerate thank you a ton it helps!!!! xoxo nicky

  • oh and by the way tony [his dad] didnt take hunter with him to go turkey hunting hunter had followed his dad into the woods thinking he’d be able to hunt with his dad and he wore camo not knowing to wear bright orange when hunting turkeys because hes only 8 his 9th birthday being on the 29th the dad had no idea that hunter had followed him into the woods and he had mistaken hunter for a turkey because A] he couldnt see him and B] Hunter wasnt suppost to be outside anyways so Tony had no idea

  • Klaseus friend

    Yes, there were mistakes made last Saturday, and if only we could turn back the clock. This is a true tragedy. Tony Klaseus is a loving father and he is human – he had poor judgment that day. Everyone can nit-pick the entire story, but the end result is the same…Hunter is gone and no punishment could be worse than what Tony is going through right now. Hunter’s wake was the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced – I can’t imagine the devastation and anguish that family is going through. I’d guess Tony would rather be the one in that casket instead of his son, but I pray he can stay strong for his wife and daughters. I wish the news media would have shown the endless line of people waiting to give their condolences to the Klaseus family at the funeral home…people waited for several hours in a line blocks long just to greet the family. I hope that the outpouring of support eases their pain, even just a little. I pray they will get counseling to deal with this terrible loss. My heart aches for all of them and we will miss Hunter’s beautiful smiling face.

  • A New Prague Friend

    Well said. How very very sad this truly is. He was a beautiful boy. I know Amber and met Tony at the wake and I know that if I were in this position that I truly don’t know what I would do. We all do dumb things at times and thank God that those don’t turn into a lifetime of grief as this has. After I left the funeral home I put life back into perspective and will try not to sweat the small petty things that really don’t mean anything but at times we make it a big deal with our kids. The barefooted little prince should teach us all a your kids and just try to do the best you can.

  • John

    My heart goes out to this family and especially the father. I put myself in his shoes, with my 8 year old son and I know how he could have done the same thing and I may have made the same mistake and the guilt he must feel.Hopefully he can get help to deal with it. As for Gracie, Sandy, Mike and Dan. Hopefully when you stop hugging your trees, you will realize hunting is very normal and tree hugging and same sex marriage are not.Sorry, there I go stereotyping.

  • Sonja

    I completely agree with Andrea’s post. My heart, too, goes out to this family. They will have to endure a lifelong tragedy. May they somehow recover. I cannot imagine what it must take for Tony to keep up his own will to live. I am sure he is hanging on by a very thin thread. Just last week, when it seemed that summer was here, my 3 year old daughter ran out of the house. I ran after her, but she was so darn fast. She was almost in the street by the time I got to her. Had a car been coming, as fast as some speed through our neighborhood, she would have been hit. I am sure everyone would have asked where I was – how I am unfit parent, etc., etc. My point being – I am very responsible – and I love my daughter. I would never want for one second to cause her pain or suffering – and by all means death. We ALL have done things that could be considered hazardous / wreckless to ourselves and others. Tony obviously knows everything that happened that fateful day. I am sure he replays it every second. I am positive that any blaming that there is – he has already done on himself. He certainly doesn’t need society pointing out the things he ALREADY knows in his heart. My God, where is the compassion and sensitivity? If nothing else, let him respectfully bury his boy. I can only conclude that there are a lot of unhappy people in the world who have to say wickedly mean things – judge others, just so they feel self righteous and mighty. May this family surround themselves with the love of family and friends. I will be thinking and praying for you…. as I know many strangers, like myself, are praying for you. I am just so sorry.

  • Emily

    The father in this case was recently charged in Sibley Co. court for second-degree manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm because:

    1) He was under the influence of alcohol
    2) He was under the influence of pot
    3) They found open beer cans and recently-smoked pot in his truck
    4) He didn’t have a license to hunt
    5) He didn’t have permission to hunt on the land he was on

  • montana_charlie

    As a drunk and a drug abuser who chose to use a firearm while affected by those substances, he was a ‘killer’ waiting for a ‘victim’.
    I suppose the law will now permanently remove from him that Second Amendment right which he was too irresponsible to retain.

    He is also unfit to be a parent, and that privilege, too, has been removed.

    The sad part is that his wife (and others who know him) let him go so far.

  • Cindy

    I hope they throw the book at this loser!!! He gives hunters a bad name!!!

    A little commone sense would go a long ways but probably not when you are under the influence of alcohol & drugs!!! So, before he shot his son he drove with his 8yr old son to the “hunting spot” that he didn’t have permission to hunt at while he was under the influence of alcohol & drugs!!! No matter which way you look at it, the poor child was not safe!!

  • Fellow Hunter

    A tragic accident to be sure. I can’t imagine the grief that Tony and his family must be going through. There is no doubt that Tony had no intentions of harming his son, and being a hunter myself can’t think of a better way to spend time with a son you care about than taking him out hunting with you. That being said as a hunter there is also no question that Tony was at fault on multiple levels. You should never take a shot without knowing exactly what you are shooting at. Drinking and firearms don’t mix!! Trespassing and not having a license while may be small infractions in the grand scheme of things is not something you should be teaching the next generation of hunters. He was a careless and disrespectful hunter that made a horrible mistake. No one deserves the punishment he received, however there is no question that he was as fault and there really isn’t a good excuse. There is no doubt he is fully aware of that fact, and at this point the best thing anyone can do is pray for both Tony and his family.

  • Dale

    Wow i really just simpley can not belive how many people have taken this sad situation and turnd it in to somting to be like a politition and attack the suffering, It i belived in hell theres deffinatly a special place for people like that.Anthony i have a 8 year old son and i have put my self in your shoes many times and i can not even begin to image the pain you are going through right now.You are not a bad person and i know if you had a choice you would switch places with your son. Your situation as little is it may matter right now has tought many parents to be more there for there kinds.Your wife made that comment or the new and i have to say in the midst of such great loss it took quit amout of unselfishness for her to say something like that.peace to your family.

  • Close Friend to Klaseus Family

    I feel that this incident was most defiantly a tradegy. Something this family will live with forever. Not because they want to but because the pain will never go away. Hunter and his dad were very close, if you would have to give an award to “Best Father and Son” They would definatly win it. Tony was Hunters best friend they did practically EVERYTHING together. When I had heard the news at first i didn’t know what to think. I was in shock about the whole situation. I have spent sometime with this family since the incident and it amazes me how strong they are because i could never handle this situation like they are right now. Everyone who wants to leave a nasty comment on here and has no idea who this family is i suggest you just think about it before you press the send button do you really know what your saying? I understand that you may be angry, but by saying these rude comments aren’t going to change things so you should just keep them to yourself. If you dont know Hunter or Tony and how close they were i Gurrentee if you were to see them together for even 15 minutes you know that this was never anything intentional. My heart goes out to you [ Amber, Tony, Ashley and Alison ]. I am always here for you!

  • Close Friend to Klaseus Family

    Emily i would also like to say that sure you hear this stuff on the news and through the grapevine, but really don’t go and judge others by what you hear. The news has ways of twisting stories to make them sound a lot worse then they truly are. Me being a friend of this family would understand and know that what this family is going through is enough. I would also understand that there are reasons for all of this. Even though the things you hear you may think are true and who knows it may be but not fully. By listening to the news I have learned that the most important parts of the stories are left out. You should really consider this. I don’t know the whole story so i am not going to say anything, but i do know that they don’t explain everything. Please Understand. I do understand you are upset, but you don’t want to be a person who goes and just says what they hear without knowing the entire story that is how rumors get started. like in high school.

  • Hunter’s Older Sister Ashley

    Ok all of you people who talk bad stuff about my daddy is not true. He is the best and most loving guy in the world, he is my hero and my loving and protective daddy! My dad cannot go to jail, and i need him to save me when i am in trouble. i need him to see me grow up, graduate and do many more fun things! my daddy did do those horrible things, and he did say to my face that he regrets all of his mistakes, and give my dad a break, we did just loose one of the most important boys of our lives. But i am glad to say that i love and forgive him all the way, i love him more than any guy on earth, he truely is my HERO! Hunter’s loving older sister xoxo Ashley

  • you don’t know

    i read this story about this man then i read others comments some have good ones others do not seem to understand..he lost his boy by his own hands in a horrible accident..he has to face the day for the rest of his life with the image of how it was..that alone would drive a person insane…for those who judge him..maybe you should think about what he goes through everyday

  • If any of you knew TK, you would say that this is a horrible deal. Not only is he a good person, he would give you the shirt off his back. He is a great father. Mistake yup no doubt. Many of us didn’t know about the pot at all. What we do know was this hit so close to home that we are all still in shock. If you knew Tony/Amber & the family you would be saying the same thing.

    Its unreal, but there is a lesson to be learned and Tony & Amber are going through that right now. He is a good person, such a good person that as a single guy I would serve his sentence anyth8ing he was ordered, just so he could be home being a father to his 2 girls. Thats how much I feel for this family. Again no doubt bad deal, but I would serve his time, just so he can heal………100 guarentee I would do that for this family.

  • hunterko

    Anthony Klaseus is responsible for killing his son because he is an
    idiot. He was drunk and high, he probably had no idea where his son was and it is his fault that it was that way. I feel so bad and sorry for the little boy; my own son is named Hunter so this story makes me especially sad. We have guns and they are always locked up and we certainly don’t take a child to the shooting range. I would never put my son in any position in any way where one of our guns could hurt him. Stupid, stupid man. Poor precious little boy – his father should be put away for a long time so he can think about the meaning of responsibility, and maybe give his other children a chance. If I was his wife I would divorce him.

  • Chris

    WHY TAKE A NINE YEAR OLD KID HUNTING WITH YOU?! There’s a reason why guns cannot be sold to minors. And come on…mistaking a human for a turkey? Make sure you know where the people you are hunting with are so you don’t shoot them! I mean, tragic ending, yes…but this has got to be the most dumbass thing someone has done since well, they made the movie Jackass. Call me what you’d like, I’m eighteen, old enough to understand tragedies like this, and young enough to see what a dumb move taking your nine year old son hunting with you is. No way would I have gone hunting with my dad at that age, whether or not he was a sharpshooter for the Marines.

  • Chris S

    The kids name was “Hunter”…

    How ironic.

  • Mb

    there is nothing wrong with hunting…but its an adult sport i dont know why a nine year old would have been allowed to go with never mind be allowed to wander on his own. why would you have pulled the trigger not knowing for sure it was a turkey and the exact location of your son. Im sorry for their loss but the dad did not make good choices

  • how the fuck can soomeone mistake there own f***** sun its sik and desterbin! x

  • Angel

    I feel so sorry for that guy.

  • booboo

    It is tragic, except that the authorities found marijuana and alcohol in the father’s system. I feel bad for the boy, not the family.

  • Callie

    Don’t u think that the dad had to aim his gun? The dad probably even used a scope!! And plus aren’t hunters suppost to hunt with orange hats on? Unless the dad was look for a big ass hat wearing turkey I say he did it on purpose!

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