YouTube shows video of British mom being raped

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One of the downsides of having a vast site that relies heavily (if not totally) on user generated content is that it can become increasingly difficult to monitor the content for inappropriate material. Such is the case for YouTube, who is coming under fire for making it too easy for users to upload violent and pornographic material after a video was shown of a British mother being gang raped.

In the clip, which was filmed with a mobile phone, the mother appears to be unconscious, with her head lolling from side to side, as she is repeatedly raped. Her 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son are heard crying in the background.

The mother, from South London, told The Sun that she had been put through the ordeal after drinking champagne that had been spiked with a date-rape drug.

“Three boys aged 14 to 16 did it and it was set up by two girls,” she said. “They came round with a neighbor I trusted and I had no problems with them coming in for a while.”


She said that she opened a bottle of champagne “to be social” and that within seconds of having a glass, she began to feel strange.

A video of the episode was later placed on YouTube, but the clip was quickly taken down after a viewer complained about its graphic nature. It is understood to have been seen 600 times.

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  • Wow this is really crazy! I cant believe that they would like this happen.

  • The woman welcomes her neighbors friends into her home, they rape her in front of her two young children. That tell the story of what is going to happened to the two boys and also the girls. They will get more than a slap on the wrist for what they have done. They abused, raped the mother, they abused the children. Even at that young age those babies will have a mental flash back of what happened to their mother, not while they are still so young, but later on in their teen years or adult-hood. I hope they do not blame the mother at some fault. All was planned by the teen girls and boys

  • How could those stupid *****s do that to that poor woman? I hope I can find those heartless ********* and kill them all one by one in front of their parents! When the police comes, I tell them to “let them die!” and walk away.

  • kim

    personally, ive been raped before,when i was 6.this guy who baby sitted me only for that one night raped me.i never told my mom until i was 8 years old.she called a friend that she wwent out to the club with, that was also related to the guy.the woman, lisa, put the guys mother on the phone, and she said that he was locked up already for something else.i have 3 brothers and 2 sisters including me, and i never told any of them.because i never liked to talk about it, it was horrifying.ever since that day i told my mom, i have been having things pop up in my head about what happened, but only bacause of how many rapes were going on in the news, and it broke my heart.i know how it feels to be the victom.i dont like that feeling at all, and you wouldnt yourselves out there, and watch who you stay alone with,i want alone when it happened, my bro was there, but it didnt happen infront of him, he never knew, and he never will, not as long as i feel uncomfortable talking about careful

  • William

    “Three boys aged 14 to 16 did it and it was set up by two girls,” she said. “They came round with a neighbor I trusted and I had no problems with them coming in for a while.”
    She said that she opened a bottle of champagne “to be social” and that within seconds of having a glass, she began to feel strange.

    She began to feel strange???
    I think it was strange that she was offering liquor to underage children or that she was even interested in being “social” with the punks hanging around the neighborhood.

    Rape is a most heinous crime.
    But there is more to this “strange” story.

  • Rolan Lyons

    there is MORE…i not trying to be meen.but how do we know the “mom” didnt have sex with or even rape one of the boys. maybe they were trying to get her back. you never know with women, with all the teachers rapeing 14 year old boys now..WHAT THE ****!!!!!

  • yea ur rite but its kinda funny2 me cuz most wiman fantisize bout bein rape bt wen it happens its a i nver did it n dn’t plan on it bt wiman shud b on the fcat cuz their allot of thinking bout wen it cumz to them bt i dnt really care cuz i got1 n thats all i need.

    god blees n gud bye
    n no im not over 21 yet

  • Faen

    I find it not strange to give kids alchohol. In Europe, alchohol is viewed differently than in the USA. Kids can drink wine and beer at 16 here, some places earlier and some later. It is not unordinary for people to “share” champaigne because by law the 16 year olds are legal to drink it.

  • Ch@dY

    Teenagers…they r immature..they will do anything to be cool infront of their peers..but the 1 thing that they the consequences..yes they are still young and have alot to learn..but hey they can still decide wrong from right..they should be the 1s setting the example as they r young and should be the 1s influencing the others to do the same good..but then again..they wanna be cool.

  • omg

    that is horrible. especially if she was unconcious! and her kids couldnt do anything. if i were her i wouldnt let teenagers near the house ever again!!!

  • Veronica

    Ch@dy, why you pervert somewhere else, you sick, vile, disgusting creature?

  • Karmelita

    Geez, Veronica, calm down. I know you’re angry, but, seriously, tone it down a little. I guess you really misunderstood Ch@dY’s post. I don’t mean to be rude to you, Veronica, but think before you post.

    Ch@dY, you would really impress us more if you just learn to spell. Yes, I know how you feel about teenagers, but I don’t know why a mother would give them alcohol.

  • Veronica

    You’re right, Karmelita. I’m sorry.

  • anthony.rigoni

    No you’re not Veronica! You were right for calling Ch@dy a sick, vile, disgusting Creature and I agree with you! As for you William, Faen, Roland, Art Vandelay, spaghett!, and Ravioli, if you’re on these stupid teenagers’ sides, I’ll kill you ong with them!

  • Veronica

    Me, too, Anthony.rigoni. What about you, Karmelita?

  • Karmelita

    Yes, I certainly would. If I were this mother, I wouldn’t even let those dirty excuses for teenagers into my house.

  • Huh?

    What did Ch@dy say that was so awful? He/she made a thoughtful observation about teenagers and you start flaming him? I would assume if you were to fly up anyone’s a$$ with your pack mentality it would be “carl a sutherland”, since his comment was both ignorant and beyond poorly misspelled. You owe Ch@dy an apology, the lot of you.

  • jason kreider

    Geez you people make it sound like teenagers are bad young people who only think about one thing. You should’nt make judgements about teens as a whole based on what only a couple of them have done. I mean heck I was a teen once and never smoked,did drugs,drank, or had sex at all when I was a teen.

  • taylor

    why couldnt they show the f****** video i want 2 c people being f****d

  • The Truth

    She opend a bottle of champagne “to be social”for teenagers? She was going to tease them sexually and masturbate about it later. She got a little more than she bargined for. She got the real deal. She brought it on herself.