Toddler drowns and then comes back to life

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An 16 month old baby who had drowned in a backyard pool and declared brain dead and without a pulse, suddenly shocked doctors and family when he came back to life. This all happened while family was deliberating on whether or not to donate his organs. Medical experts believed him to be dead and today, he suffers no side effects from being dead.


The baby was cold, blue and foaming at the mouth and nose, Ross said.

Doctors estimate Michael drowned 30 minutes before he arrived at the hospital. Michael arrived at the hospital in complete cardiopulmonary arrest, authorities said.


At the hospital, Avila was hysterical at the sight of her baby on life support. She was told the first 72 hours were critical and there was no guarantee Michael would make it.

His pulse finally returned after one hour and 10 minutes of using an oxygen bag to inflate his lungs and chest compressions to circulate his blood.

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  • The baby, regained his life back through an act of God. That is another miracle.

  • Another true miracle from God

  • Lori

    This truely was a miracle, the kind that only God can create!

  • wendy

    Oh whatever… Why give ‘God’, the imaginary man in the sky, credit for bringing this child back to life?

    If you’re going to do that, then give ‘God’ credit for killing all the babies that He allowed to drown. After all, he is all powerful, right?

    I’m ecstatic that this child came back to life. I wish parents would stop letting their kids get into these situations in the first place. You can’t stop watching them for a second around water.

    Sad as it is, the children who die from their parents’ negligence would have only aspired to be as smart at their parents’ genes would have allowed them to be so its another example of natural selection.

  • Lisa O

    Wendy, it’s sad you feel this way. God can save the all we ask for however, He has a larger plan for those He takes. All prayers are always answered just maybe not the answers we look for. He is All knowing.

  • Lisa O

    And one more thing Wendy, it can happen in the blink of an eye. These kids are fast. It actually happened to someone I know and by the Grace of God he knew CPR and his child was able to be resuscitated too. God does not kill babies.

  • BOB

    this is a miricale.