Infant starves to death while being ignored

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Want to know what pure, unadulterated evil looks like? Read on…

The 5-month-old was dropped off at his parents’ house on Feb. 4, strapped into his car seat. Eight days later, he was found in the same position, said Peoria County State’s Attorney Kevin Lyons during a bond hearing for the parents.

“He died from starvation due to neglect from these two defendants, his parents,” Lyons said.

The 5 month old baby only weighed 2 lbs. more than what he weighed at birth. He was found lying in his own waste, which had not been changed or attended to in 8 days.


I wonder if they had music playing loud enough to drown out his cries, or if the baby was too weak and dehydrated to cry?

The parents, of course, did nothing but play video-games and eat while their baby starved to death and died in his own filth.

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  • Ralph Mendoza

    I wonder if the game they were playing happened to be World of Warcraft.

  • If this story like all other abusive stories about children, doesn’t bring tears to your eyes,puts giving all your attention to that baby that needs your love, caring, and protection. Nothing will, you have no heart,no soul.

  • Lisa

    I just heard this story on the news and it broke my heart to think that anyone could be so cruel and let an innocent baby starve to death. I don’t care how old these people were, if they can feed themselves, surely they knew that the little baby who can’t fend for himself was hungry, in pain, needed love and attention. How can those people just sit there and ignore the crys and looks of fear and abandonment on his poor little face and watch his frail little body shrink away to nothing until he had no energy and strength to go on.

    I am totally disgusted that knowbody knew about this abuse and something needs to be done to the people who did this so that they open their eyes and realize what a horrible act they did to their little boy. THEY TOOK AWAY AN INNOCENT LITTLE LIFE. He was not a toy or a doll that you can just ignore and leave to fend for himself.

  • Sandra

    Why put them in jail. They will be fed there. Why not starve them to death and see how long they can live “unattended”.

    • AJ Quintana

      Hear, hear!

  • scott Cham

    As a parent anyone capable of this kind of sickness should be put to death pure and simple if there is a god let him sort them out there his creations.

  • danielle

    i can’t believe people could do this! how could they just sit and let the poor little angel starve to death and sit in soiled pants. this is just makes me furious if i could come face to face with just one of these child abusers i would take their lives. i personally think it would be worth it.

  • Jessica

    They should be strapped to a seat and starved to death just like they did to that little baby.

  • ashley

    i wish i could find these people and chain them up and let them starve to death. treat them exactly the way they treated their poor little innocent baby. America’s laws need to be a lot more stricked for people like this if we had laws where people would be punished the same for their crime then i think people would think twice before they neglected and killed innocent lives.
    Example if people get caught stealing they should have their hand cut off. just like they do in other countries. if a man rapes anyone they should cut off their manhood and everything. The people that starved this poor baby should be starved to death themselves while they watch the other prisoners enjoy their food.

  • Cindy

    This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!! Where were the other family members!!!!These parents need to be strapped in a car seat in their winter coat and not be removed, looked at, touched or ANYTHING!!!!!! for at least a month. Let them sit in their own waste and rot away!!! These people are USELESS HUMANS!!! I hope their other child is being taken care of.

  • hop2oo1

    it doesnt surprise me if it was WOW, my husband just started playing it and as soon as he comes home from work hes on the comp,til bedtime, he will intermitenly stop(sorry i can not spell) get off to help me with our 13 month old, but i could see how people could get hooked on it, but he would NEVER let her be unattended that long.and i dont understand how you could listen to your own child cry for that long, hell, my baby even utters a cry and im on top of it. i dont know…those people deserve the same fate thier son

  • agree very much with ashley, the system needs to get a lot tougher on crimes such as these

  • Emma

    I have a 3 month old son and i play wow, I haven missed one minute of his waked time and he is most of the time sleeping in my lap where I can see every breath he takes. It isnt possible that a computergame can make any mother or father forget their child. Something else must be terrible wrong in this case. Either they where totaly drugged out or so stupid they probably never should have been allowed near a child or even themself. The child was dropped of at their house, sounds like someone else was the main caretaker. Who left a child in these idots care? That person should also be sentenced. I dont belive for one secon this behavior in two adults came over night.

  • VSpain

    It requires a twisted person to ljust let a child sit there. I am sorry, but I do not understand how anything could make you forget there was a baby in need of tending in the house. Were drugs mentioned? I have 2 soon to be 3 kids, and at 5 months, I could not have gone for more then their naptimes with out checking on them – they would not atsnd for it! My older child, my son, was a yeller and my younger one, my first daughter was an escape artist. Now, ot be clear neither one of them could tolerate being strapped into anything for more than a few minutes at a time and if you did not get them stright out of the carseat when you were done moving, they screamed, outraged at the top of their lungs! I cannot see how this baby did not cry, very loudly, at some point, which means they purposely ignored that child. God knows it would have killed them to stop playing a game for 10 minutes to change and feed the baby… This is where parental multitasking comes in: I can do any number of tasks while changing and feeding a baby thank you as can most parents. This is flat out cruel and the punishment should fit the crime in my opinion. Death is too good for them.

  • Marilyn

    I agree with the other two commenters about WOW, my husband plays that as well and had his long spells on the computer. BUT, he would NEVER let our child alone the way this couple did. I’m sitting here and just can’t get over it. THIS IS DISGUSTING, THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME. I pictured my 8 month old son in that position, and I want to cry thinking about it. Looking at the pics of these low lives makes it worse. I plan on following this story, because I want justice served. I hope the death penalty is seeked on this.

  • Ray of Peoria

    These two “parents” are disgusting. When they are convicted and sent to prison, the other inmates will “take care” of them. There are some hardened convicts in prison who despise those who abuse or neglect helpless children. I would be surprised if either of them survive six months in prison. This would be a a deserved punishment.

  • samantha

    My opinion on child abuse is anyone who hurts a child, should be hurt the same way. DONE.

  • Chelsey

    WOW .. how could people possibly do this to their own child
    this is retarted .. and how they could sit there and eat and play video games like nothing is wrong.. i hate people like this .. they honestly deserve to DIE !!! wow parents go die ina corner this is pathectic if you honestly think you would end up killing your baby then DONT have one .. wow i hate you people

  • Lila

    This is not to everyone. This is to parents who have abusive thoughts towards their children. You should seek counseling and stay consistent to doctor or counselor visits. You should stay consistent with doctor’s or counselor’s instruction. There shouild be free counseling services availibe, or PSYCHIATRIC or THERAPUTIC services, try the number “411″ for information on “Counseling or Doctoral Services”. They may be able to direct you to doctors professionals or Health Insurance Plans. Free counselor’s could be anybody holding an A**ociates Degree or more. Free counselores may also be College Interns with more college credits than an A**ociates or less credits than an A**ocites. Free Counselors are NOT required to with hold criminal information. Professional PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS by the state’s or country’s law are required to withhold criminal information. Meaning criminal infromation, Free Counselor MUST tell to the authorities. Criminal information, PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS (Doctor’s Degree) must NOT tell to the authorities. Enrolling for Medical Health Plans Is what you need. Do what you MUST to qualify. That will make you a patient of a PSYCHIATRISTS or THERAPISTS.

    If you have a history of abuse with your child or children and are not seeking any counseling or doctoral help, you should consider giving your child up for adoption. A failed parent(s), or guardian(s) is not a parent or guardian who fails to raise the child, but a parent or guardian who fails to give the child the best care they need. The best care they need is love and support, and a positive upbringing. If you refuse counseling or doctoral help, then giving the child or children the best care they need would be to let some one else who is more suitable, and righteous to take care of them. That is the works of a loving and prosperous parent who does not wish to seek aany counseling or doctoral help. They should give them up for adoption. Once they reach the age of maturity they will understand your decision. They will love you for it.

    If you do not wish to give your child or your children away to adoption becauase you believe that they may be abused, then you must get help for yourself if you are an abusive parent or guardian. You must seek counseling and doctoral help. Remember, to decline the option of giving them up for adoption because you fear they may be abused, maybe in vain if you yourself do not stop abusing them. The child or children will not leave an abusive situation if you do not stop abusing them.

    If you do not wish to seek counseling, doctoral help, or any other method to better your life or your kid(s) life, then another option would be, to let the LAW handle you and your children. Your children will be happy because they will have a happy positive life if the Law get’s involved. Once they reach the age of maturity they will not be mad at you. They will love and appreciate you…. as their parent. They will remember what you did for them. You will not be forgotten by them, you will not be their abuser, but their hero. They will not forget that you chose to save their lives instead

    LAW: meaning to turn yourself or yourselves in to the Police Authorities for criminal activity.

    Your children will love and appreciate you forever for what you did for them and what you did for…. yourself, or yourselves.

    PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS are there to make things right as well.

    DO WHAT YOU MUST TO QUALIFY FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE!! (My mother says it a crime how much money the medical field has and so many people with out any medical insurance.)


  • Just to think about that poor 5 month old child in that position brings me to tears. I don’t know how someone can do this to a baby! You’re supposed to love an cherish them! Hold them because they are a part of you!! I weep for babies and children like that…

  • Breanna

    i have a 5 month old boy. hes my whole world. my husband and i dote on him like he’s the only thing in the whole world. how any “parent” could let an innocent baby starve…die, i just cant stomach it. i cried and held my baby so tight after hearing about this story. the version i read added that they have both been charged with 1st degree murder, looking at 100 years each and the death penalty is on the table. the “mother” insisted the baby is not her responsibilty (WTF ???) and the dad was supposed to take care of it. the “dad” said he was sure he moved him once or twice, but then conceded that maybe he hadnt at all. people like this do not deserve to breathe. they could have given the baby away, i wish i couldve had the chance to be there, just to show that baby love. its so sad.

  • Kristin

    I heard about this and i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heart broken and upset to know that there are actually people in this world that can do what benjamins parents did and live with them selves. I think the government should have a hit list or people who do nothing to contribute to this world. All they contribute is pain suffering and disgust to people around them. And those people should be shot. And i hope if they ever come up with this list i hope benjamins murderers are first on that list. these people are sick and disgusting i hope they rot in prison and sit in there own bile and piss as it rotts them away. while they scream for food attention and love why give them the death penalty do to them what they did to there own child and let them see what it felt like to be murdered the way they murdered there own son. ROT in hell you pieces of S*$t I hpe you choke on your own shit.

  • kandice

    yeah i have a 5 month old and i just want to hold him and cry how could someone do that ..i hope they get shanked in prison..they are not worth the air they breathe

  • like you all this story grosses me out.

    add this myspace detacated too the little guy…

  • Becca

    I think I’m going to be sick. It sounds like a pair of 10-year olds were “raising” the baby. I am an aunt of sven kids, and my youngest niece is around 5 months old, and she is just beauitful. All of those kids are the reason of who I am today. I love them as if they were my own. Why any one would do this to a child is beyond me. It’s so disgusting, and heartwrenching. I wish this world was a better place to live in, but sadly it’s not. And this is one of the reasons why.

    I’m also wondereing with Ralph Mendoza. There is something aboout that game that is scarily addicting. And, I don’t like it.

  • Ceci

    OMFG!!!! These people need to be taken to a mental institution and beaten severly and then left to fend for themselves. They are definitely retarted and/or drug addicts at the very least. Needless to say, they should be sentenced to die in the most horrible way possible. I wish I could shoot them myself (lol j/k) but that’s how much this story upsets me. I have a 4 year old who I love soooo much and one on the way. Reading this makes me scared of what could happened to my children if I left them with FUCKtards like these two.

  • Nicole K.

    Are you fucking kidding me? They ATE and PLAYED motherfucking video games!!!?? FUCK THEY SHOULD DIE

  • Samantha

    Those horrible monsters, they must have been really sick to do something so horrendous. That poor baby must have cried himself to death from being hungry. I cant imagine how he suffered without even a drop of water whilst those pigs stuffed themselves. I know he is with God now, playing with the angels above. These monsters dont deserve prison because they will still get food there, they should be suffer the same fate as what they did to their own child. Please GOD,help all these children that are suffering abuse and save them.

  • brittanie

    i am actually in school doing a project and i love kids no matter if they cry alot or not! im 17 and i am in tears right now cause i dnt see how such sick-minded people could do such a thing to a todler or anyone this just disgusts me..they should rot….and for”mom” to say its not her responsibility u opened your legs to have the baby then its your responsibility…u and the”father” dnt deserve to never see the daylight again u selfish bastards….also no game could be that addicting that u would forget about the baby these”parents” had DNT EVEN CALL YOURSELVES PARENTS CAUSE U ARE FAR FROM IT!…god bless the baby and karma is a bitch and your are gonna get something way worse!

  • brittanie

    i am 17 years old and im in school literally in tears cause reading this is so sad…how could anyone that calls their selves parents do such a thing to a child or anyone for that matter…these stories are just crazy…as for the mom sayin its not my responsibilty..if u opened your legs to have the baby then it is your responsibilty to love and take care of the baby….no game can EVER keep you from paying attention to your kid…You selfish bastards u will rot in hell and never see the daylight again feel how that baby felt and u call yourselves parents…my god give it up..karma is a bitch and your gonna get way worse then the baby did!….god bless the baby and god will take care of you like your”parents” should have!

  • Barbara

    Them motherf****** should starve themselves to death.. What they did is really mest up. There is people that cant have kids and the would die to have one of their own and people that have that blessing they treat them like that! Thats Bulls***..

  • no name

    I agree with Emma; sounds like they didn’t have custody of this child if someone dropped him off. And if this is the case did they not come back to check on this baby? Sounds as if someone else is criminally responsible too. Also, I agree with the fact that they did not develop this behavior over night. You love your child or you don’t. Nothing can change your mind one way or the other. Something must have happened at one point for them to lose complete custody. It’s sad there’s another failed child. When are children going to stop being viewed as property and parents are allowed to have more rights than their children? The only rights a parent have are to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for their children. They have a right to refuse in which case the child should be placed in a permanent loving home of a couple that is dying for a child of their own. These foster homes can MOSTLY be done away with because most of these parents refuse to make changes to put their children in a proper, descent home.

  • Veronica

    When I was little, I was soooo constipated that I would literally poop in my pants a lot (not on purpose), and my parents had to make me change all the time whenever that happened. But what about…those ignorant pieces of feces deliberately sniffing that poor baby’s crappy diaper and deliberately leaving him to die in his own disgusting piles of feces? Nice (sarcasm!). That soiled diaper was literally eating that poor kid’s skin away! HOW BRUTALLY DISGUSTING WAS THAT?!?!?! I hope those sick fucks die in prison! Rest in peace, little man.

  • Cheri

    I expected a story like this to get major attention, like on the Nancy Grace show, but nothing of the sort. The only place I have read about it is on the internet. I agree with all of you, these people need to be put to death (but in our great society, if they are put on deathrow, they will sit in there for 15 years while our tax money pays for their meals). I have tried to imagine what that baby went through. I have tried to imagine if my 10 month old son was left like that. Even for a DAY or a few hours, I cannot imagine it. Neither of those people wanted that baby. Why not give him to the grandmother who had dropped him off?? WHY let him die?? And that fucktard mother was on her way to see her online boyfriend at the time she was arrested. UGH. These people DISGUST me. We should find their jail addresses and send them letters TELLING THEM EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN SAID HERE!!

  • Veronica


  • dana

    I am not fond of children at all, so guess what? I didn’t have any. And if it would have accidentally happened I would have done adoption. There are alot of wealthy good people who cannot have babies. I do have a 14 year old pug dog which is my baby, just thinking of his needs not being met infuriates me.

  • taylor

    1,500 children die every year from child abuse and neglect. In other words, 4 children die everyday in the United States as a result of child abuse. 3 out of 4 of these children will be under the age of 4 years old. One report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. 3 million reports of child abuse and neglect are made every year in the United States but the rate of child abuse is actually estimated to be 3 times greater than reported. And an estimated 906,000 children are victims of abuse and neglect every year.

    IT IS PARENTS LIKE THESE THAT HELP MAKE THESE STATISTICS!child abuse should so be stopped, i dont understand how those parents could still live after doing that to their own child.

  • kmay

    i do also agree with the other comments. just reading this story brings me to tears. i hope with everything in me that these so called “parents” get what they have coming to them. the are worthless people who shouldnt have even been allowed to have children! i hope that one day we will not have to hear about child abuse again, cause it would not exiset. i am so sorry to all the children who are abused out there. im praying for you!

  • andrew pham

    they were playing Guitar Hero 2.

    and i plan on doing this with my children! hahaha, no im joking..

  • what bastards i mean if there parents would have done that to them, but they wouldn’t have died, than they might think differentlty about ignoring and abuseing a little baby

  • Taylor

    Ralph Mendoza are you crazy?!! is that all you have to say after what you just read?!!! seriously?!!!

  • Do not do to others what you don’t want to be done with you. Punish them exactly the way they treated and abused their children. Children do not ask to be here, it is not their fault that they’ve been born. Severe penalties must be given to child abusers.

  • Stacey

    My heart is broken and breaking. Let’s all pray for the abused children who remain alive and still suffering. And let’s do what needs to be done to rescue them. Praise God that Benjamin is in HIS hands now, resting, perfectly cared for, and safe.

  • Timothy Carstensen

    Why do so many people care about a five month old baby dying of starvation in his own waste, yet most acknowledge that 6 months earlier in that same baby’s life, it is perfectly justifiable to kill the baby?

    Why is it acceptable to kill a human by poisoning, (causing vasodilatation, edema, congestion, hemorrhage, shock, and death), by the live dismemberment of the baby and piecemeal removal from the uterus, live slicing using a curette and scooping the blood and pieces into a container, or killing by powerful suction (removing the brain and vital organs from the live baby)?

    Why is letting a baby starve to death so terrible an idea? Didn’t the new york times print an article regarding the Terry Shaivo incident, titled, “Starvation death – painless way to die”? So what’s the big deal?

    Wake up America! Just because you can’t see or hear the baby in your wombs doesn’t mean that the baby can’t feel pain! It doesn’t mean that the baby has no right to live! The infant in your womb has every right to life, liberty and happiness that the infant in your arms has, every right that you have! How dare you discriminate against it, just because it is too young and helpless to speak for itself?

  • why would you do that!!!!!!!!!
    that just is wrong im f***ing 16 and i hear that you stave a baby and leave it alone i hope u die in hell!!!!!

    rip daring xoxoxox

  • Veronica

    Timothy Carstensen, I agree and disagree with you. While nothing is justifiable to kill that baby, I just want to ask you something; WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? If you can’t handle kids, you should’ve kept your legs closed. It is acceptable to kill those so-called parents cuz they are incompetent sick f***** that shouldn’t have had children in the first place; in fact, these sick disgusting excuses for parents do not deserve to breathe the same air as we all do. How dare you imply that. May God help your soul, Timothy Carstensen. How do you sleep at night?

  • Angel


  • cecile wallace

    This is horrible and I strongly beleive that these scumbags that hurt these poor kids should have the same stuff done to them that they do to these children it makes me sick and maybe when they are doing these things to them they will think twice if they no the exact same thing will happen when they get caught and you will get caught.

  • “Just because you can’t see or hear the baby in your wombs doesn’t mean that the baby can’t feel pain! It doesn’t mean that the baby has no right to live! The infant in your womb has every right to life, liberty and happiness that the infant in your arms has, every right that you have! How dare you discriminate against it, just because it is too young and helpless to speak for itself?”

    I agree with you Timothy. Abortion IS evil…but this baby had to go through so much pain. Can you imagine not eating for 8 days? This breaks my heart.

  • i’m only 15 and i don’t have any kids and this still breaks my heart. I just read a book by David Pelzer called a child called it, and it really brought my attention to child abuse. I don’t see how a person that isn’t insane or doesn’t have a stable mind could do this to anyone let alone children.

  • Storm

    Hey, you can’t single out W.O.W players. We do not neglect our kids. I play every night after mine are tubbed, scrubbed and in bed as do many of my friends … don’t think W.O.W equates neglectful parents.

  • Kiko.Panda

    if i saw that baby, i would of taken him/her and given him/her to a family that is trust worthy.
    how the fuck can they ignore a baby for 8 days? usually when my 2 year old sister is asleep in the car, we wait till she wakes up- or i wait, i tell them to go… but thats not the point. were th parents drugged? were they drunk? i dont think so, cause no one can stay drunk for 8 fucking days playing video games!!!

    let the video game save them then!

  • Kierra

    this is so sad. what kind of sick twisted person would sit there and let there little baby who wasent even 1 year yet sit there and starve. if i could find thoses people i would kick they @$$’$ so hard.

  • Jennifer

    These two parents should have been aborted, I can’t believe two horrible people could ever be parents. How do things like this happen? How are there so many who love kids not able to have them and then they have people like this who can have kids and they shouldn’t be allowed. WHY? I just want to know why?

  • 2lbs!! thats horrible no comment!

  • Who wuld do that????!!!! That is fuking stupid yhu fuking eggs!!! How can yhu do that to a little fuking kid??!! That is so fuking stupid yhu kunts deserve to die!!
    Im usually a peaceful person but fuk who the fuk does that man?? WHO??!!

  • laurajane


  • Kali

    That is absolutely repulsive that there are people like that. Can you even imagine being a 5-month-old infant, hoping to come home to the comfort of his loving mother and/or father, and then be left there, to die??? I’d hate to be that baby. He’s in heaven now, in the arms of the angels, safe. What about the neighbors? I wouldn’t have given the parents more then an hour leaving that infant in that car. That’s horrible. I’m glad to know there is other parents out there, taking care of their children. I wish that one day every baby comes home to a loving home.

  • jasmine

    that’s sad that a mother and father can just sit in their house, PLAYING A GAME?!?!?!?! while their child is fending for himself, when he can barely hold up his own bottle??? THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RIGHT TO BE PARENTS!!!!!!!!! other people deserve these wonderful children rather than people like this mother and father who are A SAD EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!!!

  • deborah foster

    i am horrified the parents can do such a thing starve there own child they should life in prison

  • stephanie

    what in the hell is this world coming to? how can people be so evil to kill their own baby? how can you deny anyone food or water for 8 days especially your own child!!!!

  • bri bri

    wat the f*** would do tat tat poor child i bet the parents werent even 20 yet i bet because wouldnt some one notice there child gone wat about the neighbors or wat would the parents famlies think tat they sould never be able to be alive tats wat i think ( any way y would God do tat i belive god is real but god sweet god y did u let one of ur childern die so young but u might as well took him from his awful parents well a 3 month year old died because his parents was uncareful smart because thebaby doesnt hav to sufer years with out being cared ful thank you god for takeing tat child in ur arms amen )

  • Child Abusers should go @#$@ them selves.

    OMFG THIS IS SO FUCKING MESSED UP I MEAN WHO THE HELL DOES THIS I SERIOUSLY DONT GET HOW THESE PEOPLE LIVE ON KNOWING THAT THEIR KID IS FUCKING STARVNG WHAT THE FUCK I WANNA GO HUNT CHILD ABUSERS ANF FUH QING KILL THEM THEY ARE SO RETARDED IF I SAW THEM BURNING IN HELL CRYING OUT FOR MERCY AND PLEADING TO BE GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE ID JUST FUCKING LAUGH AND SHOW NO SIGN OF SYMPATHY OMG THAT IS SO FRICKEN MESSED UP HOW CAN PEOPLE LIVE ON KNOWING THAT PEOPLE LET ALONE CHILDREN ARE BEING TORTURED AND ABUSED EVERYDAY? D; sorry for caps i was too lazy and into what i was typing to press on the caps lock but anyways its sad that half the world doesnt give a shet or doesnt do a crap to help these poor innocent pure and precious children i really love kids even tho im only 14 O_O but still i appreciate younger kids than me because knowing that i didnt grow up like thos kids who got abused sickens me.. i wish that i was the child that got abused in replacment of a child who died id rather die and save another precious child and let them live because i know that they have a destiny in the world.. and it doesnt really matter for me and my own life because im dying of cancer so id rather be a replacement for a child who got abused because either way.. ill be the one suffering and im seriously trying my best not to sound emo cuz i kinda sound emo right now ._. but i truly think that other kids have more of a purpose in life than i do.. not saying that i will die really soon.. which i hope im not D: but i really appreciate children.. and now when i look at my self after reading all these child abuse stories im saying.. “man .. im lucky to have a great life” im not saying cancer is much fun either.. but im saying that we should appreciate our lives today knowing that we had the chance to live and grow up .. which im kidna of worrying about right now because im only 14.. and im not sure if i will have the chance to grow up due to my condition… so for thos who have a heart out there please pray that my Legs and spine will heal because i have cancer and i was in a major bus accident.. have anyone heard of it? the bus that got in a car accident on monday? well.. that was my church and our bus driver died unfortunatly but i thank the lord that i am still here no matter what my condition is i will always be gratful of what i have today <3 thank you for taking your time to read this which i know many wil not but TAKE CARE (: and GOD BLESS <333

  • loves long heart touching messages ^^^^

    Hey im sorry about your condition and i totally agree with you kids are so precious and pure.. you really inspired me in your message above^ i think that you have a great heart to be willing to sacrifice your own precious life for another. i think that God will have great plans for you and that you will be healed from yoru condition in the name of jesus christ God will show mercy over you and heal you. All you have to do is rebuke satan and the pain and the cancer everyday pray for your condition and repent. and if you die any time soon i would not be able to wait till i get to see you in heave :] God bless you and i will be praying for you <3

  • Child abusers should go @#$@ them selves

    haha Hey thanks <3 you actually read it ? LOL im amzed (: haha thank you and if i do die soon i hope that i will see you in heaven 😛 haha God bless

  • Heidi

    I think some people should be required to have tests done to see if they r sane enough to have children.Are they even that lazy to just give the child to someone in the family that would care enough to feed and change him or her?Sometimes when i think my life sucks ,i come across theese stories and think god my life isnt so bad.I sit here and picture theese stories in my head and think, How could they not tend to a child that is crying out of starvation,and pain?I hope when they go to prison big Bubba,and big Bertha,find theese two and show them what it is like to be in severe pain.I hope there soap is always dropping.People like this peve me off ,and i always wish the worst for them .

  • Heidi

    To childabusersshouldgo@#$@ I am so sorry to hear about ur condition.Wow the statement where someone said if u should die soon,How terrible of u to say such a thing.I believe u will pull through u have to believe it,You sound like u had it rough,I hope u catch a break soon, and I will pray for u to.I do believe in god my god is a forgiving God I dont think u need to repent.For one thing u will pull throgh,I hope the pain u have goes away.and soon u will be out with ur friends.

  • Childabusersshouldgoto. i read your message 2 it was grate n i hope u r alive:) if i saw a child abuser i otta kill’em >=0 SAVE DA ABUSED CHILDREN SAVE DA ABUSED CHILDREN SSSAAAVVVEEE DDDAAA AAABBBUUUSSSEEEDDD CCCHHHIIILLLDDDRRREEENNN Oh btw im only 10 lol ima be 11 on may 26 this yr!!! =)))))) i hope da world will be alive longer cuz more kids will be able 2 die X,NOT IN A BAD WAY,X becuz god’ll rezerect them!!! =))))))

  • sakura

    the parents in this story should go to hell that baby did not need to die it could of been a pretty little girl or a perfekt little boy it could of been a nice person the parents i hope they are in jail for child abuse and child abandonment

  • victoria

    oh my god, how does this happen?! we’re supposed to be civilised as human beings….. i lost my first pregnancy, and then when i became pregnant again i counted the days until i could meet my perfect angel. these “people” if you can call them that should be thrown in a deep pit and forgotten, so they may die in their own filth. they are just monsters.

  • taneal

    I’m 8 months pregnant with my first baby, a son. I love this baby more then life itself, more then anything in this entire world and i will defend my baby to the death and beyond. How in the F*** can ANYONE let an innocent, little baby starve…what the fuck is going on in this world. My heart stopped while reading this and it angered me to no end. I would love to be in a room alone with these two…give me 10 minutes and a baseball bat..thats all i need.

  • Married with Children

    I wanted children since I was 14 years old and was told when I was 16 that I could have children but it would be hard. Four children later, I have my angels. The ones that I had prayed for since I was young. My baby is 5 and my oldest is 10 and there is not a day that goes by that I do not put them first in all things. They come before me and my husband. They are my everything and I would feel lost if I did not even have one of them. They are the air that I breath and the reason I wake up in the morning and it makes me cry that there are sick, twisted people out there that do this. I was taught when I was young that I was supposed to love everyone but not love what they do. People like this do not deserve my love and they do not deserve the precious gift of life that God gives us. Terrible to say but I think they need to be shown exactly how it feels. They need to have done to them the same thing that do to children but, I think, even that would be too good for them. In my opinion, government agencies need to focus more on parents like these than on the ones that are trying to take care of their children whom love their children and would never hurt or neglect them. Parents like these should not be given the chance to get out of prison to do it again to another child. Thank you!

  • Married with Children’s Husband

    I am a 31 year old man that did not have the best childhood but to hear of this makes my stomach turn. My real father was convicted of being a child molester and he should have the same thing done to him that he done to the girl he was convicted of. He did not raise me which makes a big difference in how I view my kids. I was raised the old fashioned way. I think that what should happen to the people that done this or anything else like this pertaining to a child should have the same thing done to them repeatedly, everyday for the rest of their life. Make them beg for death but not allow it. I would torture them and not give them medication or nothing. That still would not be fair enough.

  • Jilly

    Either way, they were callous enough to leave their child there, with full knowledge of what they were doing or they were so inept that they forgot. In the case of the later, it should have been noticed immediately. Just the idea of forgetting your child is in the car for a few minutes makes me feel uneasy but it can happen. But not noticing for eight days? Highly unlikely, which makes me think this was absolutely deliberate.

    And for every case like this that hits the headlines, there are others that go unnoticed. Just ask any children’s charity.

  • tasha

    this is awful, i was almost crying reading this, how can someone be so cruel,if u don’t want your child, then put it up for adoption where it can go to a loving family. i would starve the parents, how horrible can someone be

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope they spay and neuter people like this. they definitely do not need to be having more kids

  • brenda

    i think they should be tied down and starved just like they did to the baby.

  • dora

    that’s sick and discusting and horrible that any parent would ever do that 🙁

  • fCKtheW0RLd!!

    No, WE are not the guilty ones. THOSE sick and twisted pedophiles who decide to commit these horrendous acts of violence and abuse are the ones at fault! God blessed us all, including these a*holes, with the freedom of choice and free will to CHOOSE to molest and torture these innocent children??!! And it’s up to US as a community to fix the problem, and stop these unseen acts of violence from reoccurring!! I thought god being all mighty had the power to watch over everyone. I thought he created us all with love and equality. Sooooo… did he love those abused children more than others, or not enough? I don’t get it. I mean, he must have loved them more right? To have taken them to this wonderful fantasy land where they will never again be harmed. Let’s be realistic (like reallllllyyyyyy let it sink in for a sec) if God put the same amount of love into each individual, why allow them to be placed in those situations? ? Oh yea, I forgot, FREE WILL. Apparently these children had the freedom, and the RIGHT to decide that they’d wake up one bright and sunny day, walk right into a room and just accept the torture that awaits them!! Why???? Oh yes, because that was the plan GOD had drawn out for them. Yip, you’re definitely right. I mean, I don’t even know what I was thinking questioning the power of the all mighty. Clearly everything is MEANT to be! DON’T YOU WORRY, FOR WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN. AND WITH GOD BY OUR SIDES, WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! ! Those abused survivors can find it in their hearts, with the help of god, to forgive our abusers and those who have brought grief upon us. I mean, isn’t that what God wants for us? To be able to love one another? And to forgive our fellow child molester?? Hmmm. Yea, free will. It’s what holds us accountable for our actions. Except to the point where those cowards repent, and all is forgiven with our loving father!