Cop suspended for hassling skateboarders

February 13th, 2008 by | Permalink

The inner old man in us at first said, “You get those little skateboarding punks, officer!” But then we read the “deets”, as the cool kids say, and checked out the video of the incident that recently surfaced on YouTube, and it seems he might have stepped a bit over the line:

The video shows Officer Salvatore Rivieri approach the kids at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, the area where they apparently were skateboarding. The kids tell Rivieri they didn’t know they couldn’t skateboard there.

“You back-talk me, I’m not your father,” Rivieri says. “You hear me? I’m not your father. You give that attitude to your father. You give it to me, I’ll smack you upside the head. Shut your mouth, I’m talking.”

In the video, after Rivieri pushes the kid on the ground, he takes his skateboard and puts it in his patrol vehicle.

The video in question is below:

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