Pedophile wins lottery

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Minor Topics feels like throwing up.

A repeat child molester recently won 10 million dollars on a scratch off ticket and gets to assume his rewarded life, while the children he molested will live with scars and torment for the rest of their lives.

His whereabouts were unknown and it has been reported that he failed to file as a sex offender in his current community, yet he will still get the money and probably remain free. Imagine how many children he can abuse now that he has nothing better to do and now that he can groom children with gifts and put on airs. Now is the time to watch this turd more than ever.

We think that convicted pedophiles should be barred from gambling (ie; lottery playing), kind of like how felons cannot own guns.


Mr. Snay’s record of sexual assaults goes back to 1974, when he received a one-year suspended sentence for indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. He violated his probation and was imprisoned for a year. In 1976, he was slapped with a 5- to 7-year state prison sentence after being convicted, again, of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.

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  • Charles#5089678259

    Hello I’m one of Daniel Snay’s Nephews and I’m writing to you because I was one of his victims of child molesting. I was abused by him over the course of 3 years and had gone to counceling. The councelor and my mother had agreed to not testfy him cause it would have been devistating to me . The only thing that was devistating to me is what a family member had abused me. I don’t care about the money he had won I just want some JUSTICE. My mother is defending him because she thinks he is going to come arround and help her out. I was 9 years old when it was going on and it stopped when I was 14. There was a teacher that I had and trusted so much she had help me out getting by the pain. NO ONE has contacted me back,out of 12 news companies because they think I’m lying about what had happened to me. I’m a grown man with a loving wife and 3 boys. Every year that goes by is another year he get to walk freely because of the statue of limitations. I wish to have an interview with anyone willing to listen to me.

  • Max

    Why do idiots like you people at minor topics always seem to think that people who commit crimes lose their rights as human beings? We have a legal system in this country for a reason. People pay their sentences and then they get to move on. If you don’t believe the sentences are harsh enough, then try and lobby congress to make them longer, but don’t try to punish people after they have already paid their crime. It’s unconstitutional and a danger to the civil liberties of ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • my opinion

    charles it is ashame what happend to you , however justice was served and he upheld his part of the deal , he molested you and that is terrible , but i guarantee u r lookin for some type of payout here , either from him or a thru some news affiliate willing to pay for your story and its not gonna happen , the case is dead , so look at the wonderful family u have and be thankful.

  • Tink

    Charles- so sorry for the horrors you went through.

    As for the others- he upheld his part of the deal???? REALLY???? Justice was served, for who? Abuse a child, go to jail for 6 years or so, win 10 million dollars. Yea, seems really fair.

    No one, except other victims, understands how long the pain of abuse lasts. He served 6 or 7 years, but the child/children he abuses have to live the rest of their lives living with what happened to them.

    I’m all for American rights- except when you take away the rights of a child. Every child has the right to grow up in a house where they are protected, loved, cherished. NO child deserves the hell that this man and too many others put them through. As far as I’m concerned, the money needs to go to his own children, the children he abused, and a foundation to help other children. He should not get one cent of it.

    The laws are by no means harsh enough for child molesters, rapists, murderers or other monsters who destroy the lives of others.

    And statutes of limitations on child abuse is crap. They need to be done away with.

  • Elizabeth

    Amen Tink!

    Pedophiles and child abusers never really pay their debt to society, unless they’re incarcirated for the rest of their lives.

    Children’s rights come before a pedophile’s rights and I hope somehow, some way, karma kicks this sex offender in the nards so hard, he lives the rest of is life bent over.

  • thearchangel

    The atheist are right; their is no God. If god was real no child molester would live a better life than all of us.

  • Anon

    God works in mysterious ways?

    He certainly fucking does.