Town in England plagued with teen suicides

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Seven suicides, with a few botched attempts leaves people wondering, what is going on this town that is influencing teenagers to take their own lives?

A special taskforce began its inquiry into the recent suicides in Bridgend, south Wales, today, as it emerged that another teenager attempted to hang herself last week.

The taskforce, which includes police, children’s services and mental health experts, is examining dozens of apparently copycat suicides by young people in Bridgend since 2004.

The most recent was the death of Natasha Randall, 17, who was found hanged in a bedroom at her home in Blaengarw last Thursday.


The next day, Leah Phillips, one of Randall’s 15-year-old schoolfriends, was found hanging at her home in Pontycymmer. The girl’s stepfather said he had cut her down and given her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She survived and is now recovering at home.

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  • these kids obviously have problems,which no-one is doing anyhing about!they are obviously traumatisd by their friends suicide and cannot deal with grieving, so they choose to take their own lives,is their no counselling going on for these poor children?
    im from a town in scotland called “helensburgh”,over the period of 2years i lost 8 friends to suicide hangings,also lost my brother in a car accident,so i do know how to deal with grief, but even at that u can never be prepared for it!
    i really feel for the friends and familys who are involved in this terrible situation!
    life is so precious, and these kids just dont know wot their doing to their parents,fair enough an overdose”a cry for help” but hanging”their is no way back” they really musnt want to be here” such a shame!!
    alana dougan 23,from helensburgh,scotland, email me

  • Jemma

    ERM…BRIDGEND IS NOT IN ENGLAND!!! Wales is a seperate country, Jesus christ there are only four countries in the UK, ud think it wouldn’t be so hard to get it right. Ignorant twats!!