Woman gets only 6 months for severely burning and torturing child

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A woman who punished a 9 year old boy by making him sit in a bathtub while she poured boiling water on him, to the point where he will require physical therapy and skin grafts and a host of reconstructive surgery, also making the boy clean the kitchen after she burned him. The youngster said his feet were too blistered to clean, and then she threatened to beat him if he didn’t clean and finally took the poor child to the hospital after enduring 4 days of excruciating pain, will get only 6 months in jail and will most likely get her child back.

Let it be known, that Shamia Lawson did these things. She lives in Baltimore.

Let is also be known, the Judge who thought the child abuse wasn’t a big deal and who most likely sees children as less valuable than a dog, and that their suffering is inconsequential, is Circuit Judge John M Glynn.

Perhaps, if it were his own child, this may have turned out differently. Nobody will ever know why the Judge decided that this child’s torture doesn’t matter and why his sympathy lies with a brutal child abuser. Perhaps he identified with her sadistic enjoyment of torturing the innocent child.


Everyone ought to be ashamed that this Judge is part of the system that is supposed to hand down punishments to those that hurt people. Everyone ought to be ashamed who elected this Judge and most of all, this Judge ought to be ashamed of himself.

At yesterday’s sentencing hearing, Drake repeated some of the saddest details.
She said Lawson “forced [the boy] into a tub of water and poured five pots of boiling water into the tub. … She pushed him into the water and threatened to beat him with a belt if he got out.”

When the boy emerged, Lawson ordered him to clean the kitchen, but he said his blistered feet hurt too much. “So what?” was her response, Drake said.

Four days later, Lawson took the badly injured child to Howard County General Hospital and gave fake names. She “told different and convoluted lies” to hospital workers and to police, said Drake, who called Lawson “a talented liar.”

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  • liz

    First the mother abuses the child physically, abuses the child mentaly, abuses the child emotionaly. She gets only six months behind bars, then the child maybe turned back over to her? Where is the true justice for the child? That judge isn’t concerned about the boys welfare is he? Haven’t the courts learned anything at all with situations as this one? All ways returning the abused victim to the abuser and soon there after the abused victim is found dead. You people better get real with situations concerning things like this.

  • Korcoran Smith

    Wow!! Had she abused an animal like this, she would have been sentenced much more heavily!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! What a shame for this young boy!! To have his photo published in such a wide-spread manner, while his abuser’s photo seems to be nowhere to be found!! Incredible injustice!!!

  • Anna

    This is why judicial elections are so important. Be aware people ! some of the appointed Judges in Baltimore City and Baltimore County are having their buddies in Congress try to pass new laws which would take away our rights to election of Judges appointed by the Governor…and then there is no checks and balances for these kind of Judges… By the way Circuit Court Judges are the only Judges which we even get to vote for or against.. District Court Judges are just appointed and thats that… Remember his name just in case he ever comes up for election…..

  • Kelly

    Ya know Michael Vick got more time for mistreating dogs !

  • Jacquie

    [/i]Ya know Michael Vick got more time for mistreating dogs ![/i]

    Excellent point Kelly. Isn’t that disgusting??

  • Kate

    What the hell is wrong with this judge? What can an average citizen do to voice complaint?

  • AnjellicT

    This is horrible…Just another child abuse case gone worng. And I can alomost bet you that in 6 to 12 months we are going to be hearing this simalr story on the news or on this web site the only diffraance there will be is that the torture will be diffrent and this boys going to be dead, And its all going to be on the hands of this judge for being so light on his judgment. Maybe he should go talk to judge Key, of the kelsey briggs trial. Maybe he can tell him what this outcome of his poor and ridiculous judgment for this child. I am just sad, I pray that CPS can addopt this kid out fast…saying he is in cps care…he could be with a relative…I pray not.

  • Kim

    I do not live in the states but I would hope that a group that lives there has the power and the strength to lobby against the judicial system giving the boy back to his mother. This is a innocent young boy that was brutally victimized and needs support from many of you out there (he just does not have the voice to stand up for himself) So, who’s willing the get the ball rolling and save this child from going back to what most likely with be his future death!

  • sharon

    6 months in jail? and get the child back? That judge should be fired, and disbarred. How dare he look at a child who was abused and burned as no big deal. What about the child, who suffered all the burns and abuse, he will be suffering for the rest of his life. I hope and pray a family member or child protective services, a big time lawyer steps up to the plate and stops this fast. She should have been locked up for 30 years or more.
    If this child goes back to his mother, she will kill him. Will the judge again think its no big deal than. I know a Judge, and he would have thrown the book at her. So, I hope she never comes to my town.

  • Gabriela

    People are insane these days no one is normal anymore. This lady was either really crazy or something because… please c’mon thats only wat a phsyco person would want to do to their child. Every parent should agree on this that this lady was crazy… ONLY 6 months for the crime that she did. Well i really hope that they make her learn… this woman really needs to be put in the same damn situation she put her child through. And the stupid a** court, giving this lady only 6 months in prison and then maybe even getting her child back is just not good. They really need to put themselves in the child’s place and think about what it would feel like to live with that same person that hurt them.

  • This iz the very thing why i say i wasted 25 years of my life.
    Im retired Army..forced retirement after being wounded in Iraq..
    Thinking i wuz protecting the right to VOTE…people dont..Protecting our KIDs…the LAWs dont protect them..
    Child Abusers only gits 6 months..the child lives with this in mind…a Child Killer gits life in prison…While a child lays in a grave..If ya kill a elected Official..death automatticaly…
    Seems like to me I WASTED 25 years for nothing…

    BUT WHO REALY CARES…surely the Voters dont…

    A Judge iz a Judge either elected or appointed…Voters puts in someone who appoints them…

    Im not real smart n not well educated but even I can see something iz wrong here..

    Why should i care anymore…The AMERICAN VOTER DONT

    Git out n VOTE People…Thats why alot of my buddies iz dead for this….BUT DO YALL REALLY CARE…I think not…GIT OUT N PROVE ME WRONG..VOTE VOTE VOTE


  • Lila

    This is not to everyone. This is to parents who have abusive thoughts towards their children. You should seek counseling and stay consistent to doctor or counselor visits. You should stay consistent with doctor’s or counselor’s instruction. There shouild be free counseling services availibe, or PSYCHIATRIC or THERAPUTIC services, try the number “411″ for information on “Counseling or Doctoral Services”. They may be able to direct you to doctors professionals or Health Insurance Plans. Free counselor’s could be anybody holding an A**ociates Degree or more. Free counselores may also be College Interns with more college credits than an A**ociates or less credits than an A**ocites. Free Counselors are NOT required to with hold criminal information. Professional PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS by the state’s or country’s law are required to withhold criminal information. Meaning criminal infromation, Free Counselor MUST tell to the authorities. Criminal information, PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS (Doctor’s Degree) must NOT tell to the authorities. Enrolling for Medical Health Plans Is what you need. Do what you MUST to qualify. That will make you a patient of a PSYCHIATRISTS or THERAPISTS

    If you have a history of abuse with your child or children and are not seeking any counseling or doctoral help, you should consider giving your child up for adoption. A failed parent(s), or guardian(s) is not a parent or guardian who fails to raise the child, but a parent or guardian who fails to give the child the best care they need. The best care they need is love and support, and a positive upbringing. If you refuse counseling or doctoral help, then giving the child or children the best care they need would be to let some one else who is more suitable, and righteous to take care of them. That is the works of a loving and prosperous parent who does not wish to seek aany counseling or doctoral help. They should give them up for adoption. Once they reach the age of maturity they will understand your decision. They will love you for it.

    If you do not wish to give your child or your children away to adoption becauase you believe that they may be abused, then you must get help for yourself if you are an abusive parent or guardian. You must seek counseling and doctoral help. Remember, to decline the option of giving them up for adoption because you fear they may be abused, maybe in vain if you yourself do not stop abusing them. The child or children will not leave an abusive situation if you do not stop abusing them.

    If you do not wish to seek counseling, doctoral help, or any other method to better your life or your kid(s) life, then another option would be, to let the LAW handle you and your children. Your children will be happy because they will have a happy positive life if the Law get’s involved. Once they reach the age of maturity they will not be mad at you. They will love and appreciate you…. as their parent. They will remember what you did for them. You will not be forgotten by them, you will not be their abuser, but their hero. They will not forget that you chose to save their lives instead.

    LAW: meaning to turn yourself or yourselves in to the Police Authorities.

    Your children will love and appreciate you forever for what you did for them and what you did for…. yourself, or yourselves.

    PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS are there to make things right as well.

    DO WHAT YOU MUST TO QUALIFY FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE!! (My mother says it a crime how much money the medical field has and so many people with out any medical insurance.)


  • baby

    This story is soo sad!!! What kind of person would do that to there own child???????????????????????????????????????????????/ what did the boy even do to the mom so that she would do that to him….. she messed up as a mom
    she shouldn.t get the baby back at all so the judge is hell gay!!!!!

  • Seren

    Damn,……i knw ther are a lot of sick people out ther but for a mother to do such a thing to her child is sad,..how can a woman hav a child only to turn around and abuse them,..ther are many people out here who cant hav kids and wuld love to knw the feelin jus to be able to hold one of ther own,….these people make me sick,..she should not get her baby bak and she should hav got more time for the harmful actions she chose to take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:/

  • leo

    i just wanna jump in the story and attack the mother
    but that wont make me the better person..
    as for the judge
    i wish i could find him nd shoot him down
    and then boil both of them alive

    a 7 year boy………no respect there

  • beza

    omfg that judge is a f***ing b****** he shold be put behind bars himself as for the mum 6 months that judge is such an ass licker

  • *beats Shamia Lawson on the head repeatedly*

    …Well, there you have it.

    *angrily decapitates Shamia Lawson with a 14th-century guillotine*

    I hope that sadistic b**** never sees her poor angel boy again! The judge is so stupid that he should be arrested for child neglect!

    *runs off to the Baltimore Court and yells and screams at the so-called judge for stupidity*

  • myreya

    wow!! what is the worLD coming to when things like this are left with no justice. That poor 9y/o kid. hes nine he will never forget, probably never forgive but the biggest thing is he will never be able to understand why his mother did such a thing. Unless he wins the lotto and can afford a psychiatrist. cuz we all know there is barely anything out there for low income families. i can almost guarentee u that they are low income. GOD BLESS HIM, AND I PRAY GOD GIVE HIM THE STRENGTH TO BE ABLE TO LIVE HIS LIFE W/O ACTING HOW HIS MOTHER DID. AND I AM SPEECH LESS IN HOW THE SYSTEM FAILED THIS POOR BOY. SO NOT ONLY WILL HE LIVE WITH THE KNOWN FACT THAT THIS IS HOW HIS MOTHER LOVED HIM HE WILL LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT IN 9 YEARS OF HIS LIFE(GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT ELSE HE ENDURED) HE IS ONLY WORTH 6 MONTHS IN PRISON. EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS CASE SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THIS KID WILL GROW UP TO BE.

  • *angrily rips out a huge chunk of hair from the judge’s head, again for stupidity*

  • kandice

    this is what i dont get a person can do this to a baby and get 6 months but if i had a drug problem and was caught with drugs i would be givin years so slap her on the hands right..thats ok, cuz wherever she is from someone will treat her the same…hopefully worse…

  • kelly

    what is wrong with her? what is wrong with this world how could you do this stuff to your children? its wrong if you tret them like this give them up they’ll have a better life then living with you assholes.

  • CLB

    I am sorry, this is so long ,but it has longed to come out how the judical system really is. Thank you, for listening.

    Yes, the Justice systen is truley, a set up in so many ways. I was a young single mother of two beautiful children. I worked two jobs and was asked to come live with my mother in which I never knew until I was 10 1/2. The stipulation was if I came her live with her and help pay her rent and all other bills she would hep me care for her GRANDCHILDREN because she was not working so I did. I took a city bus and went across town in Ft. Lauderdale in worked in the morning until 2pm then I jumped back on the bus and went to school and then went to my second job that eneded at 10pm at night as a telemarketer about 1/2 a mile from my mothers home. I hired a baby sitter in between to help my mother care for my babies so she could in between have a break. That was more than fair right? Wrong! The thanks I get was she made the babysitter leave, locked all the doors in the house, barracated my children than ages only 2 & 3 into their room and would not let the babysitter in. The babysitter which was also, my very close friend came down to my job hysterical saying to my boss please, I ned to speak to Christine I could hear her from my booth and got up and went to the door and saw her panic. She said you need to come home now there is something wrong your mom won’t open the door and I can hear your kids screaming. My fience just got off from his job and met me at mine so he was already there with me. My boss shut down the shop early and my boss, my fience,the babysitter and my self went to my house. I knocked on the door ,but no answer I started to get scared so I knocked louder and more times ,but still no answer. Finally, I yelled through the big bay window that was in the vey front of the house that was closed. Mom, if you don’t open this f——g door right now I am going to put my fist through it! As I went to punch the window the curtains abrubtly drew back and there she was standing there with a crazed look on her face and she said through the window mind you quote un-quote “What do you want you little B—-! These are my kids!) She then closed the curtain agian. I fought with her literally for twenty minutes pleading for her to open the door so I can get them. Five minutes later I hear them crying and she yelled shut up! then I heard a slap and my son started to cry the gut wrenching cry. I fraeked! That was it! I had it I screamed to the top of my lungs through the still closed window ” If you don’t open the door right now I am going to call the police and press charges on you for kidnap now open the door!” I satrted to walk around the side of the house because there was a pay phone at the end of the street in the back. I got maybe half way there and my fience yelled chrissy hurry she opened the door. I ran back to the house and met my mother standing in the front door with her arm across the other side of the door as if trying not to let some one in. I looked in her eyes and move I need to get my kids! She put both of her hands out to me and said “Come here Honey and give me a hug” I stepped away and said no way Mom theres something wrong with you leave me alone I am moving out tonight where are my kids! I slightle nudged her out of my way and tried to stay calm. The kids were still locked in the room and I went to the kitchn to get somthing to get them out at the same time I was franticly taking the foods that I bought for them out of the cuppard then yelled for my fience to help me get the kids. Hewas able to get the door open and got them to safety out side. All this time I did not think to chech their bodies because I was just trying to get them and me the heck out of there for good. I continued to pack some of our things and literally 3 minutes later 3 cop cars pull in front of the house that I could see through the window the kids were locked in. I heard one enter the house and say is any one in here. I came out of the room and franticly started to tell him everything that had just happened. He said ” Ok. Mam, where is your mother now I said I don’t know probly in her room I am just trying to get some things so me and my kids can leave. I was ordered to go out side and waite for him. The officer came out about 5 minutes later and said there was no one in the house I said that was impossible I was just arguing with her and then went into my room to gather some clothes and stuff for me and the kids. He said I’m sorry mam she is gone what has happened here tonight. I told him everything still in a very frantic mode because to be quite honest I did not understand what the heck was going on and everything ws moving real fast. I stood and talked with the officer as another took my babysitter to talk with her too. Then the third came over to speak with the children that you can clearly see were very frightened. My son immediatley ran up to my fience and he picked him up and when he touched my son’s back to pick him up my son threw his whole body back wards and yelled out ” NO, ME BE GOOD, ME BE GOOD” My fience said to him yes, baby you are a good boy. An officer walked up to him and started sing his flash light up and down his body and said in a gasp ” Oh my God” I heard him then ran over ans said what, what! he shined the light to his forhead and there wsa a 1inch freakin gash across his forhead! I started crying and yelling at the same time what the F—! What did she do to my baby! The officer asked my fience to pull up his shirt so he could check him better and my son cried again,but my fience told him it was ok. We found muliple finger markson his spine area where to me you have to pick a child up pretty vigourosly in order to make marks like that! Jesus Christ! The officer checked my daugter and found some bruising,but not enough to figure it came from my mother. My fience and I were ordered to leave after my son was further checked out I had luckily gotten paid that night and was able to get a apartment temp. for two weeks until we found something better at that time just to get out. One officer said to me do I want to press charges if need be. Chocking through my tears of not only being a mother my self ,but now having to make a decision of a fate for my own. I said yes. The officer went back into the house to arrest my mother on two counts of child neglect and child abuse and she was freaking gone! Tha back door was flung open and they found tire tred marks in the dirt. I was still told to get the kids ti safety and they will put a APB out on her and they will find her and to not worry. Well, for a while I did’nt worry acually for two months I did’nt worry until after we were all ready in a beautiful two bed room apartment I get a knok at the door and it is an HRS worker wanting to speak to me and the kids alone about the incident. Ok. tat was fine. My daughter I find out told the HRS lady that her brother wouldn’t stop crying and Grandma got mad and threw him against the wall and his headstarted to bleed. This was acual testimony from achild that ws there for criminy sakes! The lady talked to me too and I told her everything again then she said ok. thank you I will be in touch. Yea, she was in touch all right exactly one month later another knok on my door and it was her this time taking my son out of my arms kicking and screaming with my daughter following stating to me I am sorry It is judge ordered. I went balistic called my fience histerical and had to await my letter of trial. Another month went by and no answers I called evryday!. Finally, I get the letter of triel go to it and I am told my JUDGE AUTHOR MICHAEL BIRKEN from Ft. Lauderdale that I am being charged with neglect because I am the natural parent. What! I was not even there I was working to feed them! I had no earthly idea my own mother and the children’s Grandmother was going to hurt her Grandchildren. I enetered into a performence where I had to take and go to extensive classes, counseling you name it by God,I did it. March 26th of 1993 I went back to court with all certificates in my hand and my counselor there ready to release me and give her authorization to give my children back and what did I get some strange lady in another room thta was waiting
    to take my kids away for good. I was asked to come in to this room to sign the papers to take them home and this lady was there with my public pretender lawyer and papers of terminated parental rights. What the hell! I did not give my kids to this strange lady! What is going on I wsa told I was coming here to take them home where are they! They were never going to give them back instead they were adopted! I haven’t seen my son or daugter for fifteen years! I tried with everything to get that piece of crap judge de barred ,but no body would touch him with a ten foot pole. I do knoe he is one of those genious judges that puts the abused child or children back into the abused homed knwoing they are being abused. I know this for a fact because of the case in Miami many yars ago of a little boy named AJ Swarzt. He was being sevely abused my his step mom in his natural fathers home. The child’s mother and several neighbors testified to the abuse where neighbors actually saw the ppor boy eating naked out of a bowl dirctly next to a kitty litter box, cutting the grass with scissors,being punched in his face. Come on what did it have to take for this crooked black market baby stealing Judge wasn’t that enough testimonial for his. No, because AJ was found on his tenth birthday laying face down in a pool of blood DEAD with over twelve dozen bruises all over his body and a broken nose. I know this because I used to work with the child’s mother. The story is in the old magazine clippings dating back in the early 90’s at the Library.This Judge kept sending this boy back to the abuser knowing full well he was being just that until the poor baby was finally DEAD. I hope this peice of S— reaps the night mares he has caused people lives.

  • Stormie

    I think that whoever would hurt and innocent child like that should be tortured even worse than the kid has. I think that they should be beaten and burned to death, then thrown over a 50ft bridge then chopped into little peices and be thrown into the ocean to be eaten by the sharks… but that would still be too little of a punishment to us.

  • acs student

    these people who could hurt such innocient young children are sick and srry if this isn’t discreet, but they don’t deserve to live if they are ruining others lives in such horindous ways!!!!!!!!

  • bill

    wow now she deserves the chair crazy bitch same thing to the god damm united states goverment system of law

  • Laylee

    I may not no alot cause im only 12 but i know 6 months is tooo short i mean he could have died wht would happen then?? only 7 months of jail..thats just plain stupid that judge should be in jail and see his own kids get boiling water on them that is just insane im glad i live in a safe small borough call Lert its in the far far far west of canada…. Good luck little boy may god be with you threw what ever… “Carpe Diem”!!!

  • Andrea

    that judge is an idiot what moron who think child abuse is no big deal apparently the judge wat an idiot that freakiod mom should die and go 2 heil

  • Imran

    i agree with the judge. the mother acted over raw emotions and lost her self over the situation. if it happens again her child would be taken awaw from her..but till then its okay

  • arleana

    this is to Imram “YOU ARE AN IDIOT” you think its okay to let this mother abuse this child again. there is NO second chances for child abusers. God gave this horriable woman a wonderful gift from heaven and this is how she treats it. she should be put behind bars for a long time. you and the STUPID ass judge and anyone else that believes that its okay to abuse a child then be given the chance to do it again should be SMACKED.

  • Veronica

    IMRAN, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!? That kid has no right to be beaten and tortured! That vile fat whore so-called mom should be sentenced to death by lethal injection! As for the judge, he should be sacked for life! This site is for people that care about kids, not for people to spew garbage and definitely NOT FOR PEOPLE TO SUPPORT ONLY CHILD ABUSERS OVER THE VICTIMS!!!!!!!!! I fyou don’t like this site, Imran, just leave! You and that stupid heartless judge and that crazy pyscho bitch are either on the team or not, and if you’re not, MOVE ON AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off and screams at Imran for stupidity*

  • Veronica

    As for that bitch and that so-called judge, I wish I could get my hands on both of them. The chick likes pain? THEN I’LL GIVE HER SOME!!!!!!!!! As for the judge, if he likes child abuse, THEN I’LL GIVE HIM SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that poor kid gets adopted into a nicer home!

  • die sick bastards (that includes you judge). have you ever seen a “prevent child abuse commercail”? me neither. have you ever seen a “prevent animal abuse” comercail? hey so have i(twisted sick world)

  • No no no. Oh my god, please don’t let the child go back to his mother. Don’t do that to a child who’s probably scared to death of her! Oh god, that is just wrong! He should be adopted and undergo counselling, he doesn’t need to be tortured again! The next time, she will probably kill him. As for the judge: Hope you rot in hell and everyone like you.

  • Veronica

    I’m interested to see that sadistic pain-loving cow’s mugshot (sarcasm!); in fact, Shamia Lawson is a truly fat ugly bloated bitch that loves inflicting pain upon others. As fr that Judge, he actually cares more abut dogs than children…AND THAT FAT BITCH ACTUALLY FORGOT THAT SHE HAD A BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!!! WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • see these people that abuse there kids is realy stupid they should love them an not beat them if they is angrey hit a pillow r scream realy loud not abuse there kids

  • people r stupid because they beat on there kids for nuttin when they angrey they need to scream or punch a pillow r something not take it out on there kids an this judge should of took the kid an put him an a foster home

  • woooow only 6 months in jail that is not alot she should go i for life the kid should stay witha good mother an Not put up with that ugly brat abuser. She should naver get a child anybody who abuse a child she be happy they even have one cause some people enjoy haveing a child like me even though im 12 years ols that is redicous an mean an it is against the law to abuse a kid come forward if anybody abuse a child come forward dont hert a inasent kid. give them love dont make thewre life suck a hert them or kill them. WOOW

  • Kiko.Panda


  • Angela

    WTF, she may get that little boy back. OMG, What is wrong with that stupid Judge?????? OK seriously, since I do not live in the States…all of you who do live there, please, please send letters to the child protection agency where that bitch lives and plead with them to keep that boy away from her. I am sick thinking about what could happen to him, that hasn’t already been done. It only takes a few minutes to write something. It will be alot easier than what he will have to endure if he is allowed to go back with that creature. Please take 5 minutes, it will be well worth it.

  • The mothers name was Shamia. Do I really have to point out the probability of her being both black, poor, and crack addicted?

  • these f***in pplz are crazy how they just give her 6 monthsfor torturin a poor child f*** the government or whoever only gave her six months

  • Jocelyn

    it is disgunsting to see how many things are being done to these innocent children and yet the world does not care about them.
    funny to see how technology is advancing and yet as humans we are becoming worst than an animal. I believe an animal behaves even better than humans. all the attention has gone to power and money and we are losing the innocence of our children. Come on now really?? powerful countries are doing nothin to change the situtation of these children. Everyone is scared of death and hell but we are bringin it up to ourselves. there is no worst evil than this people. i have no right to wich death to anybody but i hope this people burn in hell and get to die over and over again and which for their pain to be ever lasting.

  • Jocelyn

    there is no justice people! the word justice doesnt exist!
    the government, the court everything out there are disguised as the the good samaritan coming to help you but they care less about these children. they wont do anything to help them unless there is a benefit for them. wether the government is republican or democrat we are still screwed. THe government and the countries do not give a shit about the poor nor the children. if they dont bring money to the state or country then they are technically useless. I dont wish death to anyone however these people make me so sick i wish them to die over and over again and for their pain to be ever lasting

  • Jennifer

    People, please pass a zero tolerance law for child abuse. Any kind of child abuse is unacceptable, And in most cases only gets worse. Put these child abusers in jail for life.

  • Izzy

    kill judge and mom i mean this is soooooooooo bad i thank god my parents are not like that WOW WOW WOW this judge is stupid and ihope that he gets on here and sees how hated he is same with the mom this is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alyssa

    That is crazy talk, that stupid woman should not just get 6 months for beating her 9 year old, she needs way longer, and i for sure don’t think that she should get her kid back. i thought it was best interested of tha child? now do you really think that would be tha best for that kid? i don’t think so, does he not have a daddy or another family member he could live with or even friends? well i think that she for sure should not get her kid back! that boy is never going to forget what happen and never forgive her, i sure as hell wouldn’t!! DO NOT GIVE THAT WOMAN THAT KID BACK!
    (Just what i think)

  • alyssa

    i don’t think that this woman should have just 6 months! i don’t know how long they can put a person away for beating their kid, but if it was up to be if would be for a few years or for live but in her case i would at least give her a few years and she would never get her kid back ever again!
    if someone is beating their kids they don’t need kids anyway! i mean really how could you do that to a little child? i”m only 18 years old and i don’t have any kids but i do have a little sister that is 7 and a brother that is 2 and as the older sister i don’t think i could lay one hand on those too. i’m yes there are days where you just want to hit them because they are your brother or sister but that is there job lol i could never do that to them ever!
    i mean i kicked my sister one day because she kicked and i felt so bad after i did it, i mean she never kicked me again but still i felt so bad and never did it again to her. So i don’t see how you could beat burn or anything like that to a little kid, expelled your own kid!

  • Chrissy

    Okay well this judge needs to be fired, because child abuse is the worst thing that is happening in this world and everyone knows it. and most people are getting away with it. That is horrible and this lady needs to be charged with a longer sentencing or seeing as someone put her name and where she lives on here i pretty sure if someone got pretty pissed about it would probably do the same thing to her… she needs a better punishment then just six months in jail.. and this judge needs to do his job!!!!!!

  • Chrissy

    and the child needs to be put in a safer home or child protective needs to get involved with it or something because PEOPLE ARE JUST RIDICULOUS!!

  • Emily teal

    🙂 I heard the judge was fired and will no longer have a job any were cuz every one hates him and the child taken away and her life ended no one likes her any more 🙂 🙁 their not dead!!!! >:(

  • Kali

    I’m sorry, but I hope someone knocks some sense into both the judge and the mother. I believe that in cases where children are being abused they should put GOOD MOTHERS as the judge. Then justice will be served. Things like this should get 10-20 years (or more) as jail time and a forever restraining order for that poor little boy so he never has to see that cruel abuser again. I hope this child is in a good foster home, with compassionate people who would never ever raise a finger to him in anger. He needs the reassurance that that will never happen to him again, and if the mother ever gets him back, sadly, he’ll never be reassured again.

  • maggie


  • jasmine

    THAT IS SO TERRIBLE. i can not believe that after all she did to that poor child, she might get him back!!!!! that’s a crime against the law!!!! that kind of treatment should NOT be allowed!! I PRAY TO GOD THAT SHE DOES NOT GET THIS CHILD BACK!!!!! I PRAY TO GOD THAT HE GOES TO A ORPHANAGE OR SOMETHING!! NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT!!!!! I HOPE THAT LITTLE BOY SURVIVES!!!!! THEY SHOULD NOT ALLOW THIS IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM!!!!!! IM ASTONISHED!!!!

  • jasmine

    THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!! I PRAY TO GOD THAT THAT POOR LITTLE BOY SURVIVES…… i hope to god he does… im so astonished!! that judge should RETHINK HIS JUDGEMENT!!!!!!! that’s so terrible!!!!! there are so many GOOD people out there that deserve children… but they can’t have them, AND SHE GETS TO KEEP HER’S AFTER DOING ALL THAT????????? THAT IS THE MOST TERRIBLE THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!! most people would get more time for stealing something!!!! This comes to prove just how fair the legal system is……… and why soooooo many people would LOVE TO CHANGE IT!!!!! i can’t believe she might actually get her child back!!!!!! THIS CHILD DESERVES AT LEAST A LITTLE JUSTICE, AND SHOULD NOT GO BACK TO A PERSON WHO BURNS HIM, AND ABUSES HIM. that child deserves someone who is a REAL PARENT AT HEART!!!!!!

  • jennOMG


  • Chelsea33

    this story is the most horrible thing I have heard in a long time. The way the judge handled the case was completely ridiculous. That woman should have got life with no parole or the death sentence. Child abuse is the most low and shallow thing you can do.

  • Brandy

    What I want to know is how I got my children taken for a dirty house but this woman who tortured her son gets to keep him according to the judge.I agree with the comment of putting good mothers as judges. How can a person do this to any child, let alone their own. How is it we have to have a license to drive but anyone can be a parent? People should be required to take parenting classes before having a baby.

  • Tammy

    It is really disguisting how grown adults can harm any defensless child, I wish that when any parent is found guilty of abusing their child is also ordered to have theirselves fixed so they can’t reproduced any more children to harm…I also think that the judicial system really needs great improvement, it’s sad to see that a person can get more jail time for pirated movies-music, or what have you (downloaded) from the computer than a person does from harming or killing their own child…come on, open your eyes…

  • its things like this that really make me doubt any kind of authority or God. I mean I understand the whole thing about it making a person stronger, but there are other ways to make someone strong mentally and physically.this is horrible I feel so sick and I wanna cry and I just wanna hold all of these poor children.

  • Heidi

    Oh dear Jesus. I cant believe that someone would do this! I will keep the kid in my prayers and i hope to God that the kid has a better life now!

  • AJ Quintana

    DAMN that “woman” and CURSE that “authority of the law”! This is ridiculous! Even in my conuntry she would get a harder punishment, and I may say the laws over here are not really “child-protecting”… Geez, unbelievable! He should hand over his right to exercise law! And she should be forced to endure 10 pots of boiling oil!! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN them!!!

  • Venus Ventura

    omg!!! and the Judge that gave her six months should be taken off the bench and both him and the mom should  get six  pots of boiling watar and  i threaten to beat them up if they get up and than have them walk on broken glass!!! than and only than would that poor little boy gets the Justice he deserves!!

  • This is messed up stuff ask yourself would you do that to anyone and if you say yes do it to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O and screw yoy

  • brenda

    i think the mom and judge should have the same thing done to them and worse.