8 month old baby weighs over 40 lbs

The irony is in the comments of the cited source, when a person complains about how much junk food this baby must be consuming, when in actuality, he is being breastfed — 20 times a day!!!

An eight-month-old baby boy in Jilin, Northeast China has tipped the scales at over three stone.

Weighing 18.8 kg (41 pounds) and measuring 78 centimeters in height, he was born with a normal birth weight of 3.3 kg (7 pounds 4 oz).

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  • AnjellicT

    This is why i only allow my 3 year old daughter to eat healthy foods. If any one item contains more than 100 callories 9 out of 10 times I wont let her eat it. She dosnt eat greasy foods. And her drinks consist of Apple juice 1%milk and water. shes very healthy very happy and very very active! I suggest all paret should cut out the Mcdonalds and all the other fast foods they are givin. I work at mcd. And it sickens me how parent can just give their toddlers(under3) double cheese burgers soda and french fries all in one sitting. dbl burger contains 440 callories french frys(med) are 350. 790 callories in just one meal……gross! Its not the kids faults its the adults. Grow up and feed ur kids right so they can be healthy!