Heinous child abusers charged

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A couple charged with some of the most horrific abuse I have ever read about will hopefully give this boy the justice he deserves. At 13, he was locked in the attic, starved and beaten so badly he had damage to major organs. There were several other children in the family that went unharmed, at least physically. This is a glimpse into a strange phenomena in which evil bastards will single out one child to abuse.

Just horrible and so incredibly sad…

A Houston couple was charged Friday with the starvation and abuse of a 13-year-old boy they kept locked in their attic, MyFoxHouston reported.

Geneva Foster, the boy’s mother, and Michael Ryan, his stepfather, were arrested and charged with felony injury to a child for keeping the boy locked in a closet or attic without food, MyFoxHouston reported.


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  • what is with some of these moms, turning on their own flesh and blood chilren, the dads too who turn on their own flesh and blood children? They get married to their so call true love, they have a precious baby later on, they love that baby with every bit of their emotions,heart,they protect them, then all of a sudden they divorce,meet someone else, get married or just live togeather. Did they love their children, or did they just care for each other for a while? The step-parent mom or dad moves in real quick and changes things all around.

  • notaryheidi

    Speaking of real quick Leah…….. you seem real quick to place judgment on something you have no clue about. You are basing your thoughts on what the media has ” blown ” up. I know both of these people personally as well as all the kids. None of those kids were neglected. The son had a liver disease which mind you was documented and that is why he was so little. None of those kids were deprived; if anything, they had more then what most kids have ( including food wise )…..

    Too bad you don’t have anything else to do but ridacule something you have no clue about…. if your so much in wanting to help why don’t u go buy some food and feed it to the needy….. perhaps doing a good deed will help you.


  • I callout liars.

    It’s funny how people pretend to know the family who did this. Like the liar above me.
    Gtfo because you fail. Learn to spell before you call out something.