Toddler on sex tape found, now 7 years old…

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Mystery girl, Madison, was found last night as tips came pouring into a Nye County law enforcement hot-line. Still, many questions remain as the then 3 year old victim, now age 7, was not immediately brought to law enforcement’s attention by her mother as the case and her photo were so highly publicized. Also, the fact that the mother said she knew nothing about the abuse raises some doubt as the police had observed and spoken about the look on the toddlers face as she was being raped, was as though she had been through this kind of torture many times before.

Police are now questioning the mother and trying to find the offender. And appropriately disturbing — the suspects name is Chester (the molester) Arthur Stiles.

They gave the media a first name for the girl, whose haunting face could be seen in the video in which she was raped. They also released a photograph of her.

The plan worked. On Friday, the girl was found safe in Las Vegas and a fugitive who knew her family was named a suspect in the case, authorities said.


“She looks like a very happy 7-year-old girl,” Nye County sheriff’s Detective David Boruchowitz said at a news conference late Friday.

The girl, who was 3 when the tape was made, was with relatives and sheriff’s officials, he said.

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  • Mislav

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