Bringing sexy pregnancy back.

By Kristen Chase
While sexualizing moms into MILFs has definitely become a questionable trend, the idea of turning a pregnant woman into a seductive stripper has presumably yet to be introduced outside of the members-only sex sites.

Until now.

Yesterday afternoon I received an email about the new HOTMilk Lingerie commercial that features pregnant model and actress Kim Scott knocking down vases, lamps, and everything in the path of her belly as she strips down to her sexy bra and panties with her curious partner watching.

In some ways, it’s not a stretch. Many pregnant women articulate that sex, usually during the second and early third trimester, is pretty damn hot  -- sometimes even hotter than without the bump. And their partners are often not shy in showing their appreciation for the growing belly and pregnant glow.

But most often, this occurs within the confines of the bedroom, so the public acknowledgment of a pregnant woman as a horny, sexually dominant person is surprising and perhaps disconcerting to many people. And that’s just want this New Zealand based company with a reputation for pushing the boundaries is trying to do. 

And it’s not surprising that their previous ad campaigns have been defined as “soft porn,” even though their models are strikingly more clothed than some of the women you would see on mainstream magazines that are readily accessible at your local grocery store.

Moms have long been de-sexualized by society, with only the recent introduction of "MILF" giving moms the sexual admiration that they may not necessarily want -- at least not from a bunch of frat boys -- but definitely deserve.

Just because you’ve got a kid attached to your boob doesn’t mean you’ve lost your mojo.

But if society has trouble seeing moms as sexual beings, then it’s really not surprising that moms-to-be sporting the bump and that special “glow” have been deemed completely off limits. 

Perhaps it’s because the pregnant belly screams “taken” and therefore society as a whole views her as off-limits or because when you bang a preggo, you’re precariously close to her baby. And considering that the thought of having another person, particularly a very little one, present during the love making  makes the partners nervous, it makes sense that most people (normal ones, anyway) would feel uncomfortable about fantasizing about a preggo.

That is not anyone’s idea of a threesome.

However, that doesn’t mean that pregnant women aren’t hot and sexy. It just means that they have not yet had the pleasure of being turned into a sexual object by society. And really, maybe that’s a good thing. It’s nice to know that certain things -- or people, in this case -- are still sacred.

But outside of the somewhat forced shock factor, what this commercial does do is remind pregnant women that they can still be a sexual goddess even though they may be feeling like a Buddha.

Granted, you may not look like Kim Scott, who was probably knocking down the lamps and vases with her breasts and not her belly.

But the idea that pregnant women have not lost their libido and are not relegated to having sex in the dark so that they can hide their gigantic wind sock underpants and ugly maternity bras is a welcome change to the dialogue about mothers -- not necessarily for the men folk out there, who are generally not known for being particularly picky about what their spouse is wearing. But rather, for all the pregnant women out there who thought they had to wait until they could fit back into their old underwear to get their sexy back. 

See what all the fuss is about in the video below:

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Kristen Chase left a job as a college music professor for her current career as stay-at-home-mother of four. When she's not perusing the local adult bookstores and foot fetish websites, she is the publisher and CEO of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech, and writes on her personal blog, Motherhood Uncensored, as well as various other online outlets. Her book, The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex, was published in 2010.


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