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If you're wondering what it takes to be a Mominatrix, check out our "I'm a Mominatrix" interviews with some of the hottest moms on the internet who were willing to share the secret to their sex-cess. Apparently you don't need to be a leather wearing, whip carrying maven to be a Mominatrix, after all. These ladies have their own special ways of making sure their libidos know whose boss.

Featured Mominatrix: Laura Scarborough

Laura's life is a circus with a darling husband, five active clowns at all ages and stages, a new grand-daughter who is the most amazing toddler ever, two goofy dogs, a bitch~kitty who tolerates her because she is the one who cleans the litter box. She works in a level III NICU caring for the tiniest of patients and their families This is her juggling adventure which she regularly writes about at Adventures in Juggling.

What makes you a "Mominatrix?"

Yes I am a mom but I am so much more than a mom and I was so much more before I became a mom. But after becoming a mom I gained something that I never really had and that was confidence in my own skin, in my own self and in my own sexuality. That makes me, in my opinion, attractive which makes me even more attractive to my husband. I know there was an attraction, beauty and sexiness there before because my darling husband always told me that before I had kids. I just never saw it or felt it in myself. But something clicked after I birthed that first baby and adjusted to life after baby. I looked in the mirror and suddenly I saw that which turned my hubs on...and after I saw it, I seemed to turn him on all the more...which is probably why we continued to breed more.
How do you feel about the term "MILF?"

I have to admit I feel a little awkward about it. A couple years ago I actually overheard one of my 1st born's old boyfriends comment to my daughter that I was "hot." "Ew!", I thought almost at the same time she said it out loud. At the risk of sounding a little full of myself, it's nice to know that I am perceived as hot but at the same time my daily goal is not to turn on all the guys. My goal is to keep just one guy all hot and bothered.
How has "sexy" changed since you've become a mother?

I'm a lot less inhibited. Not in the wild, monkey sex while we swing from the chandeliers type. On second thought... No, actually I am a lot less inhibited with my body. I know what it is capable of so I just relax and enjoy what it can do.
How has motherhood affected your sex life?

There is a lot more planning, setting the mood, getting the kids taken care of and a lot of quickies as in "Hey! All the kids are gone, let's get busy!" I wish I could say it is easier to find time to hook up and enjoy one another more as the kids get older but it isn't. The added challenge is they know what you're doing and in their oh-so-wise-adolescent way they aren't afraid to voice their opinion as in "Ew! Gross!" I guess they are still at that age where they like to imagine that mom and dad only hooked up say the number of times I have been pregnant. Anything more, well, it's gross.
What's a simple sexy tip (or tips) that you can share with other moms?

Relax! Really. When I stopped worrying about the way my body changed after having all those babies and just trust that my man was still turned on since he is still chasing after me, it just made sex all the more fun.

The other thing is be open to dating your partner, sneaking away even for a walk around the block to the park where you can hold hands and even make out. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just make time to get away no matter how brief, no matter how cheap, once a week without crying babies, whiny toddlers or teenagers. It reminds you how much you enjoy spending time with that man of yours even if he drives you crazy.
Your sexiest body part?

Definitely my booty. It's what caught my hubs' eye before we first met and it still does...especially thanks to the Shred and Tiarathon training.
What accessory or piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

Anything silky. I seriously try to always wear silky, satiny panties even under my surgical scrubs at work or my schlumpiest sweats. But I have to add that this last year I have given up mostly on the frumpy, schlumpy clothes. Even if I am just hanging around the house, shuttling kids, looking after my grand daughter or scrubbing toilets I try to wear jeans that look nice on me (remember my butt?) and a nice top. After dropping weight and inches with the 30 day shred, I decided I should dress to impress me, and in turn, to impress my man. If I like how I look in the mirror at the beginning of the day he is certain to notice and like what he sees too which means fun for the both of us.
Any special tricks (ahem)?

There is nothing like a nice warm bubble bath for two. It's relaxing. It's very sexy. It's good clean fun. I am certain that is why the builder put that big-assed tub in the master bath.

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