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If you're wondering what it takes to be a Mominatrix, check out our "I'm a Mominatrix" interviews with some of the hottest moms on the internet who were willing to share the secret to their sex-cess. Apparently you don't need to be a leather wearing, whip carrying maven to be a Mominatrix, after all. These ladies have their own special ways of making sure their libidos know whose boss.

Featured Mominatrix: Lorraine Sanabria Robertson

Lorraine Sanabria Robertson is an author, nationally published freelance writer and social media enthusiast. Her work has appeared in various publications including Heart and Soul, Upscale and Teen People magazines. She frequently pens parenting, marriage, travel and other lifestyle stories. She is co-owner of The BlogRollers Media, a digital media consulting company and is creator of the blog, AskWifey.com. In March 2009 she was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Great Cruises: Why Not The Mediterranean?” television show.

What makes you a "Mominatrix?"

My attitude. I wish it was my body, ahem, but it’s definitely my attitude. Keeping sex alive in your mind and your marriage is so important when you’re a mom. So many things change after babies – your body, your time, your priorities – but you have to hold on to your inner “Mominatrix” and conjure her up often.

How do you feel about the term "MILF?"

Are you kidding? It’s what I live for … the highest honor for a true “Mominatrix.”

How has "sexy" changed since you've become a mother?

Sexy seemed to be on hiatus for me once I had my kids. Immediately after having my children it was a struggle at first to even think about having sex – thank goodness that feeling didn’t last. When you’re a mom, your time is not always your own. The biggest change for me was adjusting to that, and some of the other changes that happen physically to your body – I’m still working on rediscovering my stomach. Keeping a positive attitude and embracing your sensuality is key for me. Having a handsome husband helps, too!

How has motherhood affected your sex life?

Motherhood tried to sabotage my sex life but I decided not to let it. I’m not sure if it’s motherhood or if I’m just getting old, but as time goes on I feel wiser, more confident and with that comes an air of sexiness.

What's a simple sexy tip (or tips) that you can share with other moms?

Sometimes, alright, often you’re just not feeling sexy, right? But if you do simple things like shave your legs and your bikini line; put on some flattering lingerie (baby doll tops do wonders covering up baby pooches); and plan a special night for you and your husband it can really change your attitude. Toys and props can help and little things like painting your toes hot red. Find what makes you feel sexy and don’t be afraid to do it.

Your sexiest body part?

My shoulders, maybe my feet, or my breast in a GOOD push up bra.

What accessory or piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

Definitely a push up bra or a fun piece of lingerie with under wire support – my kids killed my boobs – but they look great with a little help from the right bra.

Any special tricks (ahem)?

Step out of your comfort zone (but stay safe and in sync with your spouse). Take a pole or chair dancing class. Read an erotic book. Shop for some fun toys. Make the effort to make sex a priority in your relationship then eventually the feeling will come naturally. And, if it doesn’t at least you’re having a really good time.

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