I'm a Mominatrix

If you're wondering what it takes to be a Mominatrix, check out our "I'm a Mominatrix" interviews with some of the hottest moms on the internet who were willing to share the secret to their sex-cess. Apparently you don't need to be a leather wearing, whip carrying maven to be a Mominatrix, after all. These ladies have their own special ways of making sure their libidos know whose boss.

Featured Mominatrix: Kelly Wickham

Kelly Wickham has written her blog, Mocha Momma, for over four years and still can't say the word "blog" without giggling. She is an assistant principal at a Midwestern high school and longs for the day when her students don't sag their pants. However, she is more concerned with whether or not they can read. She's the single mom of four children ages 14 through 23 and can't say no to salsa, really funky R & B music, or gourmet food that someone else cooks for her.

What makes you a "Mominatrix?"

I’ve been a mom for a really long time. My oldest will be 24 this year and since I was a teen parent I didn’t have time to figure out what I was supposed to know about being a grown woman who enjoys sex. So many of my friends are irritated with sex that I’ve come to think I might be the only one who likes it.

How do you feel about the term "MILF?"

Secretly, I like it but professionally I’m supposed to be smart enough to hate that word. It’s a compliment that comes at you in such a way that makes you resentful and flattered all at once.

How has "sexy" changed since you've become a mother?

At 15 I didn’t think I was sexy, but I thought that I wouldn’t “be” sexy until my 30s when I knew myself better and understood what that word meant.

How has motherhood affected your sex life?

It’s made me really good at figuring out when the best time to have sex is. Anytime the kids aren’t around.

What's a simple sexy tip (or tips) that you can share with other moms?

Lip licking. It does wonders when you’re flirting. It’s never failed me.

Your sexiest body part?

My hands.

What accessory or piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

These yoga pants that my boyfriend calls my Black Girl Booty Pants. Or BGBP for short. He can’t keep his hands off my butt when I wear them.

Any special tricks (ahem)?

Learn what your partner likes and then practice doing that until you’re expert at it. Everyone wants their partner to work hard for them.

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