I'm a Mominatrix

If you're wondering what it takes to be a Mominatrix, check out our "I'm a Mominatrix" interviews with some of the hottest moms on the internet who were willing to share the secret to their sex-cess. Apparently you don't need to be a leather wearing, whip carrying maven to be a Mominatrix, after all. These ladies have their own special ways of making sure their libidos know whose boss.

Featured Mominatrix: Cecily Kellogg

Cecily blogs at "Uppercase Woman". She doesn't really consider herself a mommy blogger, but every else does. Cecily blogs about life, politics, her fondness for vampire fiction, being sober and her unusual spirituality, among other less interesting things. She also swears constantly, has no intention of stopping, and is looking forward to many parent/teacher conferences as a result.

What makes you a "Mominatrix?"

Iím not. Iím totally submissive. Heh.

How do you feel about the term "MILF?"

UmÖ disconnected? Itís not a term that I think gets applied to me a lot, frankly. I work from home, so Iím not particularly MILFy in my day-to-day. Except to my husband. Iím always a MILF to him.

But this one time? Like a year ago? I was coming home from getting my hair done and the dude at the fast-food drive thru window asked for my number. I felt totally MILFy in that very moment.

How has "sexy" changed since you've become a mother?

You know, Iím not sure the mother thing effected my perception of my own sexiness as much as my infertility struggles did. The five years of infertility treatments, the sickness from the treatments, the fact that I had to restrict my exercise + the comfort eating I did after I lost my twin boys at six months pregnant Ė all of that THAT effected my identity as ďsexyĒ more than anything else.

Once I finally had my daughter, the whole desire to be sexy kind of vanished as I simply basked in the joy of being a mom, and having this perfect and adorable baby in my life. I didnít think much about sex or being sexy at all. I had an emergency c-section because I had a severe placental abruption so there was a fair amount of physical healing to be done, then there was the nursing for 21 months thingÖ itís only been in this last year, honestly, since about 2003, that my body has even felt like it belonged to me again.

So now, and only now, am I really working on loving my body again, and forgiving it for everything thatís happened in the last six years Ė and honestly, the quickest road to feeling sexy for me is loving myself and my body.

How has motherhood affected your sex life?

As I said, the whole infertile/pregnant/loss/infertile/pregnant/emergency surgery thing left me with a deep distrust of my body, and a large emotional disconnect from my body. This has led to a trickling down of almost NO sex life. In our last big fight, my husband even tossed the word ďroommatesĒ at me in a very effective attempt to make it clear that the lack of sex was not acceptable.

Weíve both committed this year to really fighting to get back that intimacy and connection.

What's a simple sexy tip (or tips) that you can share with other moms?

I do have a blog post about how to give blow jobs.

Your sexiest body part?

My husband says my mouth. My eyes would be up there too. My tits are also rather massive and pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself.

What accessory or piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

My big hoop earrings. Eyeliner.

Any special tricks (ahem)?

Dude, I give the best blow jobs in the world. Seriously, I am legendary. My exes still have support meetings they miss them so much. Ha! 

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