I'm a Mominatrix

If you're wondering what it takes to be a Mominatrix, check out our "I'm a Mominatrix" interviews with some of the hottest moms on the internet who were willing to share the secret to their sex-cess. Apparently you don't need to be a leather wearing, whip carrying maven to be a Mominatrix, after all. These ladies have their own special ways of making sure their libidos know whose boss.

Featured Mominatrix: Christine Koh

Christine Koh is a music and brain scientist turned freelance writer, editor, and designer. She is the founder and editor of Boston Mamas, the designer behind Posh Peacock, and writes a personal blog at Pop Discourse. She resides in the Boston area with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. She tweets about it all at @bostonmamas.

What makes you a "Mominatrix?"

I cannot feign to be half (okay, maybe a quarter) as adventurous as the Mominatrix, but I do wholeheartedly embrace the Mominatrix perspective that you should, in fact, have sex after kids. And that it should be fun, not simply viewed as a chore or a means to reproduce.

How do you feel about the term "MILF?"

I must admit that the term MILF makes me twitch a bit (perhaps it's my puritanical New England roots coming into play...), but I love -- and yes, want to embody -- the idea of being a sexy and desirable mom. And on the topic of desirable moms: even if you don’t necessarily want to aspire to be a MILF, please burn the mom jeans. Stat.

How has "sexy" changed since you've become a mother?

I mean this in the most positive way possible: I think becoming a mother has altered the bar for sexy. Sexy used to be about fancy dates, imaginative and endless foreplay, and all sorts of things we just don't have time for these days. Now I find that I adore and am so grateful for "basic sexy" -- seeing my husband in a particular pair of jeans, a simple yet thoughtful romantic gesture, a foot rub, etc. Also, my husband deserves enormous props for always being accepting of and loving towards my person -- before, during, and after pregnancy. I'm glad I locked that guy down.

How has motherhood affected your sex life?

Hands down, my boobs. I nursed Laurel for 13 months and then shrunk down and lost my perfect, perky boobs. Jon doesn't care but I still don't feel comfortable with them, which is rather sad. Perhaps I need to talk to my shrink about that.

What's a simple sexy tip (or tips) that you can share with other moms?

Be impulsive. Yes, it's not always convenient, but if you are experiencing a moment of smolder , ACT ON IT. There's truly nothing sexier than expressing desire and being desired.

Your sexiest body part?


What accessory or piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

Tall shoes (as my 5-year-old calls them). I've always wanted long stems but it just ain't in these Korean cards. Heels always make me feel long legged and sexy.

Any special tricks (ahem)?

It's so very simple, but a kiss on the back of the neck and some ear nibbles are remarkably powerful.

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