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Five ways to spruce up your vag for spring

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With the season's change, you'll find no shortage of helpful spring cleaning how-tos. Declutter your closet! Scrub your shower! Mop your floor so your husband can eat you off of it! Cleanliness is next to godliness, you know, and with all the naughtiness you've been up to in your bedroom, you probably need all the […]

Give your vagina some damn respect.

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Since having child #2, sex has been rather uncomfortable. The weird part is that #2 was a failed VBAC, so in theory, everything ought to be hunky dory down there. I labored with both kids, but since I didn’t reach a pushing stage. Nevertheless, my perineum is sore so we have to be careful about […]

Sesame Street should stick to the basics.

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Several weeks ago, Sesame Street decided to pull a skit starring the bubble gum pop star Katy Perry, best known for kissing a girl, liking it, and then singing about it in a pair of spandex hot pants, and Elmo, a furry red monster best known for singing about himself in the third person with […]

Make sex a priority.

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You’ll find no shortage of parents asking the Mominatrix the same damn question "How do I spice things up in the bedroom?"   Short answer: Buy The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex and leave it on your nightstand.   But honestly, in some cases it really only takes a little flick of that wrist and a […]

How do I help my wife with her low sex drive?

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Dear Mominatrix: My wife is a beautiful mother of 2 who says she has no sex drive- zero. What can I do to help? I tell her how beautiful she is? I tell her she’s the only woman I fantasize about. I listen to her/ we’re great friends — I just want to help her […]

Mominatrix makes the most of those hot pregnancy dreams

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Most women are more than happy to trade in the sometimes endearing but mostly annoying symptoms of pregnancy. Of course, there’s always that one freakish mom whose body somehow found its zen state at around 32 weeks and makes it her mission to proclaim her love of the beautifully bloated baby body any time she […]

Too hot to be a mom?

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Recently, the Mominatrix interviewed a celebrity, during which he commented that she was "too hot to be a mom." At face value, the comment was pretty flattering. After having a few kids, heck, even just one, it doesn’t take a celebrity offering some sort of flattering remark about one’s appearance to make them quietly orgasm. […]

Itty Bitty vs. Teeny Weeny

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For years, women have complained about being superficially judged by men based on their breast size. Down with the sexist, chauvinist who declares his disinterest in itty-bitty titties.   Cue bra burning, hair pulling, and huge bills at plastic surgeons everywhere. Yes, right, sorry. The boobs are totally for you and not your boob-obsessed spouse. […]

Mental Orgasms for Moms

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In a recent interview, inimitable Lady Gaga was quoted as saying she can give herself an orgasm without anything but her mind. "I love sex. You know, sense memory is a powerful thing. I can give myself an orgasm just by thinking about it." The idea that a woman can give herself mental self pleasure […]

Why the world needs Mominatrix

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The irony of writing a sex column and sex book for parents is that there’s a good chance it won’t reach the moms who really need to read it. That’s because according to a recent Harvard research study, of the 40% of women who identify having sex problems, only 12% actually seek help.   Now, […]