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Tips for a Valentine's Day date night makeover.
I want to look amazing for a Valentine’s Day evening out with my husband, I think he has forgotten what I look like without grey sweatpants and a ponytail! How do I knock his socks off with a glamorous look? You need to pull out all the stops right? Here is what... read more

Writing the book on makeup; Halloween makeup for kids; Removing temporary tattoos
It's officially October people. And ya know what I just did? Painted my toes black. Well, not actually black, but Russian Navy from OPI. It's a dark sparking (subtle) navy color that looks almost purple-black in the... read more

NYC Beauty & Style: A Shopping Tour of the City in 64,937 Steps.
(Yes, I have a pedometer to prove it.) Here I am at one of the Sheratons in New York City. I chose to stay here because the Sheraton reminds me fondly of my childhood. It might have... read more

Makeup and Sex -- Whatever Makes You Blush
I have to say, my column this week is inspired by my friend Kristen of Mominatrix fame. This idea came to me while I was doing her radio show in Chicago at Blogher 07. We attempted to relate sex... read more

BlogHer '07 - Beauty & Style Wrapup
My oldest daughter told me today, when I was doing her doll’s hair, in elaborate pin curls, that “Wow, Mom, you are quite a fashionista!” Where did she even hear that... read more

Dealing with an unexpected short haircut and summer hair care tips.
I went to my stylist, and wanted a trim. I did not get a trim. It’s beyond short at the moment. The poor girl actually cut my neck with her scissors.  People say it looks cute, but I am a little freaked. My makeup isn’t looking right at the moment. What can I do to compliment... read more

Getting ready in a hurry.
No time! No Time! There's never any time! Remember that scene from "Mommie Dearest" when Faye Dunaway, who was brilliant as Joan Crawford by the way, is screaming bloody murder at her... read more

My bikini line is on fire! Also, lip gloss hating husbands and fresh fragrance fun
I have a serious problem. My bikini line is on fire! I have to shave everyday in order to be bathing suit presentable, and for some reason I keep getting horrible razor burn. What can I do? ... read more

A coffee fix without the caffeine; lipstick news
I love coffee…love it, love it, love it, love it. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, how can I get my coffee fix without actually drinking any of it? ... read more

Sunscreen is our friend.
ODE TO SUNSCREEN - My True Friend   Oh, Sunscreen! How I love you so! You do so much for me that you will never know How your SPF of at least 30 protects me from the UVA And UVB rays So that my skin won’t... read more

DIY Summer Beauty Guide -- Second Edition: Sunless tanning
As I covered last week, us moms need some help when trying to fit summer beauty maintenance into our hectic warm weather schedules. Here are some more helpful, easy DIY tips to help get by until the kids are back in school! DIY SELF TANNING  ... read more

DIY Summer Beauty Guide -- First Edition
Who has the time or money to head off to the spa for an entire day to get buffed, waxed, and polished to shiny perfection before you expose your entire body during the summer sun season? I know that after a long, hard winter wearing boots and all, my tootsies just aren’t that cute anymore. Overgrown... read more

Laundry mishaps and summer sundresses.
Yesterday, I managed to wash a tube of red-tinted lip balm along with an entire load of nice clothing. Help! I have red, greasy splotches all over my clothes, not to mention that my husband is ticked because some of his stuff took a hit, too. Is there anything I can do to get it out? ... read more

Summer makeup tips.
I hate wearing a lot makeup in the summer, but I still want to look nice when I am out and about with my kids. Can you give me some tips for hot weather beauty? Summer... read more

Facial massages and tackling gray hair.
I am starting to see quite a few grey hairs peeking through my naturally brunette hair. I’m only 32, is it too early to start coloring them? You know what I... read more

This week: organic beauty.
When I hear the term "organic beauty," I immediately think of the words “crunchy beauty” and it conjures up images of tree-hugging. To me, "organic beauty" sounds... read more

GABA info, the right nail polish color, and seasonal trends
Q: I have a style question for my favorite fashionista: What nail polish color are we supposed to be wearing now? Dark? What is around the corner for summer? Inquiring minds want to know!   ... read more

Motherís Day gift guide -- beauty and style edition.
I don’t know about you, but I really expect my husband to pony up for Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because I had both of my girls shortly before Mother’s Day, so after a grueling 24 hour labor the first time, and a botched epidural the second time, just by bringing them both into... read more

Makeup for men?
My husband is a doctor and is getting his picture taken for a brochure at his office. The problem is that his skin is super oily and I don’t want him to look like a greasy, shiny mess in the picture. Is it OK if I just powder his nose and forehead a bit? I’m not sure he will let me,... read more

Applying eyeliner, the shrinking pores myth, thicker lashes, and the Fifis!
I am all thumbs when it comes to applying eyeliner. Any tips on how to get the perfectly defined eye? My line always comes out kind of crooked. Applying eyeliner the right way takes a little practice. First, make sure you have a liner that isn’t dried out so that... read more

This week: Free gifts, matching toenail polish, and stretch marks.
Which cosmetic company first came up with the idea for the “Free Gift with Purchase” or, what I call, “the only time I ever buy any department store makeup?” This is up for debate because more than one cosmetics company claims they came up with... read more

Your beauty horoscope.
So, how did I come up with a “beautastic” horoscope for each sign? Well, I looked into my big blue crystal ball and abracadabra! Poof! Well, the truth is that I don’t really have any of that fortune telling crap, but I took a general quality of each horoscope sign and interpreted a... read more

Mineral makeup, lip gloss with staying power, Carmen Electra's embarrassing moment
I have slightly oily skin and have found that liquid foundation often "slides" off by mid-day. I've been interested in the various mineral powder foundations that I’ve seen advertised, but I'd love to know from a more impartial source if and how they work. ... read more

Skin care for dads, stylish baby bags, and a fix for stained nails.
My husband’s skin is a mess; dry and dull, but he won’t use any fancy, girly skincare products. Are there any good “manly man” skincare lines that won’t make him feel too metrosexual?     ... read more

This week: dealing with stingy cosmetic samples, celebrity fragrances, Brazilian waxing and puffy eyes.
Why are saleswomen in the cosmetics aisle of department stores so stingy with samples? I just want to sample a moisturizer and they act as if I am asking for their first born child! How do I let them know I am sincerely interested in trying a product before I buy? Well,... read more

Permanent eyeliner, blush techniques, discontinued makeup colors, and the next hot idea in skincare.
I find it very tiring to do a full face of makeup everyday, so I am hoping to skip a step by getting my eyes done with some permanent eyeliner, what do you think? Needles near your eyes!! Needles near YOUR EYES!! That’s all that I need to know to dissuade anyone... read more

What makeup products do you *really* need, and the beauty challenge of the week.
Whenever I venture out into the aisles of the cosmetic counters it seems like there are a million products. I have no idea what most of them are used for.  For example, do I really need a makeup primer? As a Beauty Editor, I get a lot of questions about cosmetic... read more

Common makeup mistakes.
My sister-in-law was over the other day and made a comment about my eye shadow. She said that “women of a certain age” should not wear shimmery shadows. I’m only 32! Should I not wear it? Are there any other mistakes I could be making? First of all, your... read more

This week: Lipstick! Featuring an interview with lipstick queen Poppy King.
This week I am bringing you a special feature on the comeback of lipstick, starting with an interview with the color comeback Queen herself - Poppy King! You know you probably have... read more

This week: Beauty tips for busy moms, brittle nails and hat head.
I just had a baby, and between feeding, clothing, and changing her a million times a day I can’t seem to get myself looking presentable. Help!     I know the feeling. Right after my first daughter was born, I felt like I had been pummeled by a steam... read more

This week: it's all about great lashes.
This week it’s all about the lashes and the favorite product in my makeup case, mascara. I had my first brush with the stuff when my Aunt put some on me. I was only four, and I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how different it made my face look. I kept looking in the mirror and batting my... read more

This week: makeup and beauty tips for tweens and teens
My daughter is raring to wear makeup. She’s always digging through my makeup drawer, begging to put on just a little. The problem is that she is only 11! Should I let her wear some, and how much? If I were you, the best thing you can do is indulge her a little. If you... read more

This week: makeup brush care, Oprah, maintaining baby's skin, and mom spa etiquette
I received some great new makeup brushes from Origins this year. They are synthetic, but super soft. I know they were expensive so I want to make sure to take good care of them so that they last and last. You made some recommendations previously; do those rules apply to... read more

This week: Party, party, party!
This week is all about how to party, party, party and look good doing it! I mean how often do we, as parents, really get to go out for a night on the town? So, if you are headed out for New Year’s Eve this year, these tips will surely get you in the mood! I have read somewhere... read more

Mother Magnetism's Top 10 Buzz-Worthy Beauty Products of 2006!
How I just love all the “end of the year” wrap-ups. You know, like who was hot in 2006, what were the top destinations spots, top newsmakers, etc., the kinds of lists that are in all the December issues of the magazines? My favorite lists though are the ones that feature beauty products or... read more

This week: budget friendly beauty gifts, cellulite creams, and gentle cleansers
I am definitely splurging on my sister and getting her a Sephora train case per your suggestion, but could you suggest a few more budget-friendly items in the $10-15 dollar gift range? There are lots of great beauty items or stocking stuffers in the $10-15 range. Luckily,... read more

This week: Beauty gift ideas, expensive makeup, and flat irons.
What are some beauty gift ideas that aren’t your standard, boring makeup gift sets? Beauty gifts are my favorite! It’s very simple to find something for all the makeup mavens out there, but you have to think outside the gloss a bit.  I’ll call it the... read more

This week: overplucking, early morning perfection, perms, and the beauty challenge of the week
I went a little crazy with the tweezers and over-plucked my brows. Now I look like Cruella DeVille! Did you ever notice how all the Disney villainesses always have little skinny eyebrows?! Will they ever come back and what can I do in the meantime? Help! Put down the tweezers... read more

This week: thin lip solutions, an easy homemade spa recipe, and dealing with beauty products and the TSA.
Q: My lips are thin, should I use lip liner to draw them bigger?    No! No! No!  Just the other day I was leafing through a magazine and I saw a picture of Kathy Ireland in an advertisement. I guess she’s a big brand name now with her million dollar-making... read more

Answers on teeth whitening, body lotion, and is it time to ditch the old makeup?
Q: Ever since I had my first child, sleep seems like a faraway memory. I have been hitting the coffee hard in the morning. I have noticed that now my teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, how can I make them whiter? I know how you feel. My four-year-old actually... read more

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