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I Am Not a Bad Mommy
Dispelling the evils of formula feeding.
By Victoria Clayton Munn
“Are you planning to breastfeed or bottle feed?” I was asked this question in the OB's office around my sixth month of pregnancy, and my first response was a sigh. I had pondered this question almost from my baby's conception, and thought I had come to the right conclusion. “I'm going to use formula.” The doctor looked at me and without hesitation asked, “Why?”. Arrgh. Wasn't my answer good enough? Did I need to justify? I explained that I was on an antidepressant, Paxil, and that I'd done the research, I didn't want to chance it being passed into my breastmilk. The OB... read more

I'm THAT Parent
Mrs. Keller? Could you come pick up your son?
By Dana Keller
I’ve lost sleep for many nights now, waking up in the middle of the night, worried about the... read more

Dating the Preschool Parents
What should I wear?
By Juliet Johnson
I wanted my son Nathan to have friends. Whom he likes, I must like. Nathan would do anything to have... read more

My Super *Bleep* Sixteen
By Cyn Vela
I am watching MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen", as a girl sneers and gripes her way through... read more

The No-Fear Option
Just wait 'til your father gets home!
By Mark Montgomery
“You just wait ‘til your father gets home!” All the moms in my neighborhood... read more

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Parenting Outside the Razor Wire
What happens when parents are separated by a prison sentence?
By Sandra Ray
Single parents can face some difficult parenting decisions in part because they do not have someone to share parenting responsibilities. Having someone to “share the load” helps decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and reinforce ideas that what the parent is doing is beneficial to a child’s long-term growth and development. What happens, though, when parents are separated by a prison sentence? Essentially, the parent “outside the razor wire” becomes a single parent with only intermittent input into the decisions that parents need to make every day when it comes to raising their children. The 2004 prison population report released by the U.S. Justice Department indicates there are approximately... read more

A Call to Arms and Breasts
Are you a Lactivist?
By Stacey Greenberg
When I was in high school, I knew people who stood on the corner across from the mall holding signs that... read more

Little Miss Feminist
We're just not a beauty queen kind of family.
By Rita Fiorentino
Earlier this summer, the owner of my kids’ Taekwondo school sent us an e-mail. It said: I’d... read more

Environmentalist mom trades principles for convenience
The fall from green grace isn't that far down.
By Suzanne Lafetra
There is practically nothing as hard as caring for a newborn baby, and to have to do it when you... read more

Enzo in Nicaragua
Seeing street kids in a whole new light.
By JD Roberto
It’s with no small amount of guilt that I shoo away a kid of about 8 who approaches me with... read more

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Really? Things Will Change?
Thanks for your two cents.
By Rachel Pelta Golinkin
When I was pregnant, people couldn’t help but give me their two cents (and four cents, and six cents and eight cents…). Apparently, people assumed I hadn’t thought this parent thing through and I wanted -– no, needed -– to hear their advice and opinions on the subject. As a first time parent-to-be it wasn’t like I hadn’t thought about how things would change. I understood that having a child tended to be a life-altering event and while I won’t claim I was fully prepared for it, I knew I was getting into something big. Almost a year has passed since I gave birth to my son and sure enough, things have changed. But now as I reflect on the “advice” I was given, I can more fully appreciate... read more

Ask the Angry Baby
Sibling Rivalry, Diaper Ditchers, Narcs, and Swings.

How do you handle a 2-year-old who seems to be acting out because of a new baby brother? Oh,... read more

Memo to Mama
Please review the following talking points.
By Sonia Elabd
M e m o r a n d u m TO: Mama RE: Me Let me get straight to... read more

Iím Pregnant, Einstein!
Expecting mothers have no shame.
By Janene Mascarella
My husband said I should be ashamed of myself. “Fighting with a twelve year old, who does that?”... read more

Stick a Fork in It
Ten technological marvels that help me ignore my kids.
By Brandy Stoner
A Danish company has developed the EdisonSalvo socket, an electrical socket that will probably... read more

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The IP Bookshelf
Momma Loves Her Little Son By John Carter Cash, illustrated by Marc Burckhardt

Momma Loves Her Little Son By John Carter Cash, illustrated by Marc Burckhardt Little Simon Inspirations, $16.99 32 pp.; ISBN-13: 978-1416959120 Review by Amy Brozio-Andrews When... read more

Red, Green and Yellowing
Pretty (reused) paper, pretty (reused) ribbons of blue...
By Christina Deanne
When I was in sixth grade, my mom decided that we should recycle Christmas wrapping. Before you say... read more

The IP Bookshelf
New York's Bravest by Mary Pope Osborne; Illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

... read more

A Gourmet Wannabe Drops Out
I'm throwing in the kitchen towel.
By Sherry G. Antonetti
All those helpful cooking recipes in parenting magazines designed to get kids to... read more

The IP Bookshelf
Polo: The Runaway Book By Regis Faller

... read more

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