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That Mom
Is this what they think of me or what I think of me?
By Candace Juman Martin
I have so completely become "that woman", "that mom." "That mom" who used to inspire my eyes to roll in disgust at how she could possibly let her little angel roll around on the floor of a department store or touch the unbought merchandise with his tiny, dirty hands as she waits in line staring aimlessly. "That mom" who lets her toddler wander around the table at a restaurant while she tries to pay the bill. I have most definitely become "that mom" but I now understand what the aimless looks and frazzled dash to pay up and bolt really mean. Yes, I am now the mom that the woman behind the counter at Barnes and Noble eyes evilly as I let my two year old fondle... read more

Stage Dad
My son's first day of work.
By Clay Champlin
The chubby, naked baby on our last Christmas card is the cutest damn thing you’ll ever see. I’m... read more

The 'Good Enough' Mother
Letting go of perfectionism.
By Elizabeth Conaway
I have a confession. I am not the perfect mother and I never will be. The bad news is that I am... read more

Speedy Delivery
Want a fast labor? Think again.
By Melanie Henson
My first labor was long, painful and augmented with Pitocen -- what I affectionately call "the Devil... read more

Five Little Monkeys
Further proof of a missing link.
By Heidi Campbell
I am thirty-six and my husband, Greg, is forty. We have been married for over a decade, and love each... read more

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September 11, 2006
Five years later.
By Jessica C.
Just how the Grandparents and parents of some of us older folks claim they know the precise moment that John F. Kennedy was shot and what they were doing down to the detail of whether they were sitting or standing, the same holds true for our generation and the events of September 11, 2001. I find it difficult to even schedule an appointment or tell someone I'll get back to him or her on September 11th; five years later it still seems blasphemous. Things have changed since that infamous day when two planes flew into the financial towers in New York City, carrying a human load of innocent men, fathers, women, mothers, children and babies who must have experienced fear beyond their tormented imaginations. With intentions that morning... read more

Coping with the Adoption Option
How could I possibly keep a third child?
By Natasha Johnson
I’ve cried myself to sleep every night for months, wondering if my children will ever forgive... read more

A Socially Irresponsible Stroll Through My Neighborhood
Sometimes convenience trumps political correctness.
By Robin Dutton-Cookston
By the time you finish reading this essay, you will think I am a depraved, cold-hearted, unfeeling... read more

Let Them Eat Cake
Using food stamps and loving it.
By Virginia Munoz
Growing up in a small town in the Northwest, my greatest food concerns were whether Twinkies tasted... read more

Special Needs of the Gifted Child
Exceptional minds have requirements, too.
By Kristina Ashlock
When we think of a child with special needs, we tend to think of a child who is autistic, has ADHD... read more

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The Cult of Motherhood
Come, join us...
By Kristen Chase
I hate to be the one to break this to you, but we moms have more in common with Katie Holmes than we'd like to think. That’s right. Because when we popped out that kid, we got an automatic membership to a special cult of our very own. It’s called "THE NAP". Don’t try and tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about because I’ve seen you. And it’s sucked you in too. Hell, I’ve been a card-carrying worshipper since 2004. Sure. We don’t wear crazy white sheets, sport bad blue running shoes circa 1982, or shave our heads, but on some days, I’m thinking those would look better than my 3-day old gauchos, Old Navy shirt, and inside-out underpants. Why... read more

The IP Guide to Parent/Teacher Conferences

It's that time of year again, the time when we get to take time from our busy schedules, sit in an... read more

Happy Birthday, Dear Visa
Monkeys and clowns and rock bands, oh my!
By Prescott Carlson
I just received my credit card statement today, and good news! I earned enough miles from my charges... read more

An open letter from Blue Ivy Carter to her parents
By Meredith Bland
Dear Mom and Dad, Now that we have had some time to settle in and I have gotten to know... read more

Stick a Fork in It
Ten technological marvels that help me ignore my kids.
By Brandy Stoner
A Danish company has developed the EdisonSalvo socket, an electrical socket that will probably... read more

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The IP Bookshelf
Will It Blow? Become a Volcano Detective at Mount St. Helens By Elizabeth Rusch; illustrated by K.E. Lewis

Will It Blow? Become a Volcano Detective at Mount St. Helens By Elizabeth Rusch; illustrated by K.E. Lewis Sasquatch Books; $18.95 48 pp.; ISBN-13: 978-1570615092 Review by Amy Brozio-Andrews Empowering young readers to do a little detective work on their own, Elizabeth Rusch's Will It Blow? Become a Volcano Detective at Mount St. Helens takes kids... read more

The IP Bookshelf
Out of the Egg by Tina Matthews

... read more

Exploding Rats
By Felice Prager
Two days ago, my seventeen-year-old son, who lives in a state of bedroom... read more

The IP Bookshelf
3-D ABC: A Sculptural Alphabet, written and illustrated by Bob Raczka

... read more

The IP Bookshelf
The Donut Chef Written and Illustrated by Bob Staake

... read more

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