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Formerly a Mom
The other end of the spectrum.
By Jacki Harris
As I sat in my rocking chair not long ago, I vividly recalled scooping a sobbing child into my arms and crooning, “Ohhhh honey, it will be OK.” Somehow that simple phrase miraculously erased anguish and neutralized the cares of the world. Within a minute or two my daughter would jump back into life and happily resume the task of growing older. But one day, not long ago, the tables were turned. The tight throat and brimming tears belonged to me. There was no one to whisper, “Ohhhh honey, it will be OK.” When the last of my four daughters stepped boldly into the role of a college student, I was painfully unwilling to accept the title, Former Mom. I was intimately aware of my emotions -- all in conflict. Collectively they represented the acknowledgment... read more

Handle With Care
Caution: filling may be hot when dropped on an infant.
By Jay Allen
A few nights back Kim and I were scrambling to get dinner together before she had to dash off. Amidst... read more

Dating the Preschool Parents
What should I wear?
By Juliet Johnson
I wanted my son Nathan to have friends. Whom he likes, I must like. Nathan would do anything to have... read more

The Living Will
My daughter's will may be greater than my own...
By Diane Payne
After watching Terri Schiavo lying on her death bed with protestors outside her room as part of the nightly... read more

I'm going to live vicariously through my son -- is that such a bad thing?
By John Vukelich
I made her retake the test three times, just for accuracy.  No, not the paternity test—I’m... read more

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Coping with the Adoption Option
How could I possibly keep a third child?
By Natasha Johnson
I’ve cried myself to sleep every night for months, wondering if my children will ever forgive me. Wondering if I’ll ever forgive myself. The decision wasn’t easy, and I still try to balance the good vs. bad reasons for making it. I still have time; I won’t give birth for at least another week. It’s always my decision, until the very end. Until my baby is legally resting in the hands of her new mother and father. I already have a one-year-old daughter, and a two-year-old son. It’s them I think of when I get a little kick under my ribs. How will they feel growing up, after learning that they’re the ones I kept, but I gave their little sister to somebody else to raise? Will they... read more

Let Them Eat Cake
Using food stamps and loving it.
By Virginia Munoz
Growing up in a small town in the Northwest, my greatest food concerns were whether Twinkies tasted... read more

A Better Mousetrap?
Today's supermarket aisles are full of innovative new products like green ketchup and purple french fries. What are these people thinking??
By Linda Sharp
It has long been said that if you "Build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your... read more

Let's Call It What It Is
Remove the mask of conservative ideology from religion.
By Colleen Floyd
I have a fondness for the Separation of Church and State, but not all people do, and that’s... read more

Red Fish, Blue Fish
A view of Conservative vs. Liberal values in America's classrooms.
By Alan Thomas
Clearly, liberal values nurture children to the pinnacle of their potential, while the effects of... read more

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Ask the Angry Baby
No talking, naps, tossing and blanket sucking

My son is 27 months old and he doesn't say much besides "mom," "dada," "kitty," and a few other things. But he responds to everything I ask him to do, and if I count from one to five, he holds up his fingers all the way to five. Nevertheless, my family is worried. Should I be? You should consider yourself lucky. My older brother can talk... and talk, and talk, my god, the kid never shuts up! Yesterday, I’m playing with my Sesame Street toy (it’s really cool, you press the buttons and the Cookie Monster pops up and says "C is for cookies, yum yum yum", aw man, you gotta see it – anyway, I digress), and he comes in and starts telling me in great detail about some Spongebob episode that was just on like he’s auditioning to be a human... read more

The New OSHA Guidelines
RE: Strategic Partnership For Worker Safety And Health Guidelines For Drivers of Family Vehicles
By Joan Conde

12 Useful Tips
Don't just throw away that baby spitup.
By Pamela Redmond Satran
12 Useful Things to Do With Baby Spitup 1. Smear it all over those size 6 pants, those ones you barely... read more

Ask the Angry Baby
Cursing habits, sippy cups, co-sleeping sex, international travel, and saying "no"

My 7-year-old has a habit of cursing. He occasionally does it in front of me, and I've heard... read more

Morning Has Broken
A play-by-play of one mom's a.m. routine.
By Asha Dornfest
5:30 am: Alarm clock sounds Blindly search for, then press snooze button. 5:38 am: Alarm... read more

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Constant Vigilance!
One mom’s struggle to keep a clean house.
By Slon Nelson-Bentley
"Constant Vigilance!" is a phrase uttered over and over again by Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Of course he was crazy, and not quite what he seemed to be, but lately, his catch phrase has become my personal mantra. My son is nearly six months old and becoming more mobile each day (much to the distress of my poor dogs). With this mobility comes a certain pressure on me to make sure there is nothing dirty in his path. Constant Vigilance! By mid-July 2002, his room was clean and sparkling and waiting for his arrival. The rest of the house was not, but I thought I had plenty of time to clean it up before my bundle of joy arrived in late August. July 25th changed that, when I went into labor and gave... read more

The IP Bookshelf
The Pigeon strikes again -- Mo Willems' sassy bird returns in "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late"

... read more

Hell on 8 Wheels
The roller derby is taking over my life! And it hurts so good...
By Stacey Greenberg
I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. And surprisingly my two and four-year-old... read more

The IP Bookshelf
Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry

... read more

The IP Bookshelf
A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

... read more

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