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Oops, I Did It Again
I've been promoted to "father of two"
By Prescott Carlson
The other day I received a phone call at the office. “Honey,” the voice said, “we did it. I’m pregnant.” Fortunately, the voice belonged to my wife. She had discovered while sitting at work that she had miscalculated her period date and was actually three days late. Rushing home for lunch, low and behold the second line showed up on the keepsake pregnancy test (of which I think is really stretching the boundaries of the word “keepsake” – normally my first reaction for an item that has been soaked in urine is not to put it in a scrapbook). I certainly wasn’t surprised; she had been on Clomid for several months and we were actively trying to conceive. Even though, I still was a little shocked... read more

International Kids
Globetrotting with children presents unique challenges.
By Lesley Robinson
We have always been an international family. My husband, Mark, and I left the UK the day after our... read more

Dating the Preschool Parents
What should I wear?
By Juliet Johnson
I wanted my son Nathan to have friends. Whom he likes, I must like. Nathan would do anything to have... read more

Tokyo had it easy.
By Andrea Finefrock
Is there ever the right thing to say to a parent with a screaming child? As the parent of three well-versed... read more

The No-Fear Option
Just wait 'til your father gets home!
By Mark Montgomery
“You just wait ‘til your father gets home!” All the moms in my neighborhood... read more

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Coping with the Adoption Option
How could I possibly keep a third child?
By Natasha Johnson
I’ve cried myself to sleep every night for months, wondering if my children will ever forgive me. Wondering if I’ll ever forgive myself. The decision wasn’t easy, and I still try to balance the good vs. bad reasons for making it. I still have time; I won’t give birth for at least another week. It’s always my decision, until the very end. Until my baby is legally resting in the hands of her new mother and father. I already have a one-year-old daughter, and a two-year-old son. It’s them I think of when I get a little kick under my ribs. How will they feel growing up, after learning that they’re the ones I kept, but I gave their little sister to somebody else to raise? Will they... read more

Parenting Outside the Razor Wire
What happens when parents are separated by a prison sentence?
By Sandra Ray
Single parents can face some difficult parenting decisions in part because they do not have someone... read more

Cutting Away the Truth
A view on one of the very first parenting decisions -- circumcision.
By Peter Mackey
"Circumcision" is a frightening... read more

Dancing Between the Party Lines
Parenting makes it not so black and white.
By Jennifer Cummins
When it comes to politics, it seems that I have to watch where I step when it comes to forming a concrete... read more

Let Them Eat Cake
Using food stamps and loving it.
By Virginia Munoz
Growing up in a small town in the Northwest, my greatest food concerns were whether Twinkies tasted... read more

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Memo to Mama
Please review the following talking points.
By Sonia Elabd
M e m o r a n d u m TO: Mama RE: Me Let me get straight to my point, Mama. Until a couple of months ago, things have gone pretty smoothly in my life. I’m not going to lie; things could be better. Lately, you’ve been showing your mean face lately A LOT for every thing I do. You also roll your eyes and use the word “vent” a lot when you’re talking on the phone. This is your first time being a mama, so I’ve been pretty easy on you, but things are going to get tougher. And now, I’m also worried. The other day, you put the phone in the oven and my chicken nuggets in the dishwasher! This brings me to my first point. 1. Don’t feed me anything you... read more

WTF?! Toy Roundup
Hershey's S'mores, Don't Wake Daddy, Bratz Twister, and In Your Face

Hershey's... read more

Full Moon, White Lie
By Hildie S. Block
No one else went to ballet last night either.   Maybe that's not such... read more

Ask the Angry Baby
Ex-wives, temperaments, junk food and public discipline.

I am a single father with custody of my two children but I send my ex-wife money every month... read more

Old Gorillas Never Die
They just get stuffed in the garage.
By Bryan W. Fields
Assigned to clean the storeroom during one of my wife's semiannual organization rampages, I sift... read more

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The IP Bookshelf
Never Take a Shark to the Dentist by Judi Barrett, illustrated by John Nickle

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist (And other things not to do) By Judi Barrett, illustrated by John Nickle Atheneum; $16.99 34 pp; ISBN-13: 978-1416907244 Review by Amy Brozio-Andrews Every... read more

The IP Bookshelf
M is for Mischief: An A to Z of Naughty Children By Linda Ashman; illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

... read more

The Minivan. Grocery Getter or Sex Machine?
I want a minivan.
By Liz Weslander
I want a minivan. Although it sounds like an innocuous desire, I am often met with a barrage of disparaging... read more

The IP Bookshelf
Looking Closely Along the Shore by Frank Serafini

... read more

Knitting. It's not just for grannies anymore.
By Nancy Rabinowitz
I am not a particularly craftsy person. I donít decoupage. Iíve never hand-painted anything. Using a... read more

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