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Worst city in U.S. to get around and navigate

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Just got back from a family vacay in Dallas. Why Dallas, you ask? Because I have some family there. Little did I know that the Republic of Texas’ totally messed up beyond recognition highway and frontage road system can tear families apart. We went in August, with temperatures reaching somewhere between instant disintegration and purgatory. […]

Hurricane Ike’s Mini Baby Boom

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An interesting effect is expected to come out of the disaster Hurricane Ike brought forth: a mini baby boom. One hospital in Houston has even gone as far as building an extra wing in anticipation of the surge in births.  That seems a little like jumping the gun to me. Once the boom is over, […]

Leave Nancy, Marie, and Esther ALONE!

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I keep seeing sooo many blogs ridiculing that clip of the women from the LDS-breakoff compound in Texas. They’re robots, they’re brainwashed, they’re as interesting as oatmeal, they’re frumpy, they’re ugly, they’re dressed like Laura Ingalls, they sound coached . . . it just goes on. Many people are demonizing these women, but most are […]

Expectations of a 13 year old…

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I just read about a 2-year old baby in Texas, who drowned in her community pool while the mother went inside to get a diaper. Supposedly, the mother left the 2-year old with a 13-year-old sibling and when she came back, the baby was lying on the bottom of the pool. I can’t imagine the […]

Another Texas Mother wipes out her children

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Again. Again and again. I can hardly stand to hear another one of these stories. Yet, another Texas mother, identified as Gilberta Estrada, brutally kills her children in a trailer home by hanging them. The twist in this case, is that she succeeded with all but the infant, who was struggling in her noose and […]