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Alicia Silverstone’s vegan toddler looks hungry

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File this under bat shit crazy. Vegan actress, known for her role as ditsy, popular girl in “Clueless” back in 1995 doesn’t have much going on these days, so she clearly needs a shtick to keep her relevant. As much as we’d like our has-been celebrities to be known for science based medicine, that’s kind […]

Scrutinizing misleading breastfeeding headlines

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I hate studies, or shall I say, headlines, like these: While I fully acknowledge that breastfeeding is healthier for the mom and baby in the majority of cases, to say that it COULD prevent breast cancer in thousands of cases lacks perspective. I looked it up, there are about 300,000 new cases of breast cancer a […]

Breastfeeding in public: Is this a made up problem?

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Another day, another ‘nurse-in’. Time for my quarterly ‘I’m too kewl and genius for the room ”cause I breastfeed anywhere I want’ story. I write these as often as the new mommy cries for attention get national coverage and then I watch my Facebook and Twitter fans dwindle in response because I have dared to […]

Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding; Sarah Palin and the Obamas duke it out

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The mamasphere and politcos are beside themselves today. The left is fuuuuhhhreakin’ out because Sarah Palin made a “joke” about Michelle Obama’s latest nutrition cause du jour, breastfeeding. Michelle Obama wants all mothers to breastfeed lest their children be sick and dumb. Sarah Palin’s retort? “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need […]

Jenny From the Blog

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Jennifer Lopez is making big news after her April 5th People Magazine spread featuring her newborn twins. Is it because of the over-the-top ornate nursery? Her husband’s pink shirt? Or the very idea of her running down her driveway in high heels and evening wear pushing a pram for kicks? No, it’s because she said […]

Heard on the net – “Birth Rape”

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Okay, so our site logs lead me to it…a breastfeeding.com thread in which a link to an Imperfect Parent column sparked many tangents on a debate board. Kelly Cunningham’s essay, “Don’t Even Bother: The Case Against Childbirth Education Calsses” was the target of scoff in a thread entitled: Everything wrong with birth in our birth […]

How much breastfeeding advocacy is based on junk science?

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An analysis by STATS.org, a non-partisan organization based out of George Mason University, is starting to question the campaign towards spinning statistics in order to guilt mothers into breastfeeding. Why, you ask?…because it is highly political. Breastfeeding represents certain political, social and moral ideals while formula represents corporate America and women succumbing to the pressures […]

Would you breastfeed a 5 year old?

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The World Health Organization recommends you nurse a toddler until 2 years old, basing that off of available resources of third world countries. In countries where adequate nutrition is accessible, is this necessary or could it even be harmful if based strictly on societal taboos? Should our society be more open to the potential nurturing […]

Should breastfeeding moms automatically be awarded custody?

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I can’t wait until men start crying “reverse discrimination” based on South Carolina’s Breastfeeding Action Committee’s interference support on the behalf of a mother who is fighting for sole custody of her 8 1/2 month old baby, on grounds that she’s breastfeeding. As unpopular as my opinion’s going to be, that has never stopped me from […]

Kati Kim proves that breastfeeding can save lives

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Kati Kim, wife of the deceased James Kim, who died of hypothermia after venturing out of a  desolate road covered in snow and ice, saved her children via breastfeeding. Her daughters, ages 7 months and 4 years, survived because their mother nursed them. Unbeknownst to the Kims, a wrong turn would prove to be a fatal one […]