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Christmas: A Time of Cheer, Santa and Horrifying TV Specials

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It is the week of Christmas. Things are starting to get a little hectic around here. We have our extremely fake, blue-tinseled, non-organic, non-eco-friendly, pre-lit tree up.  A string of Chrismas lights are aglow along the door frame. Our house is full of Christmas cheer. There are some presents under the tree-though not to be […]

One is too many.

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When Roman Polanski dies, he will not be known for his brilliant films like Rosemary’s Baby or The Pianist. He will be known as a sexual predator who used his riches and fame to escape the hand of the law. Yes. It is a shame that such a brilliant talent will go down like that. […]

Monday Flashback: Monchhichi

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Am I the only one that misses Madison Ave. using honest-to-god jingles to pitch crap to children? They don’t make them like they used to:

Unsolicited advice for Jon and Kate

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The Interwebs have been aflutter over Jon and Kate Gosselin. Who did what to whom? How much of a role did the cameras play in the disintegration of their relationship? Did their greed compromise their judgment as parents and as life partners? Who cheated on whom? It’s easy to point fingers, especially since they’ve chosen […]

American Homophobia Season 8 Finale: the Most Fun Ever Had with Intolerance

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You know how you suspect something wrong but you don’t want to believe that such a thing could really happen?  I suspected that fear would push the voters away from Adam Lambert back in April when I wrote this post at my family blog.  Please check it out to see what I mean.  But suspecting […]

Now for my Imperfect & Impolite American Idol Review

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The last few weeks on Idol have been stupid. AlthoughKris seems to be a really sweet kid and I did enjoy his joy, ( I have said before, I am a junkie for the happiness and dream reaching factor here)  Danny is a more exciting and more talented performer.  Before that, Allison should not have […]

It IS A Mad World On American Idol

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I am so glad that Adam Lambert started with “Mad World” tonight because I was one of the many frustrated ones who suffered the dvr timing blues the week he sang it.  “Ain’t No Sunshine” was the first performance by Kris that got my attention.  I thought he sang it better the first time around […]

The “Not-So-Real” Housewives

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I haven’t been into the TV as much these days. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are boring me to tears, and other series are saving the big guns for sweeps next month. But there are a couple programs worthy of my precious DVR space. The Real Housewives of New York City is one […]

The Girls Next Door are Moving On Out

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I remember it like it was yesterday, the day that Bridget, Holly, and Kendra moved into OUR house.  <sigh> It was one evening a couple of years ago, shortly after Hubs put a television in our bedroom, something I had resisted for years.  But what does a down in the dumps guy who is bored, […]

Where My Girls At?

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Sari and I were looking for something to watch on television last night and nothing was exciting us.  Everything on the dish lineup was lame.  Was it too much to ask for something GOOD with good CHARACTERS and ORIGINALITY that wasn’t a REALITY SHOW, FRIENDS derivative that has out stayed its welcome,  or COPY of […]