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Package deal.

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My parents married young and started their family right away. By the time they were 30, they were the proud parents of four adorable children (the second child was particularly cute). At that time they had a group of friends, all married couples who had decided to wait until after they had turned 30 to […]

Reverse Trick-or-Treating? Are You Kidding Me?

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It’s no longer enough to just say “thank you” after you receive candy this Halloween. Some families are in turn using trick-or-treating to publicize the child labor and poverty problems in the cocoa industry. I’m not kidding. Reverse Trick-or-Treating really exists.

Self defence in the age of cyber bullying

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A couple of years ago we signed the girls up for karate lessons. Friends of ours had enrolled their son in Tae Kwon Do classes specifically so he would be able to defend himself against a physical threat which they believed would more than likely present itself at some point in his life. I remember […]


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I hardly watch the news on television anymore. I don’t like the tabloid-spin most news networks are putting on their stories, and I don’t like being surprised by stories about children who have been abducted or women who have been violated or any of those other happenings that I can’t forget about for days afterwards. […]

The Bad Seeds

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There are three boys in my ten year old daughter’s year who are known as Those Boys Who Get Into Trouble All The Time. There’s one in my seven year old’s class. Every school has them. For a few years when he was young, my brother was one of Those Boys. I can remember my […]

The “New” Star Spangled Banner

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My son’s class is having a cacophonous torture session patriotic program, next week, to show case their hard work and singing talent (or lack of, in my son’s case.) As he was practicing the “Star Spangled Banner,” something dawned on me. The words in the song are extremely sentimental and rich in patriotism, yet the majority […]

Were Dove’s “Real Women” retouched?

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I’m sure most of you are familiar with Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, in which the soap company used women with natural body types instead of heavily airbrushed stick-thin models. The ads were lauded across the mommy blogosphere for helping promote realistic images of women’s bodies instead of an unrealistic ideal. Now, according to a profile […]

Sunday morning soap-box

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My younger daughter, Ella, is seven years old. A few weeks ago she spent the night at a friend’s house and stayed up late and ate junk food and did all that stuff that usually happens at a sleep-over that makes you sigh and shake your head and tuck her into bed a little earlier […]

When did it become acceptable to be knocked-up at 16?

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I consider myself pretty liberal, but this is too much. I’m perusing the web, checking out and the like, and stop dead in my tracks – Jamie Lynn Spears is allegedly engaged to the child that impregnated her. But the shocking part is how people (including celebs) are celebrating her choices. I’ve seen countless […]

Sex and the School

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I found out the other day, quite by accident, that a girl my children associate with in one of their extra-curricular activities is giving blow jobs to boys at her school. She’s 15—two years older than my oldest child. I know, taken by itself, this information is not especially shocking—15, boyfriends, blow jobs. The thing […]