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Who will attend my funeral?

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I could have real life friends if I wanted them. No, really. I could. I have no doubt in my mind if I made the slightest effort to be a friend to somebody outside of my 8 – 5 job, that it would be reciprocated. The problem is, as much as I like the idea […]

A lesson in fiscal responsiblity

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Dear Children, Working is for chumps. Contracts are for even bigger chumps. Kids, I am about to teach you a life lesson, one that defies traditional work ethic and historical relevance of what our grandparents did to make this a country great. When you grow up, buy whatever house you can qualify for, pay the […]

Belly up to the Bar?

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This has been the second toughest week of my life. The relationship that I thought was going to last forever has fallen apart, largely at my own hands. Friends and family are taking sides. Stuff is being divided. Schedules are being drawn up. Lawyers and therapists and judges, oh my! Mommy needs a drink. And […]

How Many is Too Many?

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You’ve probably been spending time in a cave these days if you haven’t heard about the woman in California who gave birth to octuplets. (Yes, I had to ask my 10-year-old what octuplets meant, because I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. We’re talking about eight babies. Jon & Kate are probably seeing the end of […]

This is your brain. This is your brain on Elmo.

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The folks over at Cognitive Daily have posted an article featuring yet another batch of studies that tell us that kids under two shouldn’t be watching TV. The studies they cite show that toddlers who are given clues to find hidden objects via TV are less successful at finding the objects than the children who […]

Amazon, feeding our children to the lions

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It seems that has taken a position on pro-pedophilia literature and that would be — their money is just as green as anybody else. When it comes to selling pro-pedophile, child erotica and child exploitative books and DVDs, is the place to whip out your Mastercard and revel in all the free speech […]

It’s gonna take a Christmas miracle to fix this one

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Earlier this month, Newsweek published a rather controversial and thought-provoking edition gay marriage. I flipped through the pages over dinner one night…religious case for same-sex unions. Yep. I’m feelin’ ya. I’ve been wrangling with the Catholic Church’s position and mine for years. I’ve pretty much racked it up to “let’s agree to disagree” and it’s […]

Battles, big and small.

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Readers of my own blog are well aware of my rabid interest in the US Election, and on this site I have been taking part in a discussion forum that has got tempers flared and patriotism ignited.  It’s pretty intense.  As an Australian, living in Australia and therefore about as unable to vote in the […]

Obama vs. McCain; Are you ready to get the Government you deserve? UPDATE: VOTE!!!

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Okay, while The Imperfect Parent strives to be non-partisan, we thought we’d give our readers a rare opporunity on this blog to express their opinions and give you a forum to support and respectfully debate the current issues leading to a critical decision this pending election. Please keep in mind, — be civil and respectful […]

I Wee Wed?

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Okay, I’ll admit it. My four-year-old daughter, Boo, is very unofficially betrothed to her godparents’ son, LW. They’re three months apart and, to her, she can do no wrong. It’s been a running joke that is especially funny since LW’s now of the age that most girls have “cooties.” That’s fine. Right now we’re more […]