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The art of the ‘staycation’ (plus a giveaway!)

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UPDATE: The Wizard’s random number generator has picked comment #48, Melissa, as our lucky winner. Melissa, we’ve contacted you at the email you provided, so if you don’t see it in your inbox you can contact us directly at Who out there found themselves short on the time and/or funds to take a proper […]

Making each sibling feel special on vacation

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Children thrive on routine. Their attention spans are slim but their zest for new encounters can make them perfect travel companions if you foresee possible melt downs before they happen. Traveling can be stressful for grown ups, so it’s no wonder that it pushes children’s patience and limits too. The excitement of getting from one […]

This is your brain. This is your brain on Elmo.

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The folks over at Cognitive Daily have posted an article featuring yet another batch of studies that tell us that kids under two shouldn’t be watching TV. The studies they cite show that toddlers who are given clues to find hidden objects via TV are less successful at finding the objects than the children who […]

The search for inner peace. And quiet.

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I would like to be able to tell you that I am one of those perpetually peaceful people who seem to radiate a slightly smug contentedness from deep within their soul. I would like to be able to tell you that I write in a gratitude diary every day, right after my 6am Yogalates session […]

When Babies R Us just won’t cut it

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I want to start off by stating that I do not have anything against Babies R Us. For many Americans it is the most accessible all-in-one baby Mecca. And let’s face it — it’s affordable. With that said, I spent the entire morning helping my expecting sister fulfill her baby registry at my local Babies […]

Mother of all gift guides

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Literally. I know I run the risk of being accused of puffery, given that one of the proprietors of Cool Mom Picks also likes to write about blow jobs for this site, but I don’t give a shit. For the “gifting challenged” like myself, their Mother’s Day gift guide is an invaluable resource. Every year […]

It’s all yours

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Like a lot of kids, my youngest son is prone to blurting out riveting observations at any given time. Fascinating things like, “You’ve got a blue shirt on!” and, “Mom’s at work!” Thanks, Commandant of Perspicuousness! While hanging out in our basement playroom this morning, he pointed at the laundry room and said, “Penny [the […]

I think this just may be the best baby gift ever

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If it’s good enough for the actors of Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost etc., it’s good enough for my kid to slobber all over. Apparently, these little suckers are being given to A-list actors nominees in their Emmy (click here to see who won) goody bags:     Available for purchase and personalization at […]

Babies need complimentary accessories too

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Baby Chic 101 turns parents on to the Fluerville highchair which makes a minimalist statement, combined with the high level of sophistication and maturity that every baby exudes in their infinite wisdom and interior design sense. It’s an accessory that’s bound to have other babies saying, “Well, la-dee-da!” Click here to see the far-out highchair

Cutest. Mermaid outfit. Ever.

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Although I admit to being easily impressed by the art of expert sewing and crafting, being that I could no sooner sew or craft my way into suburban acceptance than I could sky-dive off the Sears Tower (have I ever spoke of my fear of heights?). This little baby outfit puts dimples in my cheeks, my face “cheeks”, not […]