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Michelle Obama for President 2016?

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The First Lady appears to making a grand publicity tour and media blitz of unprecedented proportions for a First Lady in effort to kick off the first year of her husband’s second term as president. With her latest appearance being an Oscar Awards presenter, many are now wondering if First Lady Michelle Obama is being […]

Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding; Sarah Palin and the Obamas duke it out

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The mamasphere and politcos are beside themselves today. The left is fuuuuhhhreakin’ out because Sarah Palin made a “joke” about Michelle Obama’s latest nutrition cause du jour, breastfeeding. Michelle Obama wants all mothers to breastfeed lest their children be sick and dumb. Sarah Palin’s retort? “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need […]

Indiana Child Support Bill Moves Forward

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A little over a week and a half ago, I posted about a bill being proposed in Indiana that would collect winnings won in casinos by parents who are behind in child support payments and handing them over to the kids. Last Wednesday, the bill moved forward to the state Senate: The Senate Judiciary Committee […]

Now, Is This Really Common Sense?

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In Glasgow, Scotland, a new regulation states a parent must escort children under 16 years old to the washroom in places such as restaurants. and any other “licensed” restroom. What are they afraid of? Children being snatched? Pretty sure most 14-16 year olds can handle going to the bathroom by themselves. “While children are in […]

Mothers Gather In Iran For Peaceful Protest, Get Arrested

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A group of mothers in Iran gathered in peaceful protest against anti-government protests resulting in their children’s deaths and were then arrested. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, citing an eyewitness account, said more than 100 police and plainclothes officers broke up a gathering of the Mourning Mothers in Laleh Park Saturday afternoon. […]

Jackpot! Not If You’re Behind In Child Support

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In Indiana, there is a bill being proposed that would collect winnings won in casinos by parents who are behind in child support payments and handing them over to the kids. It’s getting a lot of support from Department of Child Services, Senator Schnieder and the Governor, but casinos are not on board with the […]

One is too many.

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When Roman Polanski dies, he will not be known for his brilliant films like Rosemary’s Baby or The Pianist. He will be known as a sexual predator who used his riches and fame to escape the hand of the law. Yes. It is a shame that such a brilliant talent will go down like that. […]

Political parents weigh in: How’s Obama doing?

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At just over 6 months into his presidency, Obama might be showing some weaknesses. His administration may be wondering if he’s not as fail-proof as the media and his former supporters have bragged about in the recent past. Recently, Ohio marked the first state that went for Obama in his presidential candidacy as turning. Ohio’s […]

Unsolicited advice for Jon and Kate

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The Interwebs have been aflutter over Jon and Kate Gosselin. Who did what to whom? How much of a role did the cameras play in the disintegration of their relationship? Did their greed compromise their judgment as parents and as life partners? Who cheated on whom? It’s easy to point fingers, especially since they’ve chosen […]

Chicago Says No To BPA

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Chicago on Wednesday became the first U.S. city to adopt a ban on the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups containing the chemical BPA. The Chicago City Council approved the ban on a 48-0 vote and a spokeswoman for Mayor Richard M. Daley said he intends to sign it. The ban is slated to […]