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When your child isn’t playing nice.

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This morning we had parent/teacher interviews with both the girls’ teachers. I wont reveal the details of the discussions obviously but I will say that there is an issue with one of our children that is of some concern and we will be monitoring things closely, as will her teacher. One of our kids is […]

Letting Go.

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There’s simply no getting around it. I’m about to break my mother’s heart. I have continued to live in the same town I was born in, the same town where my parents still live. I got married here, had my own babies here, and I have stayed here for work and for friendships and for […]

The dreaded dentist visit

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When I was in grade school we had a Community Dentist and Health Clinic attached to the school, and once a year each and every child was marched through the doors of the Clinic, in groups of four or five, to have their teeth checked.  I can remember little things about those visits, including the […]

Long Hot Summer

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As I sit and type this at 10.30am, it’s nearing thirty degrees.  When an Australian says “thirty degrees” they mean “celcius” or “bloody hot for so early in the day.”  Our school year begins in February and ends right before Christmas, giving families about six weeks of summer holidays at the beach where we can […]

Battles, big and small.

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Readers of my own blog are well aware of my rabid interest in the US Election, and on this site I have been taking part in a discussion forum that has got tempers flared and patriotism ignited.  It’s pretty intense.  As an Australian, living in Australia and therefore about as unable to vote in the […]

Package deal.

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My parents married young and started their family right away. By the time they were 30, they were the proud parents of four adorable children (the second child was particularly cute). At that time they had a group of friends, all married couples who had decided to wait until after they had turned 30 to […]

The hand that rocks the cradle, the hand that makes the dinner…

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A few months ago I read a book called ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl’ by Shauna Reid. She is an Australian woman, a couple of years younger than me, now living in Scotland. She wrote the book (and the blog it started out as) to chronicle her weight loss ‘adventure’ and it was a hilarious, […]

Deign to complain

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There are few things more pathetic (and I mean that in the ‘causing and provoking pity’ sense of the word, not the ‘miserably or contemptibly inadequate’ sense – thanks, than the site of my ten year old girl, tucked up on the sofa for the second day in a row, completely at the mercy […]

Self defence in the age of cyber bullying

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A couple of years ago we signed the girls up for karate lessons. Friends of ours had enrolled their son in Tae Kwon Do classes specifically so he would be able to defend himself against a physical threat which they believed would more than likely present itself at some point in his life. I remember […]


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I hardly watch the news on television anymore. I don’t like the tabloid-spin most news networks are putting on their stories, and I don’t like being surprised by stories about children who have been abducted or women who have been violated or any of those other happenings that I can’t forget about for days afterwards. […]