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Demi Moore needs to get over her postmenopausal self

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Demi Moore bugs me. She shouldn’t bug me, because I don’t know her and obviously there are much more pressing issues in my life. I shouldn’t be wasting brain cells on some run-of-the-mill celebrity, but everyone has their dumb, unworthy little  annoyance triggers and for some odd reason Demi Moore is mine. Typically, I go […]

Are you turning into your mother?

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By Danyelle Little for Completely You Last week while talking to my daughter for the umpteenth time about the importance of cleaning up her room, I felt a bit of familiarity that was too close to home. I began to have that dramatic shrill that my mom used to have when she chastised me about […]

Chef Carla Hall gets her casserole on

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Get the scoop on how Chef Carla Hall makes a delicious casserole. Win a $50 gift card here. Sponsored Post

Looking good post baby builds confidence

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Nothing brings a mom from back from the brink of the post-baby doldrums and stressors like getting your old body back. Take it from a mom who’s been through it — if the anxiety and fear of parenting failures isn’t enough to overwhelm you, looking in the mirror and realizing that your old life is […]

Joe Montana miracle stain vs. Tide

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Tide’s Miracle Stain proves to be a secret weapon for a Ravens fan who happens to be married to a 49ers fan. In a parody that makes light of holy figures showing up in the most unlikely places, a sports husband’s new-found fame over a randomly begotten stain on his white jersey, which bears the […]

Piercing baby’s ears: Cute or trashy?

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I couldn’t help but notice the large crowd that surrounded a young mother and her infant daughter in a costume jewelry shop in the mall this past weekend. The poor baby. She was all smiles, oblivious to what was coming next. As the attendant drew marks on the infant’s ear lobes, she just sat there taking in […]

Does attachment parenting kill marital intimacy?

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After Mayim Bialik recently announced her split from her husband of nine years, some people were blaming her continued devotion to extreme attachment parenting as a potential cause. Bialik, 36, who was a former child actress on “Blossom” and now stars on “The Big Band Theory” has written several books on attachment parenting, hailing the […]

What kind of high heel mom are you?

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We were perusing shoes, fancy-smancy shoes to be exact, and the thought crossed our mind, how many moms out there have chosen a smaller heel post children? If you’re forced to get dressed up, which heel would you have worn before you had kids and which heel would be your go to after having children: […]

Livestrong: Providing hope for families and patients of cancer (video)

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Few things in life are as devastating as a diagnosis of cancer, but with technological advancements and advocacy organizations such as Livestrong, people are getting the best care ever and access to life changing resources. helps cancer patients and their families with emotional support, financial support, pathways to insurance for those who are uninsured […]

AAP says organic meat and produce better for children

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has decided to weigh in today on whether or not organic foods are better for children than conventional foods. The AAP sifted through thousands of pages of studies and concluded that organic meat and produce is most likely more beneficial to children. Because children are more susceptible to pesticides, organic versions […]