Worst city in U.S. to get around and navigate

Dallas messed up LBJ Expressway. Notice the lack of signage.

Dallas messed up LBJ Expressway. Notice the lack of signage.

Just got back from a family vacay in Dallas. Why Dallas, you ask? Because I have some family there. Little did I know that the Republic of Texas’ totally messed up beyond recognition highway and frontage road system can tear families apart.

We went in August, with temperatures reaching somewhere between instant disintegration and purgatory. Given that my family and I lived through one of the coldest winters on record in the midwest coupled with one the mildest summers I can remember, the 111 degree temperature felt like a brick fired oven on my skin. And don’t let anybody try to feed you the bull about a “dry heat”. It’s actually pretty humid there.

The plans were made fairly last minute, otherwise I probably would have picked Hawaii or Paris if my pocketbook was agreeable, but alas, the kids and I wound up in Dallas to visit family.



I’m sure if you look up the definition it would go something like this: Insufferable inferno with the most jacked up roadway system devoid of any culture with only 4 things to do besides swim.

Now lest I sound like a complete negative jerk face who refuses to drink lemonade on a hot Texas summer day when I’ve been dealt a bunch of lemons — I did have fun. The kids had fun. It was nice to get away and the of the four things available to do in Dallas, we were more than moderately entertained, however, Dallas does have its way of challenging even the most tight knit of families. Between it’s eyebrow raising bumper stickers, the messed up roadway system and the lack of signage, it’s impossible to find yourself out of a any kind of good or bad situation. The GPS kept taking us in circles. Google maps had no idea what to do which spawned all kinds of white trash brawls and arguments among us.

I’ve been all over the U.S. and the Dallas-Fort Worth’s refusal to adopt signs bigger than a postage stamp (when they even bother to offer signage) are compelling enough to me to name it the worst city in the U.S. to get around.

Anybody want to add to the list?