Looking good post baby builds confidence

Nothing brings a mom from back from the brink of the post-baby doldrums and stressors like getting your old body back.

Take it from a mom who’s been through it — if the anxiety and fear of parenting failures isn’t enough to overwhelm you, looking in the mirror and realizing that your old life is but a distant memory and that your prior bohemian lifestyle is on a 18-year hiatus, one tends to want to simply give up. One thing that may bring some order to this strange new world is having the control over your eating choices and getting something back that was unjustly taken from you — your pre-baby body.

Sometimes while perusing the grocery aisles, I’ll see a mom whose sweatpants, tired eyes and tussled hair screams to me to call Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of “What Not to Wear” stat!’ Of course, we all know, it’s what’s on inside is what counts, but being healthy inside and out has the added benefit of looking good and feeling great!

In our house, Slimfast is a staple product in our refrigerator. My high-schoolers grab one while on the go and I know it’s one less meal to worry about or come up with for myself when I’m left to my own devices and meal preparations. For years, I’ve been a Slimfast fan and grateful for the convenience and effective way to help me lose weight after having children and help me maintain my weight years later.


Just because we have children doesn’t mean we don’t want to feel hot and sexy. I beg of you, don’t give up. There is a hot mom inside all of us moms, just waiting to make the other PTO moms jealous.

The moms in the following videos are far too relatable, proving that looking good and feeling great is a common goal among many of us moms. One wants to be a MILF, one wants to look great naked and one wants to show off her hot bod for her high school reunion. One common theme — they want to feel better about themselves:

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