Michelle Obama for President 2016?

Rumor has it, Michelle Obama may run for President in 2016.

The First Lady appears to making a grand publicity tour and media blitz of unprecedented proportions for a First Lady in effort to kick off the first year of her husband’s second term as president. With her latest appearance being an Oscar Awards presenter, many are now wondering if First Lady Michelle Obama is being groomed for something bigger.

After all, Ms. Obama is still rather young at 49-years-old. She is a former lawyer and graduate of Princeton and her oldest daughter, Sasha, will be an adult by the time Ms. Obama would be eligible for a presidential bid, her youngest daughter will be 16.

While the FLOTUS has previously denied a run for office as recently as last year, she changed her definitive “no” to a “maybe” last Spring after an engaged and adoring media started eying her potential and seizing upon the idea. So could the new publicity tour be part of a grander campaign? As criticism and skepticism grows in light of Ms. Obama’s obvious PR campaign, calls for a Michelle Obama run for the White House in 2016 have just now started to pique interests in social networking circles.

One Michelle for President supporter with the screen name VictoriaNickers tweeted on Wednesday, “Why can’t Michelle Obama be president..she’s way cooler.”


Another supporter tweeted last week, “Michelle Obama for President!”

On the other side of the opinion aisle, Ms. Obama’s close relationship with Hollywood has drawn criticism from several conservative columnists including Jennfer Rubin from the Washignton Post who suggests Ms. Obama’s elbow rubbing with celebrities makes her look more a like tacky celebrity hanger-on than the distinguished wife of a leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth.

If Ms. Obama does run, it would also answer the question as to why President Obama continues to aggressively campaign and keep his campaign offices open across the nation. Given the popularity of Obama and his ability to separate himself from any negative consequences of economic fallout, Ms. Obama could go into the next election as a clear leader.

If Michelle does run, she will likely have a huge advantage in funding, support and preparation. Those looking for a change though, may have a tough road ahead of them if the pubic sees her as an extension of an already highly popular president.

So, what do you think? Could we, and should we, be looking towards another possible eight years of the Obama agenda after Barrack’s term ends?



  • rich

    That would be so neat! First a black president in Barack Obama and then a black female president in Michelle. Then we would see how the white people serve the black people!

  • nicolasofcusa

    If Obama says Michelle will not run, the opposite is the true plan. Michelle
    could run and give Barack his actual third term. The Constitution does not
    limit the number of years or terms that a person can serve as president. It
    only limits the number of times that a person can be elected president. If
    Michelle is “drafted” to run for president, she could name Barack as her vice
    presidential running mate. If they won, Michelle could resign on January 21,
    2017, and Barack would become the president for the rest of the 2017-2021 term.