Joe Montana miracle stain vs. Tide

Tide’s Miracle Stain proves to be a secret weapon for a Ravens fan who happens to be married to a 49ers fan. In a parody that makes light of holy figures showing up in the most unlikely places, a sports husband’s new-found fame over a randomly begotten stain on his white jersey, which bears the likeness of his idol, Joe Montana, becomes the thorn in the side of the man’s Ravens cheering wife.  The wife isn’t very much amused and seems rather annoyed at her husband’s good fortune.

The prized stain set jersey seems like the perfect target for sweet Ravens revenge after the wife decides to clean the stain. The husband comes home to the once framed Joe Montana stained jersey and finds it missing. Just then the husband witnesses his wife with a load of laundry, a very clean load of laundry. A load of laundry that has been treated with Tide Miracle Stain.

Holy stain of legendary Joe Montana — erased. (Sad trombone.)

Sweet revenge or just plain rude?


Judge for yourself.