Giuliana Rancic seems surprisingly detached from infant son

Bill and Giuliana Rancic welcome their new gestational baby. Photo via Style Network.

I feel slightly ashamed to admit it, but I used to kind of like Bill and Giuliana Rancic. They seem like nice people — down to earth, hard working, family people, especially for B or C-list celebrities.

It’s not like I’ve been a creepy fan. I’ve never day-dreamed about kidnapping them and tying them to a bed or anything. I have, however, kept a guarded interest in Giuliana Rancic’s desire to have a baby. She always seemed so sincere in her maternal quest. She went on the “Today” show and “GMA” and gushed about her one true desired destiny — becoming a mother. Then she had fertility issues and then the breast cancer. It seemed like a cruel joke for someone so focused on the goal of motherhood.

Then, in early 2012, the Rancic’s announced that they were pregnant! Not Giuliana, but a surrogate who was implanted with Giuliana and Bill’s fertilized egg. Oh, joy!

Giuliana, from what I could tell on the other side of the country, inside my living room eating an eclair bar and observing from the comfort of my living room, seemed so happy. I thought she was going to be such a doting and reactionary mother. There were even reports that Giuliana may leave her E! News gig to be a stay at home mother. She was going to become one of us.


But then the baby came in July with little fanfare. A healthy baby boy the Rancic’s named Edward Duke (whom they simply call “Duke”). He seemed to arrive with little social media narrative and minimal celebration. It would be one thing if the couple wanted to remain private, but Giuliana is a prolific social media updater. This I know because I follow Giuliana Rancic’s tweets and couldn’t wait to get the update on Giuliana’s elation and all the “firsts” of bringing home a new baby.

Instead, I got inundated with promotional tweets from Giuliana, plugging where she was going to show up at next. She tweeted nothing personal while waiting for her baby to be born in Denver, nothing about the baby on her plane ride home except maybe a vague acknowledgment that Duke was along for the ride. When the couple returned to their Chicago home, Guiliana tweeted about the great food they were eating at a nearby restaurant and her busy work schedule. I kept waiting for the humble brags and the annoying one-track baby talk. I got none of it. Instead, Giuliana was back to work within two weeks, with the same grueling schedule as before the baby. There was nary a mention of him, ever, except when the couple posed with him for a magazine cover. It was like Duke didn’t even exist.

For someone who spoke of motherhood in an endless loop before Edward Duke came along, Giuliana made little mention of him, instead choosing to focus on her career and promoting herself and her reality TV series. It was more like he was a new pair of shoes to be brought out on special occasions.

And the woman so desperate to become a mother, seemingly felt natural leaving her son behind as she traveled across the country promoting her clothing line. Her detachment anxiety was only brought up as a sort of obligation. It is weird.

I’m not the only one to notice either.

In a quick Internet search, I found many others who feel the same way.

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What do you think? Is Giuliana acting disconnected and detached from baby Duke?

  • Sue

    Gillian’s seems like a nice girl with her money hungry arrogant husband.
    But like the writer of his article state… They seem to have wanted a surrogate child to look like a normal family. Obviously if Gulliana had put some weight on her anerexic frame she may have been have to carry her own child. Like many stars who just don’t want to put on the weight needed to carry a child, she chose the easy option- A surrogate mother. But Gulliana has continued to get thinner, unhealthily.
    Now they want a second child? Go figure.
    I don’t see any maternal/paternal inclinations from either parent.
    Both are too obsessed with the way they look to seriously bring up a child without the kids growing up with serious issues. If they had no Nannys , they could not have kids.
    Just so sad. Another Hollywood child bought into this world with dysfunctional famous parents. History is strewn with sad stories of hollywood children