Does attachment parenting kill marital intimacy?

Mayim Bialik, an attachment parenting advocate. Photo via Touchstone.

After Mayim Bialik recently announced her split from her husband of nine years, some people were blaming her continued devotion to extreme attachment parenting as a potential cause.

Bialik, 36, who was a former child actress on “Blossom” and now stars on “The Big Band Theory” has written several books on attachment parenting, hailing the act of co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, bare-bottom potty training, child driven discipline (where the child decides his or her own punishment) and home birthing without medications.

An article that appeared on People magazine’s website today had the comments buzzing with speculation that her devotion to attachment parenting may have played a role.

What do you think?


Are the following comments far too judgmental? Is it any of their business really?