AAP says organic meat and produce better for children

AAP says organic produce and meat is better. Photo via sxc photo.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has decided to weigh in today on whether or not organic foods are better for children than conventional foods. The AAP sifted through thousands of pages of studies and concluded that organic meat and produce is most likely more beneficial to children. Because children are more susceptible to pesticides, organic versions of produce and meat containing less pesticide may lower the risk of ADHD and behavior issues, as well as decreasing children’s exposure to harmful toxins. The AAP claims that children have a harder time metabolizing toxins in their bodies because of their body’s maturity and size.

Milk though — not so much.

The AAP found that organic milk vs. conventional milk made very little difference in exposure levels to chemicals and hormones. Although they recognized that there is a small increase in breast cancer for girls who eat conventional meat and produce, drinking conventional milk doesn’t seem to increase that risk at all. The AAP says they will be looking at additional studies to further confirm their findings.

According to the WSJ, the AAP said the evidence so far suggests there is no discernible difference in the amount of estrogen found in organic milk vs. conventional milk.


They did caution parents however, that conventional produce (and to some extent, conventional meat), far outweighs withholding those foods if you can’t afford organic varieties.

So, what do you think? Does this information change your mind on organic food?