The great Subway sandwich customer service debacle

It’s a burning question, so make sure you’ve had a lot of rest and full stomach before answering:

Okay, so you go into a Subway and order sandwiches for your bratty kids and because you’re a flake or you’re simply not hip to the ways of your family’s preferences, you accidentally have the minimum wage worker squirt some mayo on one of your kids sandwiches. BFD. It can happen to any of us.
But a split second later, you remember your kid hates mayonnaise with every ounce of their angst ridden, prepubescent body. Your other kids start crying because the travesty you just bestowed on a good sandwich gone bad and now mayo is smeared over all parts of the sandwich, bread, layers of meat and all.

It cannot be corrected.

What would you do?


Mom hosed up my Subway, what should she do?

I ask this, because the minimum wage worker and Manager had zero sympathy for me. None! Seriously, is Subway so hard up that they can’t help a mutha out on a bad day? Instead, all I got was a blank stare. No offer to help, nothin’.

I think that sucks. It’s just shitty customer service. While they don’t have to offer to do something for me, just another flaky chick in a ‘whatchya gonna do for me?’ world — would it have killed them to pass along a solid? Especially given that my husband, the regular Subway-picker-upper, goes there once a week.

It’s been two weeks since this happened and I’m still kinda peeved about it. Will be interested to find out what you guys think.