Parents trying to raise the next ‘Baby X’ are a bunch of jerks

5 yr. old Jazz, the genderless baby's brother who gravitates towards "girlish" preferences. Screen shot via HLN Dr. Drew show.

That’s right, JERKS!

In case you haven’t heard, a Toronto couple has decided that they’re apparently on a higher evolutionary plane than the rest of saps who kowtow to our genders by allowing the big, bad society to foist its ideas of gender inequality on us and pressure us to like and do things that are unnatural or something like that. So all you women who love your makeup and sassy shoes, you better just pass that crap onto your husband because apparently, YOU are part of the problem.

A Canadian couple, David Stocker and Kathy Witterick, have two sons, both of whom they are allowing to guide their own gender roles and identity according to what compels them. One of the little boys, Jazz, 5, loves to wear pink dresses and has long hair which he prefers to have braided and Kio, 2, who also seems to prefer femininity over the “constraints” of what is expected from his offensive male gender. Their newest edition to the family, Storm, is 4 months old and the parents have decided that he/she/it shall remain genderless. They are dressing he/she/it in gender neutral clothing and are refusing to disclose the sex of the baby. For these parents, gender is only a state of mind. One has to wonder how the progressive parents got pregnant. That must be a difficult task to accomplish when your genitals are thought to be so insignificant.

Ms. Witterick told a news organization via the Daily Mail:


I believe that it puts restrictions on this particular baby so that in this culture this baby will be a singular person who is not being given an opportunity to find their true gender self, based on also what’s inside them.

(Insert obligatory eye-roll.)

So, the pretentious progressive Canadian couple who seem to (ironically) welcome media hype and attention shared their experiment with the world. An experiment one would assume requires isolation and dismissal of the rest of our species, but let’s face it, if you really wanted your child to keep gender biases away from them, where else would you go to keep that a super-secret?

The media of course!

Seriously. How rude is that? Why on earth would you subject your child to your own weird sociological experiment? Why discount and even dismiss the beauty of the gender we are born with? There is nothing wrong with celebrating and embracing the gender you’re born with. Furthermore, what proof is there that societal influence is the only reason men and women gravitate towards certain preferences? And if gender were only in the mind, how do you explain the physical and anatomical differences? How do you explain biology?

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on HLN featured this topic last night. He discussed this experiment and the potential consequences on the baby. His panel was stacked on the side of thinking this kind of gender bending and child guided gender identification was the bees knees. One of the guests was the mother and author of Princess Boy, Cheryl Kilodavis, who wrote a book about how her young son favors dressing like a girl and that the world should just accept him as a boy who likes frilly dresses.

All I can say, is thank God for Dr. Drew. Among this strange elitist parenting trend, he seems to be the voice of reason:

“Most research is pointing towards biology as having a very powerful effect, right? Very powerful. There is likelihood that that biology is going to express itself and I know males, and he is going to be angry,” Dr. Drew said. “Isn’t there a subtle message that gender itself is wrong. There is something wrong with having a gender.”

Dr. Drew then flashed a quote from Storm’s mother, Kathy Witterick, which read:

“Please can you just let Storm discover for him/herself what she/he wants to be?”

Dr. Drew’s response:

“That sounds great on paper, but communism sounds great on paper too.”

(Hahahaha! Does anybody else love Dr. Drew as much as I do?)

Psychologist Lisa Boesky made a good point on the show when she suggested that this Canadian couple might be making an even bigger deal about gender identity by imposing this social experiment on their child because gender identity is only part of who we are and Storm’s parents are the ones making their child’s entire identity about gender.

(Interesting point.)

I would have thought the heartbreaking story of David Reimer, who was boy, castrated as an infant and raised as a girl, which later lead to a lifetime of depression, anger and ultimately his suicide —  that this “experiment” would have taught us all a lesson. Gender is innate. Raising a child to be genderless is neither natural or compassionate, it’s just plain cruel.

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