Why Sex Ed Is Needed In Schools

It actually sounds like a joke, but according to a study conducted in England,

More than 20% of 18 to 25-year-olds questioned thought a pregnancy lasted a year, 10% believed eating red meat influenced the sex of a baby and half expected a baby to walk and talk within its first year.

The poll also revealed that 20% of the childless respondents thought the umbilical cord was a musical note and 27% admitted they would consider genetic engineering if it meant a better-looking baby.

The vast majority (70%) were in the dark when it came to the true cost of raising a baby. A third of the respondents believed that £1,000  would be adequate to cover equipment, food, clothes and toys for a baby’s first year when the latest studies suggest it is about nine times higher.


That would be a little over $1600 American/U.S. dollars. For food, clothing, toys and equipment. Hmmm…yeah. There are some changing tables and strollers that go for that amount alone, not to mention the cost of food by itself or rent.

Are kids really this clueless?