Teach your students well

So folks – I’m hoping your feed readers and twitter followers are stocked full of sexy bloggers. Who knew you’d be doing that with a Sexual Resolution? Everyone thought we’d be pounding it hard all month long.

I suppose Challenge #29 is a bit more expected, but still exciting nonetheless. I wonder – who’s the better giver and who’s the better receiver in your duo.

Now a few of you noticed that I’ve been tweeting “only one more challenge left.” And it’s true. I’m only going to do 30 official challenges. It just sounds better for people to do 30 than 31 if they want to try again on another month.

However, since I did sort of promise 31, there will be a doozy for Sunday!


Please please make sure you’re updating your blogs because I want you to be entered to win the big, huge awesome grand prize! You can send your entries to: mominatrixbook[at]gmail[dot]com. Read the Eden Fantasys giveaway post for specific details.

So tomorrow’s Challenge #30: Sex with the lights on

You laugh. And I say, YES! Lights on.

I realize that many of you already do this, and good on you. But many couples don’t, particularly after having kids, and so I think you’ve worked your way up to this one.

If you do have sex with the lights on all the time, then enjoy. End your Sexual Resolution with a big bang (though #31 is good, I promise).

But if you haven’t had sex with the lights on in awhile, then here are a few tips.

1. Be strategic (i.e. you don’t need to have a spotlight on your ass – mood lighting is still nice)

2. Cover up if you feel uncomfortable (there are lots of sexy things you can wear to cover up if you’re feeling self-conscious

3. Take advantage of the lights being on (make eye contact, watch your partner, the list goes on

So, spill it – do you dig sex with the lights on, or does it make you cringe?