Touch me baby, drive me crazy

Well that was an easy challenge. Okay, maybe for some of us anyway. This next Challenge (#27), should be interesting. I’m surprised no one has shared any tips.

Eh, it’s a personal thing – the ass. But cripes, if you’ve made it this far in the challenge, this should be a breeze.

For tomorrow, Challenge #28: Resources & Education

Now, it’s really important to keep abreast (heh) on what’s new and hot in the sex and relationships, particularly if you want to keep your embers burning strong long after this month is over.


While a sex book or how-to manual can be helpful, you can also find great tips and help right here on the internet through blogs, podcasts, twitter, and websites.

If you read blogs through a feed reader, just add a special section. By having those ping every day in your reader, you’re automatically going to get a little “action.” Of course, some are racier than others, but this is a great way to continue what the Sexual Resolution has started.

Please feel free to leave blogs, twitter folks (please no porn/spam whatevers), and podcasts in the comments. Before the Sexual Resolution, I did (and will do so after this is over) tweet and Facebook links and interesting articles – particularly ones that parents might be interested in.

Here are a few that I can think of right off the top of my head.

Morning Sex with Mominatrix podcast (subscribe via iTunes) – DUH!

Mominatrix column (I publish this bi-weekly) – DUH AGAIN!

Sex on Alltop (great resource – tons of blogs all in one place)

Violet Blue: Open Source Sex

Sexis Magazine (really awesome, well written articles)



Susie Bright’s Journal (and podcast)

And there are lots of great sexy folks to follow on twitter – feel free to leave your Twitter handle in the comments if you tweet about sex. I can think of @mommyisdating, @girlsafterdark, @the_concubine, @edenfantasys, @edencafe, and @liberator right now. But there are plenty plenty more!