Sweet sweet fantasy baby

It’s a sad state of affairs when your fantasy involves undisturbed sleep, right? Eh, we’re parents, so I suppose anything goes.

A meal without interruption. A day with no diaper changes.

But all that aside, I’ve enlightened my husband with my fantasy. Anyone know where to find a Ryan Reynolds costume?

I’m looking forward to today’s Challenge #25, because I’m TERRIBLE about getting gussied up, particularly on my workout days. I tend to just hang out in my gym clothes all day long.


But not today. I shall put on make-up and do my hair and wear clothes that do not make me look like a gym rat.

Now onto Challenge #26: Masturbate.

Yep, you got that right. You should have your sex toy by now or if you’re a pro, then use your hands and get busy. I tend to have an easy time with this one since my husband is gone all the time. That means a little extra privacy for me.

But if you’re not in that boat, set a little time aside for yourself. Or if you’re feeling extra naughty, do it in front of your partner. For that, I’ll give you a few bonus points.

And try to make a mental note of what feels good to you. Those are important tidbits of information to share with your partner, particularly if you’re newly post partum and things down below have changed a bit.

And don’t forget to update your blog (at least twice during the month) with details on your participation so you can be entered in the big Eden Fantasys giveaway! I know many of you have been extra good students and I want to be sure that you’re at least entered for the big reward at the end.

A few PSAs:

1. A big congrats to my friends at Aiming Low, who are nominated for a Bloggie Award! Go vote for them. Those girls rock!

2. I’m hoping to speak at a Room of Your Own at BlogHer. It should be very interesting (to say the least). Please consider voting for our session!

3. A friend of mine took a little video at the Mominatrix Atlanta Book Signing. If you missed it, take a peek!