You’re such a tease

I’d ask you how your day of teasing your partner went, but I’m too overwhelmed with excitement from the book signing at the Beehive Co-op in Atlanta yesterday.

I got to brush elbows with a slew of awesome people, including a gaggle of cool moms from my neigbhorhood and around Atlanta (plus many of the awesome artisans that sell their wares at the shop), and bunch of sexy mom bloggers, including Angela, Karen, Meghan, Sue, Julie, Jennifer, Christie, & Carrie

(Who’d I miss?)

Even better, we were able to raise a nice chunk of change for Anissa Mayhew’s family.


A huge thanks to Eden Fantasys for sponsoring this event and providing some pretty sweet door prizes, as well as to all the fantastic Atlanta folks that helped me promote the event. 

So thanks Atlanta for showing the Mominatrix some love.

Now, enough sweet stuff. You should be up to Challenge #24 today. Fingers crossed that sharing your fantasy turns out in your favor.

For tomorrow, Challenge #25: Get dolled up.

I know, it’s Monday, but that’s no excuse. Take some time today to do your hair and get dressed up (or as close to it as you can while still feeling comfortable). As a WAHM (and I know lots of SAHMS, heck even WOHMs too), I can easily spend much of my day wearing lazy slug clothes.

But not today. Get out your sexy jeans or skirt, a cute top, and shoes that you wouldn’t first describe as “comfortable.”

I’d love to see pictures – so make sure to share! And I’ve posted some pictures of the event over at the Mominatrix Facebook Fan Page. If you took some (and/or posted them), let me know so I can link them up!