All tied up

I hope your BDSM adventures were quite fruitful. Did you pull out the cuffs? The pantyhose? (Do people still wear that or do they just buy it for this type of thing)?

Today’s Challenge #23 (Can you believe it – only a week left!?) is just too fun. I mean, so really, everything has been fun, but I admit, I’m a tease. So enjoy.

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you today at the Mominatrix book signing.

And now for Sunday’s Challenge #24: Share a Sexual Fantasy


Now, I suppose this might be easier than it sounds, but sexual fantasies can be pretty personal, so even discussing them with your partner might get you a little uncomfortable.

This doesn’t mean you need to share all of them, but hopefully it’s one that you can actually make happen. And if you’re already pretty open about these things, then create a new one – feel free to share it (if you so wish) in the comments.

With everything we’ve done, I must reiterate the importance of communication in a sexual relationship, regardless of whether you’re being asked to verbally engage in a discussion about sex with your partner, or if you’re trying to tell them what you like or don’t like.

I admit that my mind often wanders back to think about my partner with their old partners, and I get a little self conscious. “How did they arrive at the decision that they liked sex this way?” Basically, it was that bitch they screwed in college.

(Or something like that).

But hell, they’re with you now and that’s all that matters. So make the best of it and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Now we have a little housekeeping:

The Mominatrix book winner is MICHELLE – who had a great comment on how she uses flavored lube. Yummy.

And the Eden Fantasys edibles giveaway winner is BLUE RIDGE MAMA – who apparently is a big tease. You should do quite well today, lady!

Make sure to email me: mominatrixbook[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prizes! Hang in there folks. Only ONE WEEK LEFT of the Sexual Resolution! And don’t forget to update your blog about your Sexual Resolution experiences (at least twice during the 31 days) to be entered in the grand prize drawing!